Thursday, 22 September 2011

A lesson in SEO

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I must say the whole SEO thing is double dutch to me.

I'm not sure I understand the point. The only post of mine that has had gazillions of hits was this one. It used to have a picture of Magda from There's something about Mary (the draw card). Magda pulls a big crowd! Because of that post, my blog was getting lots of hits a day, all arriving with search terms such as "Magda", "Something about Mary", "crinkly old woman*", but it didn't change how many actual readers I had.

I ditched the picture a few months ago. I got sick of Magda and her bounce rates. The post remains my most popular post (by about 6000 hits) but I know that only a handful of people have really read it. The power of SEO.

Here is a list of current search terms that can land you at And then there were four:
“megan blandford"**
cleaning funny pictures
buy nothing new
100 books to read before you die
and then there was fever
bald worried
16 week my baby's chin looks so long on ultrasound***
197 x 148****

It is a strange mixture of the obvious and the random. If you work out
the code, don't forget to let us all know!

Do you work the SEO angle? What are the benefits for YOUR blog? What search
terms do we need to plug in to find your blog this week?

* I made that up!
** Hi Megan!
*** I am absolutely sure I have never been concerned about my babies' chins at a 16 week 
**** The mind boggles


Sarah Mac said...

Ummm, I had to google SEO, possibly a reason why I'll probably always remain a little blog :)

I love feedjit though because it tells me how people have found me, sometimes the mind boggles!

Circle of fudge - flip flops named chicken shit - hairy humiliation - cat shit - chocolate foot glove... the list goes on.

Kymmie said...

So how did you find that out? See, I had to google it too. What a random amount of things that find your blog.

Perhaps I should bother with this? Nah... xx

MultipleMum said...

@Sarah Mac @Kymmie You had to google Search Engine Optimisation? Maybe I should have spelled it out in my post (rather than here in the comments?)

You can use your blogger stats Kymmie to see where your traffic comes from. I will email you...

Anonymous said...

My most searched term is cherry ripe slice. Thanks to Google giving me number one spot for it, I get hundreds of hits a week. Who knew so many people loved it? I wonder sometimes how many people are baking it after reading my blog.

Coal Valley View said...

I also had to google SEO. So much to learn!!!!

I've also found the keywords search for the first time from the blogger stats (thank you!) and this is what I have:

ikea code 300
distressed farmlets usa
trampoline hair

Other than the first one, the mind indeed boggles :-)

Miss Pink said...

I have ZERO idea about SEO words. I know that if you write things like hot lesbian sex, and girl sucking horse cock that you're supposed to get massive hits for it, but they seem to be tricky lines to just slide on in to a blog post.
You can thank me later *ahem*

Anonymous said...

Well, my blog is tiny, but apparently I am an expert on Japanese art. My post about the Japanese tsunami - that received one comment, from the lovely whooshing Maxabella - has received almost 1000 page views. My next biggest hit has only about 300 views, but it means the world to me and received lots of love from my readers. Perhaps I don't get blogging and SEOs, but I get people, and feel pretty lucky to be able to connect with so many lovelies through this crazy blogging caper.

InkPaperPen said...

No idea here either. But now I am itching to know....

Like Karen though, I'm happy to make connections with a few people rather than have lots of different readers.


sascedar said...

SEO? WTF is that? I'm with the others who didn't know...i have to check out that keyword search thingo though, that's pretty funny!

Naomi Hart said...

i didn't even know what seo stood for. but funnily enough, my hit rate has halved in the last month and i've no idea why???

Maxabella said...

I confess I have never checked what people search for to end up ony blog... I think Harry Potter party gets a few hits because I still get comments popping up on that post. x

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

One person has landed on mine looking for the meaning of life. I have no answer for that. I get lots of hits looking for astrological signs thanks to 2 blogs I wrote on astrology. I get a lot looking for the name of my blog. I get a ton looking for bluebonnets because of one I wrote on bluebonnets. SEO boggles. Oh, and one search term I never got- bikini model. What?

Megan Blandford said...


Laughing very loudly here! THAT is hilarious!

I wonder if they search for Multiple Mum, will they end up at my blog? ;)

Today I saw someone came to mine after searching 'long haired boy' - ummmm... nope, never written about that. SEO does my head in, too - it makes no sense whatsoever.

Mrs Catch said...

I have never looked this up. I'll have to try it. Agree with you about readers vs hits.

Kellie said...

Laughing at - 16 week my baby's chin looks so long on ultrasound***
I used to daily have searches for ``boobs''. I've now stopped using that word, because some of the combinations were getting frightening!! ;)

Rhonda said...

my stuff is fairly random, among them something about dentists and laughing gas. i realize those stats are off and my actual real readers are lower, mostly because i get like zero comments on most stuff.

Jodie Ansted said...

I don't get - nor bother to follow - the whole SEO thing. I do have two posts, however, that are suddenly racing up my Top 10 list, and I don't get why. Well, one, has Elvis in the content, so perhaps that's why? The other is a rant over the end of school.


I'd rather posts be in my Top 10 because people really want to read them, you know?

Maybe I should start randomly using Megan's name in my posts from now on? ;)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love looking at the keyword search summary from time to never ceases to amaze me how people get to my blog sometimes! HA!

Ms Kate said...

I had to laugh, I've looked at mine a few times and thought wth? things like baby names, I think i've posted on once, but it's one of my top search terms!

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