Thursday, 15 September 2011

The shared pillow - The perils of co-sleeping Part Two

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In addition to the starfish factor, the other thing that makes co-sleeping less enticing for this Mum is the pillow sharing. I loathe sharing my pillow! I have arguably the world's most comfortable pillow but if it gets even a whiff of someone else's head on it (with mine), it is just so wrong. Skewiff.

But last night was a breakthrough. After six and a half years of unintentional co-sleeping, I stumbled upon a solution to the whole pillow-sharing thing.

I have been suffering the 'twin sandwich' the past few nights. Both of them have been waking and due to many factors, sleep deprivation being the primary one, the Geege and I have been hosting them in bed with us. I end up with one under each armpit, and two additional heads on my pillow. Not happy!

So, last night, when I woke for a random toilet stop, I weaseled my arms out from under the twins' heads, slinked out of the bed, dodging Nugget who had taken up residence at the end of the bed. When I came to return to my little spot, the twins had rolled into it and Nugget had claimed a greater share of the bed, leaving me high and dry.

I had no choice but to sleep in Nugget's bed. On my own! A single bed has never seemed so roomy.

I happily slept through the rest of the night to be woken at dawn by not one, but two visitors wondering where their cosy armpit snuggle-beds had gone. In they jumped. Only, it wasn't so bad. You see, Nugget has a U-shaped pillow and I discovered that they are perfect for three heads. No change to the shape of the pillow! Bliss!

So while I could have done without the musical beds and the little shadows, the upshot of the world's worst night of sleep is the U-shaped pillow. I am so swapping with Nugget!

Have you discovered the usefulness of the U-shaped pillow (beyond breastfeeding and baby propping)? Should they be added to the list?


Lib said...

Love it! I'm with you on the sharing pillows issue...I hate it!! They can get into bed with me but the pillow is OFF LIMITS :)

Mum on the Run said...

Love it!
Have been a fan of the u shaped pillow for a while now.
When you're in a cow-for-a-wife mood, the u pillow can be stategically placed so that part of it acts like a divider in the bed, giving serious don't-even-bother vibes.
Well, I've heard than anyway! ;-)
It's also the pillow of choice for our three heads for a morning family snuggle.

Eloise said...

@Mum on the Run.....Im rushing out to buy a U shaped pillow right now!

Mama of 2 boys said...

What a gorgeous post, you are such a lovely Mama :o)
Haven't used a U shaped pillow for years, in fact we don't have one anymore. However, I am thoroughly addicted and cannot live without my maternity pillow. The big long one (which hubby totally despises because he thinks it takes over the bed). Similar concept to the U shape I guess, provides a greater surface area for more heads OR can be used when my normal pillow is stolen from under my nose and I only have a slither of actual bed to cling to... that long pillow and I are like one ;o)

Anonymous said...

That made me smile :) I share my bed a few nights aweek (as my elderly Aunty is living with us at the mo) with my Little Bit whose 8 and the roughest sleeper around, she talks, laughs, wriggles and giggles, so now we put a pillow inbetween as as a divider!!

ClaireyHewitt said...

I can sleep anywhere these days. Co sleeping kids can barely wake me, just get in and get straight to sleep.

arrrr, sleep.

The single is also a roomy option some nights!

Kymmie said...

I honestly do not know how you do it. I couldn't share my bed with anyone except my husband, let alone my pillow! Even on nights when hubby is away, if the kids need comforting, it's in THEIR bed.

The u-shaped pillow discovery does sound awesome and so glad you discovered it.

You deserve one big huge whopping medal having two little squirmers in bed with you! xx

Lizeylou said...

I too struggle with sharing my pillow - I dont get to wee on my own or eat my own lunch (or many many other things!) so I figure I am allowed to have one thing that is just for me - and my pillow is it.
The U shaped pillow sounds like a great solution though - YAY!!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

wow - that is way too many in the bed for me. When Mr4 turns up looking for a friendly face, I give him one - and then get out. I sleep in his bed. Everyone's happy. Mostly me. Cos I'm not sharing. (I know, you're surprised, aren't you...)

Naomi Hart said...

Duuuuuuuude...last night i woke at 2am to see q climbing over her dad seeking freedom off the end of the bed. our co-sleeping isn't deliberate. i'm lazy, but this now is going to have to change. arse.

Jaimee Hunter said...

When I had my hysty I sat on one when I was forced to be up right. I also used it around my middle to ward off any unintentional bumps from surrounding people traffic.

On another note, I am pretty sure this award is a version of those emails that tell you to forward this to 15 people you know and see if they send it back to you to see if you are loved. It's my first blog "award" so I am playing along this time! Sweet Laura Maria at "Lessons, Emotions and something that begins with R" nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am nominating you! See my blog for the deets.

Maxabella said...

I actually think the slipping out and getting in your own bed was the real win here! You could do that EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Yipeee! x

Anonymous said...

I'm mean with my pillow. Our boys can have a snuggle, but then they get shipped back to their own beds. Or, I might go sleep in their bed while they take my place.
You're a lovely mama.

Mammamusing said...

What a beautiful pic. I have one child and find sharing the bed with her painful. Rather than share my pillow she insists on sleeping on top of me!

Last night I rejoiced when she slept in her own bed all night...I hopeful for a repeat performance tonight.

Lisa said...

I had a u-shaped pillow, until my youngest son discovered it and claimed it for his own!

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Love the pic! I too share a pillow and loathe it...oh what I would do for a entire night of blissful sleep.

We have resorted to the king size bed to accomodate all of us. With more space I still find the munchkins snuggle up against me.

I discovered a few weeks back I was sharing my pillow with a nameless little one in our home who had a nits....eeeek!

Oh the joys....x

Happy weekend Chris.

Parental Parody said...

I've been a devotee of the boomerang pillow well before I discovered the slightly more rounded U shape breastfeeding pillow.

I'm so addicted to mine, that I can't sleep without it - I've boarded many flights wrestling with it and the kids, and started involuntary pillow fights with other poor, cramped, unsuspecting passengers within my swinging vicinity.

Seriously don't know how you do the co-sleeping. I think my kids came out of the womb knowing that Mama needs her sleep, and doesn't get up in the middle of the night for anything other than blood and/or vomit. Preferably or, not and.

MaidInAustralia said...

I'm another long body pillow fan ... started in pregnancy and haven't looked back. A 'boomerang' pillow, as we call them, is a close second in a crises. My naughtiest 'bed' dream, is to have the whole thing, pillows and all, to myself!

MummyK said...

U shaped pillow?? Good thing you have one!

I co sleep but I only have one child so not so bad, not sure how I'd cope with two!

Miss Mandy said...

We don't really have these problems regularly, but on the odd occasion I've stumbled into the single. That is definitely a huge win. And maybe just maybe they'll be jealous you're in their bed and want it back.

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