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52in52: See some live music

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I am taking a leaf out of Kelly's book and setting myself something new to do each week in 2011. I am going to post about it each week on Saturday. I won't be doing this in any particular order, and will add the link to the post when it is complete. If I don't manage to acheive everything on the list, (highly likely) I will donate $5 for everything I missed to Oxfam for all the amazing work they do. So here goes...

Whilst off visiting Fibrotown, I managed to see some live music! It has been a long time coming.

Sister A and the Builder bought me a ticket to see Seeker, Lover, Keeper as a birthday gift and the big night rolled around on Thursday. SLK is a girl super group; made up of Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltman and Holly Throsby (and a couple of freaky looking guys on bass and drums). I had high expectations about the music they would produce, being a fan of both SB and SS.  We caught their second ever gig (a slice of history?)

Here is their single to give you a taste (both Sister A and I agree that this was their stand-out track):

There is something special about seeing live music. For a good night out, you can't beat it really. 

Good music provides an excuse to stop and listen. Really listen. To the lyrics, the voices that are singing and the individual instruments as they entwine to build a tune/melody/song. 

I love watching the passion on the face of the singer(s). I love their little hand gestures and facial grimaces as they create their vibe. I love watching musicians share their talent with the crowd. Somewhat tentative. Somewhat vulnerable. Seeking approval and understanding from the audience. And yet, they somehow still manage to ooze confidence and coolness. Vulnerably cool. Now there's a strange concept!

 The three women didn't disappoint. They write great songs and sing and play them beautifully. Definitely worth a listen.

What was the last gig you saw?

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Lizeylou said...

I am oh so jealous .. and funny because I just posted about how I want to go to a particular night out which has these lovely ladies in it - wish you were in Melbourne to come with me!!

georgi hampton said...

I love this song - thank you so much for sharing it. The last gig I went to was the Wellington international Ukelele orchestra - they were wonderful! i agree with what you say about enjoying live music - it is fantastic to see such talent in action.

sascedar said...

gorgeous track, thanks for the tip. the last live music i saw was jack johnson in the domain. was a beautiful night.

Maxabella said...

They are each an amazing artist in their own right, it's only right that they are incredible as a trio.

Go Sal Russell! x

Maxabella said...

PS - That said, I really, really hate their video clip. x

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I was going to write this same post - complete with embedded clip. Only I'm not techie enough to embed the clip, so good thing you did it. Was very fun night.

Mum on the Run said...

The Wiggles don't count, right?
I think Powderfinger's Farewell Tour was my last ticketed live music experience.
It was absolutely breathtaking.
3 gorgeous female voices in one group - fantastic.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I agree...there's something really special about live music.

We live just an hour north of "Music City, U.S.A." so there are a lot of great acts close-by. Sadly, I haven't seen any since I was pregnant with the girls (they went to two concerts in utero!).

I'm craving some real sounds. On my summer list is to at least go to a concert in the park with the girlies...just need to find one during the day, as most are at night. And I'm not going to interrupt bedtime, even for the bestest show on earth. :)

House of Prowse said...

I have seen Sarah B in concert and remember the hand gestures and movements that she made. So lovely and quite unusual. Thanks for sharing. From the house of prowse

Julia said...

You're so right. There IS something magical about being present at live music.

I haven't seen any live music since the girls were born, unless you count the folk band that plays at the farmer's market every Saturday :) Did see a couple local bands play when I was preggers. Was hoping it would help the girls develop good, eclectic taste in music :)

Anonymous said...

Well Play School Concert aside, the last live music act we saw was Kasey Chambers, and it was amazing. Her voice brought tears to my eyes and made my chest hurt. That lady lives and breathes her music, and in between songs she tells stories about her unusual upbringing (a nomadic one, on the Nullabor), and her musical family. It was a great night. She even sung some bluegrass which was a real treat (her voice was made for bluegrass).
Must check out SLK. I do like Sarah Blasko.

Jen said...

Live music is unbeatable. A rare treat but I think it makes you feel alive! My last concert was Bon Jovi last year. My friends and I were hard core fans in high school so it was a bit nostalgic as well. Sounds like you had a great time

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Ooh, jealous - they're sold out everywhere! So glad you had a great night out :)

The last time I saw some live music was a couple of weekends ago - the amazing and incomparable Brisbanite, Sue Ray. I love her. And there’s something about the way she sings ‘Best Beware’ that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the set of Deadwood. Love it!


Kelly said...

Sounds like you had an awesome night. I love live music, I went to a lot of gigs last year. Nothing beats it!

Sadily this year we are on a tight budget and I haven't been able to go to gigs as much.

A Farmer's Wife said...

I hardly ever see live music. The last gig I saw was Metallica which is very un-me but I absolutely loved it.

Kymmie said...

What a lovely sister you have. They sure sound amazing. I love a little music talent ;)

Glad you enjoyed it. My last gig was, er, I can't remember. Possibly Macy Gray? Gosh, it's been THAT long.

I do 'try something new every week' posts on Thursdays. Been doing it since January 1. You're welcome to join in too. x

Alice Becomes said...

Love these guys. Beautiful music and for me, there is nothing like seeing live music. I love to see The Waifs live, they have an amazing energy.

So pleased you had such a fun time


Charis said...

gentleman's Dub Club for my friends birthday. Kind of reggae drum n bass... good but not my normal choice!

Olusola said...

Well, I just saw a live mariachi band play Celine Dion 2 weekends ago so I'm happy

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