Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wedding fever

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I was out with the school Mums last night. My eyes were glued to the box for much of the night. I got all swept up in the Royal wedding and found myself excitedly anticipating the kiss.

You can bet your bottom dollar Kate and Wills have kissed before, but not as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, so I wanted to see them in action.

As they approached the balcony, I was clinking my fork on the side of my wine glass Italian wedding style, much to the amusement  annoyance of my fellow pub-dwellers.

And then, they kissed.

It was passionate and sweet, but way too much like a pair of grandparents!

"What did you expect?" one of the Mums from school asked me as I drunkedly announced my disappointment.

I squeezed my two pointer fingers together in s demonstration of what the 'perfect' kiss would have been for me.

I should know. The Geege and I had many 'practise' sessions with out pointer fingers as we discussed the kiss at our wedding. I had this terrible feeling that I was going to go in for a pash and him for a peck (or vice versa) and I was determined it would be a bit 'choreographed' to ensure no-one was left sucking the other's face.

Maybe Wills and Kate practised their kiss too? Maybe it is the royal way? Hell, it was a hundred times better than Charles and Di's kiss. But I still reckon their kiss needed to be a bit longer.

Other than that, I thought the wedding was perfect.

And did you notice the chemistry between Harry and Pippa? Watch this space I tell you. There is something abrewing there ;-)

What did you think of the big event?


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, i watched, loved the entire wedding. I know what you mean about the kiss, i give my husband a longer kiss to say thanks for dinner or mowing the lawns!! We practised our wedding kiss, oh i had the same thoughts - what if our kiss intent doesn't match?? Love Posie

Diminishing Lucy said...

I didn't. Nada. Zip. I think I am least patriotic English person in the whole world....

Salamander said...

I love weddings. I love the royals (my shameful secret is now out!!) So a royal wedding?? Yippee!!! Loved it all - the dress, the Abbey, the runaway horsie during the carriage ride after the ceremony. But I too, was left feeling jibbed after the smooch. Then again, I'd probably feel a bit inhibited pashing my boy in front of 2 billion. Even if we had rehearsed it. (And we did, too, before our wedding. Simply kissing in front of my grandparents weirded me out!)

Tat said...

With the whole world watching they must have practiced! Well, not the whole world, I didn't watch it and I am sure they missed my attention.

Doodah said...

I actually thought the kiss was okay, short but you can see that they are smiling as they kiss and that's kinda sweet.
I also think that they probably had a snog when they went to sign the marriage certificate or at least when they arrived at the Palace!

Cate said...

were you and I at the same school mum's dinner?? I'm not sure I was too drunk to remember...but at mine there was an awful lot of iphones being passed around the table with pics of the wedding progress-report-style (taken off my friend's tv by her kids at home).
I thought the kiss was *nice*. Very 'church-tongue' (ala 4 weddings and funeral)

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh yes, I watched the whole nine yards and loved every moment. I do agree though, the kiss needed to be a little longer, I was pleased they went back for a second shot at it. But they just looked so perfect standing up there on that balcony... ahhhh!
So funny you think there could be chemistry between Harry & Pippa... hubby and I said the same thing! Can you just imagine it!?
P.S. Thank you so much for your comment on my post today, made me smile :o)

Kymmie said...

We didn't practice our kiss, but I suspect ours was just as short and sweet. Althought when they kissed first, I did hope they'd do it again. And thank goodness, they did!

I loved the whole wedding and celebrated by eating far too many scones. And wedding cake (yes, we had wedding cake!) and did I mention I made yorkshire puddings? Oh my, I am SO going to make them again!

Glad you had fun too ;) xx

postcard pam said...

It was mid-morning in the uk and I went round to my friend's wearing a silly hat with a flag in it (and she wore a funny hat with a veil sellotaped on to it.) We drank far too much bucks fizz, cried like old slappers till I had to come home and sleep.
Awoke very sheepishly and couldn't enjoy the evening bash.I'm a disgrace - at least that's what the kids tell me.
Thanks for dropping by to Postcard Pam- I dream of the day I can count followers on more than 1 hand xx

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

I keep thinking about how nerve-wracking it must have been to kiss in front of that many people - even if it was expected of you, and there were 2 million people calling for it, and you'd practiced plenty of times before. Stage fright!

Megan Blandford said...

I was so disappointed with the kiss!

We practiced before our wedding too - and everyone had to tell us to STOP kissing at times on the day! ;)

Shelley said...

I loved it. The whole thing, from start to finish. They seemed so genuinely happy, it was hard not to get caught up in it. Now that's a fairtyale, I tell you!

Anonymous said...

They went back for a second one though didn't they? I thought that was so sweet! It was a lovely day wasn't it? I missed most of it because I was on a plane but I spent most of yesterday curled up on the couch with my daughter watching it. Bliss.

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I think they looked genuinely happy - it's a beautiful thing!

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