Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Planning for change

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I had another weight loss 'AHA' moment at work the other day.

I was presenting on the use of the Transtheoretical model for understanding the process of teaching insight through feedback (riveting stuff!) when it struck me.

Pre-contemplation -> contemplation -> planning-> action -> maintenance -> relapse

I am on the cycle.

My last trip from planning, through action, through maintenance to relapse took all of 6 weeks.

I think I am back planning at the moment. Ready to take action.

God it is boring. Like a rat caught in a wheel.

How do I get off the cycle once and for all?

Are you on a weight loss journey? Which stage are you at? How do you think we crack this thing?

Addit: Happy Birthday Life in a Pink Fibro :-)


Anonymous said...

I know that feeling. I am SUCH a good planner. I even use special pens. Then I lose my way in the execution ... or perhaps in the pantry at about 3pm.
6 weeks is - in theory - enough time to lose a dress size (around 5kgs). But you'd have to be on your best behaviour for the whole 6 weeks. Can you do that? I know I can't. Maybe you need to make general changes with the aim of them being permanent (like, no carbs on your dinner plate, walking/exercise everyday, no buying chocky biscuits) and then see how you go.
Wishing you luck x

Suzi said...

Ha! that cycle sucks. Time to jump off. Stop planning. Start now. Right now- yes i mean put down the caramel latte with whipped cream you just payed $6 for! Healthy Eating + exercise+ time for yourself = happier you. Allow treats just be reasonable about them. Ask yourself the hard question: what do I really want ? No, the answer isn't to lose weight. The answer is harder than it sounds believe me. Then make the choice to achieve it.Goals are a step by step process, don't picture the end result, instead picture goal step one, then when you have achieved it, goal step two and so on, it takes longer but it lasts. Its your life. Claim it!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I have been on and off that wheel for a few years now. I am still carrying excess weight from our fifth and at almost 17mths old, 'I've just had a baby' doesn't cut it anymore. I know for me it's all about mind set. Once I get myself into the right frame of mind I am a force to be reckoned with but boy just getting there is the issue for me at the moment.
Good luck

Diminishing Lucy said...

C - you need to read “The Don't Go Hungry Diet” by Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis. It explains this cycle (and why it happens) perfectly. And even better, it explains how to get off the wheel.

Your library will have it.

It makes more sense than any other "diet" book I have ever read. Truly liberating....

MultipleMum said...

Thanks Lucy! I will check it out :-)

Shelley said...

I think I am finally off the cycle, but have no idea how to help anybody else! Over the last year I've lost 15 kilos (post baby), given up chocolate (which was my terrible emotional eating addiction), taken up running, and now finally joined the gym. I've also just finished reading Losing The Last 5 Kilos by Susie Burrell which has been brilliant for giving me tips to budge those last pesky kilos. Happy to send it to you if you email me your details lovely. xx

Doodah said...

I'm doing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, in pre-season now, the actual 12 weeks starts soon. Check it out:

Michelle made a comment that has stuck with me in regard to exercise. Think of it as something you do every day.
You don't say to yourself, "I can't be bothered brushing my teeth/getting dressed/going to work, etc" - you just do it. So, just do it!

Jane said...

MM, I still say Tony Ferguson. J x

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I think the key is to change habits, not just lose weight. And then you're on maintenance for life. Sad but true.

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