Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Three hairy tales

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My hair is out of control. I've lost another hairdresser. She closed up shop a couple of months ago. I am yet to find a replacement and so I have unruly hair. Way too long. Way too big. Far too many fly-aways. I am back sporting a pony tail much of the time. Stylish? No. Easy? Yes.

I ran out of shampoo and conditioner so I tried washing it in bicarb soda and apple cider vinegar at the weekend. Three days and counting. No signs of needing another wash. Frugal and eco-friendly. Now if I could just lose the pony tail...
The Geege is going a bit bald. He has a patch of thin hair on top at the back and a slightly receding hairline. He decided to grow his locks this year (his last chance?). I fear a secret whimsy for the comb-over or a mid-life crisis, but so far he is just channelling his inner 'long-haired boy' (circa 1992). Only a little greyer. And with a bald patch. I wonder what it feels like to go bald?

The Minx has the most gorgeous hair. Brown, straight and shiny, cut into a neat bob, she is a walking shampoo commercial. But she is precious about it. She won't let me brush it. Rarely lets me put clips in or pigtales (and I have such a fabulous stash of colourful hair accessories I would LOVE her to wear!). She just flicks it around and likes to look at herself in the mirror. "I'm pretty" she says after a hair wash. Such self-love and confidence. I hope she always feels like that.

Have you got any hairy tales to tell?


Rebekah said...

Hi there. New follower here.
I've always wanted to try some home remedies with my hair. My Mum actually uses a rosewater concoction in her hait with the occasional egg wash for conditioning. I'm just not sure I'm brave enough.
I hope you manage to find a new hairdresser soon enough :-)

Anonymous said...

Bicard and vinegar is such a wonderful combo. Never knew it would work on hair too.
I hate the feeling of needing a haircut. I'm always too disorganised to book myself in when I need one, and so am forever having to deal with a fringe that is too long. Recently I took to it with a pair of paper scissors when I was rushing to go out ... bad move.
Good luck with finding a new hairdresser. :)

E. said...

Hair is a huge issue in this house.

Girl has Red (Strawberry Blonde, MUM) hair and people are always commenting on the colour. She likes to do it herself. This generally turns into tears on both our parts at least twice a week.

Mine - almost 3 months on from the great shave and I need to put product in it. Otherwise it stands up in some parts and lies flat in others. Very annoying!

Miss Pink said...

My hair is impossible. It is thinner than baby hair. I kid you not. And it's long. Very long, when I tie it into a bun the bun is no bigger than a 20cent piece. That is how thin it is.
To add on top of that it's not straight yet not curly. It's frizzy.
Mr Black is 26 with a receding hairline and already sporting the bald spot in the middle at the top/back of his head. Twenty-six. Seems hardly fair. Can't say i'm attracted to the bald look. He shaves his head to try and hide it, but i think he looks like he is getting chemo.

Both the kids have gorgeous hair.

Alice Becomes said...

I have very very thin hair - it is difficult to manage and grows slowly. I need a good cut for it to not be fly away and whispy. I love the way little girls with pretty hair like to flick it about: I too hope she maintains that self confidence as she goes through life

Gill xo

Tat said...

I'm going to try that mix! Shopping seems to be an overwhelming task these days and why go shopping if I have all I need to wash my hair at home?

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

love it, I am always having hair issues. I have recently made life even more difficult for myself by getting a fringe...argh! Have never tried any home remedies on my head. Might have to give it a try.


Cate said...

limp pathetic hair - so sorry, absolutely nothing in the way of good hairy stories. Most interesting thing that's happened to my hair in a long time was it all getting cut off. Always wanted red curly hair though (even wanted to dye/perm my hair in my youth!!)

MultipleMum said...

Hi Rebekah - I can't comment on your blog and I have no way of contacting you (you have no email on your blog!). If you read this, welcome!!! x

Diminishing Lucy said...

I have hair issues all over... Mine, lovely husbands, Olivia's and Lexie's. Charlie's is easy.

I wouldn't trade my girls for anything, but my boy is SO SO much easier in terms of clothes and hair.

Is Just Cuts an option for you? Cheap and cheerful and always available for a last minute appointment?

Cathy said...

Don't get me started on my hair...it only looks great when styled by the hairdresser! And I certainly don't have the funds or time to be doing that every week... good luck in finding a new hairdresser!

Maxabella said...

I spend my life hair-wrangling one way or another and still we have more knots at out place than a forest.

And what's wrong with a ponytail? I've worn one every single day for eight years now. It's my 'signature' ponytail! x

Seana Smith said...

Hello there, I'm with Maxabella, wear a ponytail all the time. Hey, I thought it was sleek and stylish! There are also many slides as I'm growing out a fringe... oh well.

I found my hairdryer the other day. Packed it up 14 years ago when we left Scotland for Karachi then Sydney. It still has no power plug attached, wonder when I cut the UK one off? Not a big hairdryer user!

So, my hair is a mess but I love it anyway as there's no grey... at 47! Well, there had to be some good genes int he family....

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