Thursday, 19 May 2011

52in52: I (finally) planted my veggie patch

Image from here - not my garden in case you were wondering
I am taking a leaf out of Kelly's book and setting myself something new to do each week in 2011. I am going to post about it each week on Saturday. I won't be doing this in any particular order, and will add the link to the post when it is complete. If I don't manage to acheive everything on the list, (highly likely) I will donate $5 for everything I missed to Oxfam for all the amazing work they do. So here goes...

We have been busy little beavers in the garden. We have managed to transform our neglected garden beds into a magnificent vegetable garden. I am so excited!

One weekend we weeded.

The next we topped up the soil, fertilised and mulched.

Then we purchased the seedlings. We have tried to grow vegetables from seeds before and the only thing that worked out were the radishes. We had a million of them - a glut, some would say. The rest of the garden? Nothing.

We bought strawberries, snow peas, broccoli, broccolini, dutch carrots and lettuce. The lovely lady at the local nursery assured me that they would all be a cynch to grow, although she spent a lot of time bantering about a bug that is particularly partial to the broccoli (I didn't catch all of it because Doo Dah and the twins had started pegging the little pebbles across the walkway by that stage and I was concerned that one of the older customers would go head over heels so I was trying to make a quick getaway).

The final steps, the planning and the planting, were completed by the Geege and his helpers this week.

One vegetable patch planted, watered and ready to produce succulent seasonal vegetables. Direct from the backyard to my plate. I LOVE the sound of that.

So we just have the small tasks of trying to keep the seedlings alive, helping them to grow and keeping the possums out of the veggie patch (we all know how friendly they are around these parts) and we might just get to eat some home-grown veggies before winter is over!

If you have any suggestions for helping this black thumb keep her veggies alive, please do not hesitate to write them in the comments below.


Alice Becomes said...

No advice, another black thumb here! We had a beautiful veggie patch in our garden when we moved in, cultivated by the previous residents, not much left now, which is terrible. Good on you, for achieving another new thing

Gill xo

Megan Blandford said...

I have NO gardening skills at all - hubby wants to start a vegie patch and I encourage him and say all the right things, but I will not even suggest that I be involved in such a thing!

(Except the eating. I'll happily do that.)

Miss Pink said...

I am a massive black thumb and we are planting a veggie garden too! I think i'm just going to hope that i can get them growing.

Kell said...
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1000 Homes of Happiness said...

We adore our veggie patch and I must say the little people in our home have the green thumbs!

Our problem is getting the vegetables onto the kitchen bench as the are often eaten right from the plant before they make it inside.

Have fun!

Kellie xo

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

We planted out our vegie patch before the horribly long hot summer over here in Perth...and got very little from it as a result of the constant heat! But we are giving it another go now that the weather has cooled, fingers crossed!

Maxabella said...

Fantastic news, Coo. I'll look forward to coming over to check them out. Make sure you get that netting up or the possums will eat them before we're around! x

PS - o back at you, baby. Assume a hug or were you just being factitious? Hmmm... let me guess! x

Mama of 2 boys said...

How cool, there is nothing more exciting than growing your own food! You will feel as proud as punch the minute you see those little seedlings sprout up :o)
And yes! I did think that was a pic of your vegie garden... may yours flourish so beautifully!

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Yay! I love a new vege patch!
Ours has been going for a little over a year now; I guess the best piece of advice I can offer, is to read up about the veges you've planted. Sites like Gardening Australia have big long articles on each vegetable/fruit, but I'm sure there's a million around, and it'll show you what each plant needs to flourish.
We also had a gardening bible called "Harvest" by Meredith Kirton - it's all about creating sustainable suburban gardens. It saw us through the first couple of planting cycles, and helped us understand how to fix things when something wasn't doing so well.

Just think, in a couple of months you'll be munching on crisp carrots from your own garden... :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Hope you reap a bumper crop.

Diminishing Lucy said...

I rely upon the lovely husband - all I do is I can offer no advice, but agree totally that from garden to plate is wonderful.


Georgie said...

Stealing that picture! I'm so daft when it comes to gardening any advice I give is sure to kill your little plants. Good luck... gxo

Photographer Mum said...

We don't have a veggie patch, but it's on the to do list for when we buy our own place. Yay for you :)

postcard pam said...

I think that all I can do, is to remind you that you are doing fabulously and to keep on doing what you're doing. I have a gorgeous garden, I truly do but you can't see it for weeds x

Jen said...

Growing your own vegies can be so rewarding. I think a daily check on them to see what is going on is helpful, that way you can see if they have been half eaten overnight! And then figure out how to save them. Easiest things to grow that can save a fair bit of $ are lettuce, rocket, herbs and shallots. Who needs to buy whole packets from the supermarket when you can just pick what you need. Good luck

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