Wednesday, 10 August 2011

52in52: Polysomnogram

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I am taking a leaf out of Kelly's book and setting myself something new to do each week in 2011. I am going to post about it each week on Saturday. I won't be doing this in any particular order, and will add the link to the post when it is complete. If I don't manage to achieve everything on the list, (highly likely) I will donate $5 for everything I missed to Oxfam for all the amazing work they do. So here goes..

You may recall that I spent the night at the Children's Hospital with Doo Dah a couple of weeks ago? It was delightful for me. A night of sleeping with the light on, constant interruptions by the very pleasant nurse to replace wandering wires, all the while sleeping on a plastic mattress next to a snorer. 

Doo Dah clocked up his required hours of sleep, completely oblivious. I love him for that. 

Well, we had some great news arrive by owl in the post today: the results of Doo Dah's snoring study.

He seems to have passed with flying colours! No need for adenotonsillectomy at this stage. Woot woot!

It doesn't change the fact that his 'miminal airway obstruction' makes him snores like a trucker, but at least we now know that he doesn't have sleep apnoea.

I think we will just have to find some earmuffs for his room mate Nugget and hope that he 'grows out of it'.

I am relieved.

Do you have a snorer in your family? How do you manage the sleeping arrangements?


Eloise said...

The Rock God snores like a bear in hibernation. I go to bed pretty late generally (2am'ish) and he goes to bed early because he has early starts so I just hope and pray that I will be so tired by the time I get to bed no amount of snoring will keep me awake. When that doesn't work I go and sleep on the couch!

Maxabella said...

Why am I reading about Doodah's results on your blog?



Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Snap also. Great to hear that all is well. x

Kate said...

Snap too! My littlest one is the culprit, we finally got the date for his op so he's in to have his tonsils/adenoids whipped out soon! He's got a brown tongue, terrible breath, sounds like a bog monster and prefers to sleep about an inch from my face...but i don't care...I'll sleep through anything I'm so tired! Ha!

Glad Doo Dah's sleep study was a 'success'!!

Mum on the Run said...

That's terrific news.
Maybe you can rest a little easier now too.
Maybe indulge in some snoring of your own!

Diminishing Lucy said...


Glad all is good.

My little brother was a horrific snorer as a kid.

No ops were done.

I must ask him, but as far as I can recall, he snored all the way through his youth, and still does...his poor wife.


DancingInTheRain said...

My brother and I awoke startled one night, scared, we ventured down the hall past this loud noise that sounded like a steam train being chocked. We reached our parents, only to be informed that is was our grandmother making this horrific noise in the spare room. I am hoping it is not genetic, so far so good!

Karen said...

I would get ear plugs for Nugget. It's a tricky one. Good that you've dodged the surgery.
All of our boys have problems in the ENT area. I feel like our surgeon - as lovely and clever as she is - should give us some kind of 2 for 1 deal.

Kymmie said...

Glad you did this. Now all will sit better in you mind. Unfortunately, not in your eyes. But hey, them the breaks!


Naomi said...

Poor cherub. Great they you have taken the time to investigate all that you can. We do not have loud snorers in our family with our kids (yet!) but I do have two boys who roll back and forth all night. We have tried so many things to stop them doing it but that is how they sleep. It is crazy to watch and I don't know how they get any sleep! The secret night lives of families hey! N x

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