Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Round Four: I am so over myself already

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I wrote last week that I was in the planning for change phase of the next round of my weight-loss journey. The final 5kgs and a couple I have lost before that found their way home. Well, I took the step forward and moved into action this last week.

I had a solid plan, a weight-loss buddy lined up, a commencement date and some goals set. I was ready. Ding, ding, ding. Round four.

But then, when the commencement date came, I was pretty half-arsed about it. Right from Day 1. I really don't know why?

I ate much better than I have been, but still too much (and I failed to write it all down).

I exercised a couple of times, but less than I should could have. Doing the Mother's Day Classic sure helped here both with motivation and execution of a hard training session*. That made me feel good.

The scales revealed how meagre my efforts have been. A loss of 200g. Hmmm... not really encouraging!

I take some comfort in the fact that it is a loss.

I remembered an old  lesson from this: that if you almost follow the program, you almost lose weight.

I am looking forward though and have made adjustments to the plan for Week 2 (which started on Sunday).

Take a deep breath and press on. It is a marathon, not a sprint. I want lasting habit change.

It isn't easy, but it has to be done.

How are your recent efforts?

* Thanks again to all of you who sponsored  me! Not only did we raise $145 for the Breast Cancer Network, the fact that I was 'doing it for you' kept me motivated during the 8km run and I managed to complete it in a time that exceeded my expectations. Yay! I reckon I will tackle the City to Surf in August next. Are you game?


Diminishing Lucy said...

Well done on MDC - My next run will be City to Bay, I think.

Then the Variety Fun Run - with the kids - all of us in Santa costumes!


Anonymous said...

You have everything you need, you just need to do it.
Write it down, stick to the plan, develop good habits. You will get there. And you'll feel better when you do.
We believe in you. x

Suzi said...

Good on you doing the mothers day classic! I can't run 20 meters, hmm something I should think about fixing really... You will get there, don't think of a few naughty snacks as a failure, just keep trying. Really get it in your head that it's what you want and you will achieve it. I'm cheering for you :)

Tracy said...

Well done on the Mothers Day Classic! I'd like to do the Bridge to Brisbane this year, but we'll see how it goes. I lost only 100g last week, but you know a loss is a loss don't get too disappointed. You'll get there.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

In a word, crap. But, like you, I have big plans...

Mama of 2 boys said...

Yes indeed, a loss is a loss. Good work!
I'm feeling mighty sluggish, can't seem to kick the illness hanging around, it is punishing... especially to my exercise hopes and dreams.
Hubby and I are debating City to Surf this year. He is KEEN, I am indifferent at this stage. If I can get some good training in between now and then, I'll be there :o)

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Lots of talk - no actions for me!

Shelley said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Hopefully the book will help you a little. It's all a mind game at times. xx

Doodah said...

JFDI - Just Fucking Do It!
Think of exercise as something you just do every day - like brushing your teeth, having a shower, eating breakfast - just do it.

You'll find that the more you exercise, the more you enjoy it.

Good luck.

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