Saturday, 12 March 2011

Here's this week's thing

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1. Apparently people get lost doing Adventure Racing. I can understand. I can't read a map either.
2. Lego is one of life's true joys for little boys.
3. The cleaning fairy seems to have given up at our place.
4. I am still thinking about Born to Run by Christopher McDougall even though I am now half-way through The Secret History by Donna Tart.
5. Mother Nature is seriously pissed. Thinking of you Japan x
6. To the man who stopped his car to give me a serve about 'keeping an eye on' my children: Just keep driving next time, mate. You really didn't help.
7. I am officially giving up cheese when it reaches $7.50 for 500g.
8. Refreshingly, there are still trainers out there who do not use PowerPoint. Yay you, Mel!
9. Effect vs affect - I still don't always get it. Sometimes, when you learn something wrong, no amount of mnemonics helps you unlearn it.
10. I reckon it has to be easier to have quins with another woman than with a man. Just sayin'.

What is your thing this week?


Romina Garcia said...

My thing of the week is very similar to yours actually - except for the cheese thing. I think that is a luxury I will always grant myself no matter how ridiculously expensive it becomes.
As a matter of fact, now I want cheese.
I'm currently pregnant with my fourth child under five yrs old and your blog has shown me that there is in fact hope!! Thankyou!!
Awesome blog. So glad I found you via AMB.
Following you now with GFC.
You can find me over at:

Lucy said...

Now I badly want to know more about number six....

Cate said...

my only hint for #9 is effect is a noun (*the* effect of something), affect is a verb (*to* affect something). does that help (no, probably not...)
ditto #3, #5, #6
?? #10
have a great weekend

MultipleMum said...

@Cate - I get the whole verb vs noun thing but there is an exception and it always throws me (largely because I can't remember it so I am forever wondering if this is indeed an example of the exception!) ANd #10 refers to the same-sex Brisbane-based couple who just had quads (and who already have a toddler!). Good luck is all I can say :)

Alice Becomes said...
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Alice Becomes said...

number 5 - yep, what IS going on? mother nature is certainly pissed in 2011...

number 6 - it is so easy to comment on another person's situation and assume you know better - not so easy to put yourself in someone else's shoes

my thing this week? people will always surprise you, no matter how well you think you know somebody

Gill xo

The Dotterel said...

Wot, no Powerpoint? What's Mel's secret? Actually, I don't mind the slides as much as the people who merely read what's written on them... and then, badly!

Posie Patchwork said...

Cheese has always been a bit of luxury purchase, my children love cheese so i buy one block a month & once it's gone it's gone. Daddy buys fancy cheeses & we all know the cheese conditioner in the fridge is his. Love Posie

Maxabella said...

Number 6 - I hate those nosy parkers!

Number 7 - um, I thought cheese was about this price? Have I forgotten in my six-weeks of no cheese?

Number 8 - remember me with lent and borrowed? What the f was that all about? And I still can't spell embarrassed without thinking twice about it and using that silly little 'think twice' thing to remember 2 x r's and 2 x s's.

I am typing this on your computer and I would just like to say that 'my thing' this week is I don't understand why anyone doesn't have a mouse to plug into their laptop. And a keyboard too while we're at it. Oh, and a stand to raise the screen level... um... Do you get back pain? x

Anonymous said...

Really want to get Born To Run - so many people talking about it. Have you read Ultramarathon Man? Awesome read. xx

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

My husband and mother have been raving about that running book. Inspired my man... a LOT. Maybe I should read it.

got to love Lego.

Anonymous said...

We always end up eating crumby food in the car the day after I have just vacuumed said car.
And my theory on parenting advice - if you wouldn't trust them to care for your kids, their advice is worth nothing.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

An effect is a result. That's the only advice I've got. A beautiful effect. I am affected by beauty. Um. Does that help in the slightest?

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