Friday, 29 April 2011

Food issues

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I had to fill in a form recently where I had to list any 'dietary variations'. I think I am fairly typical with my food. I am not diabetic, gluten intolerant or highly allergic. I usually leave the question blank on the form, or put vegetarian if I fear being served the leg of a hippo or something equally experimental. But when it comes right down to it, I do have a food fetish or two:

I don't do bananas. The fruit, the flavour, the texture. Ick!

Avocados are the same texture as bananas and will only be tolerated in sushi. No other forms of avocado for me.

I don't like raw tomatoes unless they are sliced or diced (finely). No 'wedges' for this girl.

I don't like cold soup. Call it Gazpacho or 'chilled soup' or whatever else you like, it is soup. And it should be hot.

I can't eat beef or lamb. Three poo January back in 2001 was the end of any dream of ever had of re-introducing red meat to my diet.
I wonder what is on the menu at Wills and Kate's wedding today? I bet they are having cold soup, roast beef and a banana fritter!
Do you think I am a freak or do you have your own little list of food issues? Don't be shy now. Tell us how you like your food.


Diminishing Lucy said...

Like you, I have no alergies or intolerance.

I do love offal, but cannot abide any form of "processed meat". Hurl.

I am not good with wobbly textured foods - jelly, aspic, scrambled eggs, junket or cottage cheese - wobbly food. I would rather starve.

But my biggest food "ishew"?

Emotional eating...


Maxabella said...

I'm pretty good in general. Fruit has to be 'juuuuust ripe' for me to eat it. But I'll go a banana if it's in opitimal condition.

I can't do cooked sultanas or hot canned tuna. Eggplant, brussel sprouts and anything offaly makes me gag a little bit. I don't like corned beef.


Anonymous said...

I think I am an all rounder....I love food full stop and there is very little I won't eat so much so that I can't name any off the top of my head.
I am an emotional eater though which has pitfalls itself, food has been a crutch for me at times.

Anonymous said...

I hate 'mystery meat'. When I eat meat, I like no skin, no fat, no grissle or wobbly, unexpected textures.
And I'm funny with seafood. I'll eat fish if it doesn't have eyes or skin and doesn't smell or taste like fish ... so yeah, not funny about food at all :|

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I always say that meatloaf is the only thing I won't eat, but I should probably add cold soup to this list...I agree - yuck!

So interesting you don't do bananas or avocados! We live on those around here!

And thanks for the laugh over the leg of hippo. When I studied in Russia, several fellow Americans "went vegetarian" for a while, as meat can be difficult to discern! Although we were more likely to get hippo liver than leg, I think... :)

Alice Becomes said...

i am boringly unfussy with my food. perhaps the exception is "offaly meat" but I wouldn't have thought of it if Maxabella had not mentioned it in her comment.

I have a strange relationship with eggs. Crave them sometimes. Gag at them sometimes.

Gill xo

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

I'm allergic to salmon and nori, which is a shame, considering both are delicious; absolutely won't have anything to do with olives, avacado, and creamed rice. Can't quite get my head around stinky, mouldy cheese either, and have tried to love drinking red wine - failed miserably.
I am a mad fan of bananas though :)
Have a lovely weekend, x

Kymmie said...

I luuuurve food. No allergies, but definitely some things I don't eat: red meat, anything from a pig, seafood, lolly bananas (eew!), mushy peas. Plus we're pretty much vegan at home.

But I love brussel sprouts and bok choy. My husband thinks I am a FREAK.

There. Now you have it all.

Mama of 2 boys said...

You're not a freak at all! In fact alot of the food items on your list, I can't do either.
Can't stand avocado or any type of red meat or cured meats. I am not a big fan of soup period... but cold, blergh!
I also steer clear of salmon, tuna, artichokes, runny yoghurt (it's gotta be thick or else), custard and cream cheese, porridge, chutney, weetbix... the list goes on!
No allergies, just super fussy about certain things.
Love the pic on this post, too funny :o)

Lizeylou said...

Well ... I cant eat blueberries as they give me hives. Technically this is the only food I have a "problem" with but I am not a fan of "furry foods" ie broccoli, cauliflower and I dont do alfalfa.
Or eggplant - just wrong.

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