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52in52: Go to the movies six times

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Last year for Christmas, the Geege and I were given some movie vouchers. The last time we were given a pack of ten, they expired before we could use them. I know. It shocked me too.

Ordinarily, I love going to the movies. I come from a family of movie buffs and have created a family of movie buffs. I swore I would still find the time to catch a movie when I had kids. I couldn't imagine I could go without.

When I was a uni student (for far too many years than I care to remember) and I barely had two cents to rub together, I would forfeit anything for a Tightarse Tuesday at the movies. I was often seen walking from Kensington to Darlington (seven kilometres or so) for a week at a time in my first year of uni so that I could use my weekly bus money for a night at the pictures or a beer. I moved A LOT closer in my second year of uni. It made sense.

In the past six years, I have found myself unable to get out to the flicks. Most of my movie indulgences have occurred in the comfort of my own home. But the lure of the big screen has never left me, although after a while I stopped reading the reviews in the newspapers. It felt too much like a tease to have to wait until the movie came out on DVD.

So I had until June 30 to use my six gifted movie tickets. I put it on my 52in52 list. Just to make sure. I made it! Six movies in six months.

I didn't always get to see what I wanted to see. It seems that every time I got an opportunity to go to the movies, there was precious little on. But I have broken the drought of trips to the movies so I feel this just may be the rekindling of a beautiful relationship. As great as break-up sex.

So the Geege and I caught a couple of sessions together (Black Swan and Source Code) which was an added bonus. Nugget and I saw two together in the school holidays (Rango and Kung Fu Panda 2). The whole tribe had a trip to the Drive In to see Cars 2. And I had one date with the girls to see Water for Elephants.

I know, I know. There are three 'kids' movies in my list, all of which were fantastic. You get that when the children out-number you, four to two. Of the adult films, Black Swan was nuts, Source Code a great perve and Water for Elephants a bit meh (I am a crappy movie reviewer so I won't elaborate!)

How many movies have you seen this year? What has been your favourite? What do you recommend I see on DVD?


Kymmie said...

Oh, it's so sad to see movie tickets go to waste. But I understand. Last movie I saw was Red Riding Hood. My step sister and I decided at the last minute to go. She had to arrange babysitting and work shifts with her husband, while I was staying with my mum (in Adelaide). It worked, and we both couldn't remember the last time we went before that!

Arranging time, babysitters, having the funds... sometimes just to get out of the house is too exhausting!


Kymmie said...

Oh, and I forgot to add... would LOVE to see Black Swan (heard it was dark though), and Water for Elephants is a great book!

Okay... I promise I won't stalk you any longer!


Lisa said...

I think - twice. Once to see Avatar the last airbender and Rio. Two kids movies but I did want to see Avatar myself! Honestly!!!

Anonymous said...

We loved The Social Network on DVD. South Solitary was pretty good with Barry and Miranda Otto: it took a while to warm up. Don't bother with Eat Pray Love, it was very average (sorry Julia).
I studied film at uni. At the time it was a poor substitute to studying fine art, but now I really appreciate what films taught me about human nature and storytelling. Plus it was much nicer sitting in the dark watching movies than sitting in a psych lecture with 500 other first years. :)

Diminishing Lucy said...

I loved Black Swan. I know lots of people didn't rate it, but I thought it was brilliant. I saw it in a week where life imitated art so there were a lot of comparable analogies in the movie and it's themes that resonated with me.

Sister C, I should also tell you I have been offline all weekend and have not managed to get to any blogs...but yours is my first point of connection. Xx

Catherine said...

Loved this post! I have always been a movie theater junkie- the big screen, the surround sound, but no longer go much. In fact, you've outdone me this year- I've only seen 2 movies so far.

On DVD I'd recommend Social Network, Fair Game, and Company Men. Oh, and Inception- very freaky but not gross.

Rhonda said...

I am a total movie theater junkie...$5 cokes, $8 popcorn...$4 twizzlers...can't beat it!

Erin said...

Our family culture positively reeks of movie culture, the dc are forever quoting movie lines in various situations and it has all become part of our family culture. Love that:) Actually we are the same with books.

Recs, mmm, well our town has only just opened the doors of the cinema so DVDs are the rage here.

Well the kiddos watch all the latest Dinsey releases and I'm sure you are up to date with them

What we have been enjoying is watching old favs, enjoying them for the first time with our teens.

DD17 and I just watched alot of old Wedding movies; Father of the Bride, big Fat Greek wedding, My Best friend's wedding, The inlaws, Made of Honour. I wouldn't really say any were outstanding, the best imo was Big Fat Greek Wedding but then I could soo relate to the whole family dynamics.

One movie we really enjoyed revisiting recently with our teens was Steel magnolias. So many classic one liners in that and a stellar cast.

Dh watches alot of more 'blokey' movies with the teens. All a bit violent for me.

Michele said...

Havent seen a lot at the movies - my uni and work days sound a lot like yours. Lived for the movies and went at least once a week if not more. Cheap student nights/$2 movies at Indooroopilly or the Uni cinemas. The best! Best one seen in recent times - The Kings Speech. Now on DVD I think. Best DVD seen in a long time = The Painted Veil. Love love love. Also The Constant Gardener. Must sees (neither new though) Loved tangled in terms of recent kids ones. And "The Fox and the Child" and "Chestnut" and "Winn Dixie" are three good kids ones that I could actually sit through and enjoy also.

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