Friday, 25 March 2011

The troublesome twosome

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This is another post about children who won't sleep.

They won't you know.

Yesterday, instead of having a daytime nap, here's what the twins got up to:

1. Learned how to climb in and out of their cots (argh! I hope they will forget again)
2. Knocked their fan over
3. Threw teddy bears all over the room
4. Unpacked and threw the contents of their daycare bags all over the room
5. Requested cups of milk
6. Chatted and giggled amongst themselves
7. Cried and called out that they "need"ed me and
8. Sat in their cots singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star together

I am pretty good at ignoring two year olds who think they know better about their need for sleep than I do, but I have to say that the singing hooked me in. How could I possibly resist two little sopranos, helping each other out through a verse of this beautiful nursery rythme?
They didn't disappoint. They sat facing each other, smiling and singing like no-one was watching. Only I was. I was.
What antics do you have to put up with from your sleep-avoiding children?
PS: I am helping the holidaying Maxabella Loves out this weekend and hosting the Grateful Linky. Drop by later and join in the fun.


Photographer Mum said...

Sounds about the same here. W likes to get into F's cot and jump on him and in the process of doing that he also grabs the mobile and yanks it as hard as he can to destroy the offending said item. On occasion, though, I do get to listen in on mini concerts and random conversations between J&W. Quite amusing at times - once, I got really cross with them and pretended to leave the house and then heard J tearfully declare to her brother "Mummy has gone to her new family".

DancingInTheRain said...

Sometimes it is so good to be made to smile in those frustrating moments! They are two very cute troublesome twos!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I love that image of them singing together. Love it! EVen though I know it doesn't help you with the sleep thing.

Lucy said...

Lexie was a little singer. Adorable.

I'll be honest - I had the monitor on, the door closed, and we just changed it from "nap time" to "rest time". If they didn't sleep, that was OK. As long as they were behind a closed door and happy, and allowing me some peace for an hour or so.

Then if they were feral by 5pm, early dinner and bath and early bed....

In fact, all of the above STILL applies!

Maxabella said...

I won't get started, as (like my children) I might not stop.

But how gorgeous are those little monkeys!! x

Natalie said...

So sweet!
I have often caught my two-and-a-half year old having very long and quite interesting conversations with himself in the mirror instead of napping. It's when he's at his bossy best :)

therhythmmethod said...

Two year olds can be pains in the butt - but such cute pains in the butt.
We had a similar session of "Twinkle Twinkle" at bedtime with our 2 year old, all in the name of stretching that moment of good night.
All I can say is - good luck!

Bungalowgirl said...

Just found your blog via your clever sister. Two daynap stories to share. Current 2yo put to bed with HelloKitty happymeal toy dada brought home from work trip. What joy to discover said Kitty comes apart and is actually a STAMP- all over herself and pillows and stuffed toys.....
Previous 2yo (now 5) quiet in room for 20 mins before the patter of feet. A little too long for quiet while still awake. Expecting faeces smeared over walls, opened door to discover an entire tub of sudocream smeared over naked body while body surfing a large white smear of cream on the floor and then attempted cleanup with 250 kleenex. Stopped and roused then had to run and get camera! Much funnier now 3 years have passed and he is at school. Love the image of your two harmonizing twinkle twinkle, that's so you don't give them away!

Alice Becomes said...

gotta say they had me at "learned to climb in and out of their cots"

funny how it seems cute and wonderful when they are not your own...!

Gill xo

Kymmie said...

Oh, this is so cute! My boys often both climb into the youngest's cot and play together. I love being a sticky beak on moments such as those. xx

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

So sweet them singing together
Little Monkey can get away with quite a lot at the moment, unmoving will do that to you. It's usually "a b c d EEEEEE f GGGGGGGGGG!" sung 50 times.

Tat said...

As long as they are playing together and not crying for you, who cares if they sleep or not? My son has a furniture catalogue pinned to his wardrobe, because (as he is saying) he will be buying his sister a bed, so that she can move into his room. He is a good sleeper at the moment, but I can predict that once the two of them get together in the same room, sleep will be well and truly forgotten.

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