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Losing the last 5kgs

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Dear Shelley from My Shoebox Life sent me a book in the post a couple of weeks ago. Bless her. It is Susie Burrell's "Losing the last 5kg - Simple Steps to get the body you want now". It is just what I have been needing. Thanks so much for sharing it with me Shelley!

I have almost gotten to my goal weight a number of times, but each time I do, I pull up short and put back on a couple of kilos. I have been carrying an extra five kilos for a long time now and I would really love to get rid of them. Only I don't want to go back to Weight Watchers. I don't need a diet, I need a new approach to food.

This book is just that. It is not about counting calories or starving yourself or depriving yourself, it is about sensible food rules (you know how much I love those!).

So to give you a taste, I am going to write my top ten tips from the first section of the book.

1. Eat more vegetables (3 cups per day) - How? Serves at lunch and dinner (1/2 your plate at dinner); take extra vegies with you for snacks (2 serves); juice them; order extra sides of vegies when you eat out.

2. Eat low GI carbs - small serves of dense wholegrain bread, small portion wholegrain rice/pasta, grain based crackers, whole fruits (no more than 2-3 serves a day though), museli, oats, bran for brekkie, more beans. Avoid 97% fat free products (full of sugar) and artificial sweeteners - goodbye Coke zero?.

3. Eat carbs and protein together (keeps you fuller for longer) e.g. wholegrain crackers and low-fat cheese, rice and tuna.

4. 2-3 hours between meals/snacks (she suggests you write down each time you eat for a day to see how often you actually put something in your mouth - food or drink).

5. Make sure lunch is high in fibre and contains protein.

6. Have a 3pm snack that needs lots of chewing (like an apple or carrots) then follow this with another tasty, protein rich snack e.g. walnuts, peanuts, almonds or cashews. If you are still hungry, have your vegetable snacks, chewing gum or green tea.

7. Buy the 4Cs (chocolate, cake, chips and cheese) in portion controlled sizes.

8. Have a big breakfast (with correct protein/carb balance to keep you satisfied for 2-3 hours) before 8am.

9. Don't eat anything after 8pm.

10. Choose hard foods - the more chewing you do, the better.

I am trying to change one thing each week. Last week I worked on the timing and make-up of my breakfast. While I am 100% a breakfast eater (waaaaaaay too many bum issues not to be), I noticed that I frequently hadn't eaten it by 8am. My work days I do, my home days, I don't, so I am having another go at it this week. I was more adventurous with my breakfasts though and found that I could keep myself satisfied for 2-3 hours, so I have done well with that.

This week I am working on the other end of my day - the night-time snacking. To try to avoid eating after 8pm, I will be focusing on eating more protein and vegies at lunch.

This has been a very interesting way to view my nutrition. I haven't weighed myself (not since I put on 3kgs overnight when I started using the Mirena) but I don't feel the need to yet.

What are you focusing on on your weight loss journey this week?


Suzi said...
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Suzi said...

I havnt weighed myself since I was a week away from giving birth to my fourth child two and a half years ago. I was 99kg and I couldn't bear the thought of going over the 100 mark. I had an eating disorder as a teenager and have yoyo'd dramatically most ofmy life. Chucking out the scales was soul cleansing, I am currently a size 10, The weight came off slowly and my lifestyle changed naturally. I don't focus and freak out over little weight fluctuations as I don't know about them and don't get depressed as a result. It's liberating and I have maintained this size for the longest time in my life.
Good luck with your last 5kg :)

6 June 2011 7:36 AM

Tat said...

Stopping the night time snacking definitely works for me, every time I need to get rid of a kilo or two. Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the book - it is so easy the way it breaks it all down. The not eating after 8pm was a big thing for me. Now I busy myself with gym, shower, blog, bed by 9pm, read til 10pm. No thoughts of food, and I'm so much more rested for it. I'm down to the last two kilos now, and they are proving rather stubborn. I know you'll do well. xx

Anonymous said...

Great advice! I am not as good at all of these as I should be but what I lack in discipline when it comes to food I tend to make up for in miles that I run! Running and burning off the calories is just easier for me than controlling what goes in. Which is probably a HORRIBLE way to think about it but it works for me. Good luck with the last 5!

Mama of 2 boys said...

All great tips... pretty sure I break all of them on a daily basis ;o)
Good luck with the last 5kg. I admire your dedication and focus. Look forward to reading about how you go with these changes.

Seana Smith said...

Must get that book- ut's on the list. I do subscribe to Susie Burrel's weekly email newsletter which is easy to sign up to from her website. It comes each Monday morning and is a great way to start the week... full of sinsible advice.

I'm writing down everything I eat at the moment, find that really helpful. Not really trying hard to lose weight but keen not to put any on and to try to edge very sloly down to the top end of the good weight for height thinggy. Sigh!

Naomi said...

sounds awesome this book! I think I need to check it out. I am so not a breakfast person and thanks for the reminder to put it back in my schedule. I started running again last week (I am so not a runner!) to try to shift some weight. It has creeped on again and I want to get rid of it. Love your ideas. N x

Maxabella said...

You can do this Cagg! xxx

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I'm focussing on avoiding the 4Cs. Seriously.

Salamander said...

My last five kilos are stubborn buggers. As were the 13 that preceded them. Since my surgery the other week, I'm actually back to "the last 6.7 kilos", but I refuse to let that get me down. Thanks for the inspiration - I'm going to try the 8pm cut-off rule and see how that goes first. Am still breastfeeding, so the calories are as low as they can go. One day *shakes fist at the sky* I won't be the token moonface in the photos anymore!!!!!

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