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The move to the 'big' bed?

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We are contemplating moving Dew Drop and the Minx out of their cots into big people beds. We have been for a while truth be told, but there just hasn't been the catalyst so it hasn't happened just yet.

With Nugget he was all of 24 months. He was constantly climbing out of his cot and, after a few middle of the night falls, the decision was made. The big bed absolutely swamped him.

In hindsight he wasn't ready. He played 'how many times can I climb out of bed tonight' for months which lead to all manner of tactics to try to keep him in, such as returning him to bed each time (I think we peaked at 42 one night), sitting outside his door reading and playing policeman and, probably our parenting low, putting a latch up high on his door so he could see out but not get out (a Dr Spock suggestion).

After our experience with Nugget, we vowed Doo Dah would remain in his cot until he was at least 21 he outgrew it. He did too. He never tried to climb out so he was nearly three and a half when he was finally realised it was time and allowed to sleep in a proper bed. He was so excited to have his own bed that he slept contently from Day 1. It was a dream run.

And now we are dealing with two children, both of whom can climb out of their cots. There have been no accidents involved (we keep the sides of the cot down) but their daytime nap has morphed into a game of 'let's get in and out of the cots as many times as we can'. Let's just say not much resting is happening and we are all suffering by the end of the day.

I certainly have my reservations though. Especially with Dew Drop. He is still not sleeping well at night and I fear that if we move him into a bed we will be busily playing cat and mouse all night with him. I doubt the Minx would be too much trouble but with an eager playmate egging her on, anything is possible. I don't really want to be back using the Dr Spock method, nor do I fancy playing 'guard' outside their bedroom.

But they are getting way too big for their cots. They seem to take up the whole space so it must be getting hard to roll around freely in there.

Decisions, decisions...

When did you move your child/ren into beds? What was the catalyst for you?


Ali said...

We moved our eldest daughter to a bed when she was 22 months because she had a small cot and was outgrowing it. We didn't have any problems because she thought she had to ask permission to get out...I don't know how we achieved that but I do know that it is not going to work for our younger one who is still in the cot and will be for quite some time.

Sam-O said...

With the Little Man it was easy. We bought him a bed when he was two and a half and we had removed the sides of his cot a few months before. We had room for both the cot and the bed so I let him choose which one to sleep in. It was usually the bed for day and cot for night. Then we moved and as I was 8 months pregnant, he got the bed in his room and the cot was set up in another room entirely. no choice. Big bed 100% from 2yrs & 9mths.

The Munchkin turned 2 last month and we have been discussing a big bed with him, but so far he refuses to even have the sides off the cot! I'm surprised. He's an independent little sod.

Although my hint may be in the reaction to the baby sling I had washed and was hanging on the line today. he pulled it down and stamped all over it in the dirt. When asked why? He said he's the bubby... and I'm not even pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Boys 1 and 2 had to move to make way for a new brother. Neither of them ever tried to climb out of the cot, and once they were in big beds we just kept their doors shut at bedtime and opened it up again once they were asleep. Our doorknobs are up high, and they each have their own room, so shenanigans were never an option.
I guess if they can get out of the cots anyway, I'd move them to the big beds for comfort and safety. Maybe introduce a reward chart if they stay in their beds? 5 stickers at the end of the working week and they get a treat? If they each have their own chart, there's individual motivation to toe the line. Perhaps?

Megan Blandford said...

A was similar to Nugget - she started climbing out and I got scared so she was in a toddler bed. Then into a big bed when she moved into her new room.

She hasn't been too bad at getting up, though - surprisingly!

ClaireyHewitt said...

We have a cot that turns into a toddler bed and both girls got the toddler bed version at 21/2. Immy is still in it, and never ever gets out. Even in the morning, she calls out to us to go in and get her.

We mentioned we could get her a big bed and she said no, she wants her own bed still. Fine by me.

Miss Pink said...

BLuey was in a bed just after 18months. He didn't sleep well at night until we put him in the bed funnily enough, and we only had trouble with him getting out of bed once Greenie came along when he was almost 3.
Greenie, I am unsure exactly. I think it was after the move? So just after his second birthday? We have had little trouble with him getting out. Sometimes he gets up and toddles out but I tell him to go back to bed and he takes himself.
Maybe put Dew Drop in his own room if possible? Or in with one of his older brothers, they may police him a bit for you and that wasy hopefully the Minx will take to it really well and get into her new routine without someone to egg her on. Then put them back together when she is ready and ok, and hopefully Dew Drop will just forget the whole idea.

Erin said...

Up until a few years ago, we didn't transition until as late as possible, simply put, we didn't have the room for big beds. Often we only moved children out of cots a few months before their cot was needed by new baby (didn't want them to feel displaced). so around 2.5yrs. Then we (well my husband) made this bed and it has all been simple.
Well no, life is never simple, I'm afraid I'm too tired to play Dr Spock or cat and mouse and just let them crawl into bed with us. sometimes it feels so old and we're over it, other times I realise it is all such a fleeting season.

Happyhousewifey said...

We moved B1 out of cot @ 22months, as hubby decided he wanted to move the cot "now" into the room where our second baby would be, even though I was only 5months preg. Hehe. Men! :P We didn't put B1 straight onto a bed though, we put a single mattress on the floor for him, and he loved it. It took one night of my hubby standing at the door, telling him to get back into bed the few (3?) times he tried to get up, then the next day's nap he stood just away from the door and had to tell him maybe once to get back into bed? That was it. When he was 26months I think we put him onto a single bed with a bedrail to stop him from rolling out. No problems. He still won't get up if he's unhappy about going to bed - will lie in bed and scream :) Hope the transition goes well for you this time !!

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

Roo was 19 months! It sounds early, but she is very tall, was waking herself up by banging herself against her cot as she turned over and screaming every night at bed time.
I tried everything imaginable - sleeping next to her bed, turning her cot into the toddler bed (this actually made things worse, because it still wasn't wide or long enough), having her on a mattress in our room (she wouldn't sleep because she had someone to talk to) and eventually we bit the bullet and bought her a big girl bed.
I was so sad about it, and had planned on keeping her in the cot for as long as possible, especially with newborn twins just arrived home.
From Day 1 she slept happily in there. We have had minor problems (like sometimes she wakes up at 3am and thinks it's time for breakfast) but they are easily fixed. She loves her bed.
I have NO idea what I am going to do with the twins as they get older - hopefully they're happy in their cots for sometime yet!
Let us know how it goes!

Diminishing Lucy said...

Three and a half for all three.

It was bedlam for a while, with hopping out of bed and roaming the house.

Charlie was the worst - he would wander around silently in the middle of the night and then turn the TV on and watch it at 3am. We ended up with a latch for him at the suggestion of Dr Simon...eeeek!

It's yet another painful stage. The quicker you all embrace it, the quicker it's over?

HOPE it all goes smoothly...

Mama of 2 boys said...

My goodness, I've only had to transition one from cot to bed and he was exactly 2.5, the move coincided with the birth of number 2. Like your experience, we also had a rough patch of nocturnal activity around whether he would stay in the bed or go to the lounge or somewhere between both of them. Truth is, we still have a few sleep issues, though he does settle into the bed alot easily more now.
I can't even imagine having 4 of them to contend with in beds... and two at once... you're a marvel! Good luck! xo

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

It's a bit sad, this transition phase, isn't it? It means they're not babes anymore!
We were lucky with our two; Judah was still in his cot at 18months, but when he started doing all kinds of devilish tricks,we moved him to a bed - I was just so afraid he was going to hurt himself. He only got out a couple of times - lucky!

And for Lou, our dear friends were having a baby, and we decided to pass on her cot to them to help them save a bit of cash. So, she was booted out at about 15months. She only fell out of her new bed a couple of times (despite the guard rail), but otherwise, it's been pretty smooth.

Maybe your little ones will surprise you! I've heard that making them a part of the transition in every way you can builds the excitement of having your own 'big girl/boy bed' - like taking them to pick out doona covers or pillows, and having them there when you're buying the bed. And big beds mean snuggly cuddles with Mum or Dad (or siblings), which is a nice bonus!

postcard pam said...

Generally, it's was the one out of my bed and into their own big bed each time a sibling came along. However, my youngest is now 11 and with no little one to push her out, she still ends up in mine nightly even when she starts in her own.

As a postcript... Tonight because we are changing rooms round, the 14 year old is in the 11 year old's bed and the 11 year old is in with her sister before the 16 year moves to the old 14 year old's room and he finally gets a big room.
Musical beds for sometime to come for you I am afraid :)

Maxabella said...

Go for it, I say. If they're the type to get out of their cots, they are the type to get out of their beds. The beds are actually the safer option at this stage.

My only advice - start as you mean to go on. If you have to fire and brimstone them for the first couple of days, do it swiftly and do it thoroughly. x

Kymmie said...

Madison stayed in his cot until his brother was born. That's three years' worth of cot sleeping. He never climbed out, called out for us to get him and was a DREAM when we transferred him to the big bed. He was so proud.

Noah on the other hand has been climbing out of his cot before he could walk (make that 6 months old). He's never stayed in bed for long, encouraging us to put him back to bed 8 or 9 times every night. He's since taken all the slats out of his cot making it now a toddler bed with no sides. But I suppose we might as well put him in a bed, but that means buying/building one. And we're so time/money poor after the kitchen reno, we might just leave him there a bit longer. After all, what else can he do to ruin the cot.

He's almost 2 1/2 years old.

Don't forget to let us know how it goes!

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