Sunday, 17 July 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

They lay in bed. There were six of them in total. The two older ones were wishing the morning hadn't yet arrived as the younger four climbed, bounced and shouted. Is it really 7am already? he thought. Why does the Tour de France have to be so compelling? she wondered as she reflected on the meagre six hours of sleep she has just had.

Just yesterday they had woken to the sounds of the waves in Manly beach. There was only two of them there. Things moved slower. There was no climbing, bouncing or shouting. Just peace and quiet. They missed the four of them, but not enough to not appreciate the stillness and the lack of responsibility. They could get up when they wanted.

But today, the four younger ones set the pace. "I want my breakfast" said the youngest boy at the top of his voice. He is a voracious eater in the morning. "I have a sore leg" whimpered the oldest of the boys. He cried for effect; desperately seeking the attention of his inattentive parents. They were playing a game of 'who will crack first'; each burying their heads deeper under the doona. 

The young girl stated that she had a sore tummy. "I need a cuddle" she said simply. She tucked in under her mother's wing. The middle son tried to be still. Tried to want to stay in bed but was lured to a game of sprinting down the hallway and jumping wildly on the couch while squealing in delight. The parents smiled (how could they not?) and realised they were fighting a losing battle.

Eventually he gave in first (he usually does). He rose from the bed, grumpy and fumbling for some warm clothes while the eldest boy continued to carry on about his sore leg. Wasn't it your other leg a moment ago? Perhaps a bit more sleep for you son? He was dispatched back to bed. They were just five then.

The little girl continued to complain of a sore tummy. As she and her mother got up out of bed, she requested she take her doona ('blanky') for a spell on the couch. She looked up hopefully, knowing that her blanky was meant to stay in her bed. Her mother begrudgingly agreed.

Breakfast was served. The youngest boy spilled his all over the floor. Three times. The middle boy gobbled his down and requested more. The little girl took one mouthful after a sip of orange juice and vomited all over her precious 'blanky'. The two parents got to work cleaning up all the spills and comforting the children. 

He looked at her helplessly. He was about to go off to work and leave her with the vomiting child and the boy with the "sore leg". He knew the day wouldn't go well for them, but there was nothing he could do. He kissed them all and went on his way. She looked at his departing frame longingly. Was it only yesterday that they were in Manly? Really?

The beginning of another day with four small children. Not even a regular day.

What goes on on a Sunday morning at your place?


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yay, i loved this Sunday morning, my husband was here!! I'm so super lucky, my 4 never wake me, never have, they are amazing, their first port of call out of their own beds is checking out who else is awake & then the lounge or some reading, bless them. I don't sleep late, 'tis a bit had with 4 to get to school & a husband overseas or interstate, but even as new borns they never woke before 7a.m. It's quite the fantasy mother lifestyle i lead. That said, as they start hitting their teens, you can't get them out of bed with a crowbar!! Have a gorgeous week with all those sweethearts & let your Manly get away stay close in your memory, love Posie

Erin said...

Most mornings lately we wake with three small(and not so small) boys in bed with us, truth to tell it is rather squashy and some mornings we feel grumpy about it.
Sunday mornings? 8am Mass, so as we aim to leave by 7.30am it is rush, rush, rush. I rise, start the porridge by 6.45am, and then 'encourage' all to rise and dress before breakfast. Helping little ones to dress with the aid of older ones, mm Dad seems to poke along at a slower pace.

Saturdays (in the Summer season, right now it is soccer season) are leisurely and slower, we enjoy bacon and eggs then:) and just time together (sort of, children are right there but we are focused on us, sort of;)

Maxabella said...

Oh, much the same without the vomiting, really. Or the husband going off to work. I am glad we get the whole weekend together, that's for sure! Sorry to miss you today. x

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Beautifully written. Sounds a lot like our little home this morning. Though Daddy was not going to work but out with the boys for a day.

Our bed is always swamped with little the point I now miss them when they are not there.

Your Manly sleep in sounds like bliss!

Kellie xo

House of Prowse said...

Sunday morning - sleep in for me til 8 at the most - while P daddy gets the kids ready.
How did your day turn out?
It's always tricky trying to work out if they "really" have a sore tummy! My Master says "I feel sick"... in my finger or leg or mouth.... random! Can't argue with spew!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

You'll always have Manly... x

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I'm with your sister, "you'll always have manly"! I feel your pain. Hope you've booked your next "manly" soon!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh my, reading this I was nodding along in agreement... except we have two less in the bed! Hubby always caves first too though, then I am left with either one or two wriggly monkey's, which invariably leads to me rising long before I want to.
Life is chaotic with the littlies that is for sure. It sounds like you had a blissful time in Manly together though. Thank heavens for those moments, they're what get you through... to the next moment xo

Anonymous said...

They are taskmasters, aren't they? It's good to have a night off occasionally, just to have a taste of what it feels like to stay in bed and not be wrestled or vomited on. Glad you enjoyed your night in Manly.

DancingInTheRain said...

Does this mean the Minx is getting some one on one time today!?

Diminishing Lucy said...

Manly sounds divine. Just hold that in your head.


Donna said...

I hope you kept the visions and feelings of Manly alive through the vomit and tears... !

Mel said...

We were nursing a vomiting little boy this weekend too. Add a hyperactive and perfectly healthy little girl and the fact that my parents arrived from interstate to stay the week to the mix and we had chaos on our hands. I feel your pain! Hope your little one is better soon.

Miss Pink said...

I wish I knew a time "pre kids" with Mr Black. We sadly didn't really get that. Not that i'd change it. The time will come again eventually.
Our mornings are a little different. I'm always the one to give in first.

I hope Minx is ok?

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Oh hope that vomit was a singular effort and not the sharing kind. Weekends start in a similar fashion round here, who will cave in first?

life without mathematics said...

Lots, lots of empathy! Mornings. What a delight and a trial they can be. All those lovely, warm snuggly bodies, and then all the squirmies. Then the torture of breakfast. I hope the sickness passed as quickly as it arrived.

Alice Becomes said...

That was a lovely post. I was engrossed, even though it was just another Sunday morning for you. It just makes Manly more special, doesn't it?

Gill xo

Kymmie said...

So wonderfully written. And funny, I have a post in my drafts folder I was JUST looking at very similar to this post. We must be thinking alike!

But Sundays aren't what they used to be!


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