Sunday, 20 March 2011

Yum Cha Cha

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Dear Lord! What was I thinking? Four kids to a very popular Yum Cha restaurant on a Sunday morning.

The Sunday morning after the night before (Aussie Blog Conference). Oh my! My head hurts...

I thank my m-i-l for new and colouring books.

I thank my b-i-l for taking care of the ordering.

I thank Coke Zero for being my friend*.

Happy Birthday Auntie!

What are you up to on the day after the night before?

*Oh dear, this has turned into a grateful post. Maxabella will be proud.


Maxabella said...

Hey hey, you made it! x

Photographer Mum said...

You survived! You'll have to tell me all about it! I want to go next year!

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

mmmm, that looks delish! Look forward to hearing all the ABC...x

Cate said...

Got back to room at midnight. Meerkat up at 2am. Meerkat up at 4am...yay(says Meerkat)let's party mum!!!
So, I'm with you in the 'head so sore' department (finally gave in about 8am and had 2 nurofen!) - then braved the aquarium...very sleepy now :-)
So fab to meet you - you missed a fun night - but it sounds like you guys had a great one too!

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