Sunday, 8 May 2011

Love is another name for mother

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There's nothing quite like having lots of children on Mother's Day.

So many little arms reaching up at you for cuddles.

So many puckered lips, planting kisses on your cheeks.

So many faces with sparkling eyes and big smiles, just for you.

So many voices saying "I love you".

I think I could just about be the luckiest Mum in town.

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your family. What did you get up to?


Posie Patchwork said...

Happy Mother's day to you too fellow mumma of 4 with twins, love Posie

Cate said...

so many munchkins to wake you up before the sun!! awww bless 'em :-)
hope you had a great day too!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh gorgeous post! I think having four little ones would be just beautiful... although I feel so lucky to have two!
Ours was a quiet, non-eventful Mother's Day. But we shared plenty of quality time together and a good play session in the Autumn sunshine, ahhh bliss.
Happy Mother's Day MultipleMum, you deserve a medal xo

Andrea said...

Happy Mothers day too you! Hope you enjoy your whole day with lots of hugs and kisses!

Photographer Mum said...

I had a great Mother's Day too, never a dull moment in this house either.
We should catch up soon

PartlySunny said...

Happy Mother's Day! I thought mine was going to be a rough one, but it's turning out to be a great day. Score another point for lowered expectations. And the kids are giving me the best present they ever could -- they're playing quietly and letting me catch up with all my bloggy friends!

Catch the Kids said...

Happy Mothers Day. Hope you got some of your own chocolates! I got...three.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes there are definite benefits to having a lot of children :)
Glad you had a great Mother's Day.

Lizeylou said...

Got to love lots of cuddles ... Happy to hear your Mothers day was lovely ... you deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Deep sigh. This was a lovely post. I had a very similar day. Though as one of them is ill it was a bit like snuggling with a hot water bottle ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. So many people look at me sympathetically, "Poor you, you have young children". They don't know the sweetness or tenderness of a huge, full body hug from my loving kidlets. Nothing beats it!
Hope you had a great day, you are a very lucky lady. x

Ooh Baby - All things Cuteable said...

That's beautiful and made me smile ;o)

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