Friday, 2 September 2011

Weekend Rewind - Parenting tips edition

Last week's Rewind was a trip down memory lane. We visited ourselves the same day last year and found all sorts of treasures. While Glen was busily finding his alter ego, A Farmer's Wife was falling off the wagon and Naomi was fighting through her third trimester. Thanks to everyone who joined in and shared the comment love.

This week we have had a busy time parenting our four children. We've had school orientation, appointments with the OT and PT, vomits, a trip to the principal's office and had to do some planning for childcare for 2012. It is tiring stuff this parenting caper. So for the theme for the Weekend Rewind this week, I thought I would draw on the collective brain to brush up on my parenting skills. I want you to post an oldie but goodie with a healthy dose of parenting tips. It may be a "how to" post, or a "what I learnt" post, or a cute story, or philosophical piece. You don't need to be a parent to participate, anything that will assist the development of parenting skills would be great too. I will leave it up to you.

So if you are prepared to get started, the rules of this meme remain the same each week. All you have to do is become my friend, if we are not already acquainted, then link up a relevant post from your archives and get reading and commenting. The more comments the merrier. And don't forget to Tweet, Facebook and/or Stumble your favourites to share the joy with other readers. Try to add a link back to me in your posts so that  we can expand the reach of the Weekend Rewind.

To get you started, here is mine...Would you like a poo sandwich?

Now show us yours...

PS: Happy Father's day to all the Dads!


♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

You really made me dig- seeing as I'm not a parent. When I first saw it I was like OI VEY I won't have anything...and dug, and dug. I found one!!!

AKA Perpetually Me

Kamika said...

My baby is only 3 months old, and I am still learning parenting myself!!!! But I did post one from my archives on her and our challenges with breastfeeding...I hope that is ok? I love LOVE your blog and am very happy to have found a link up party like this. I look forward to reading all these new blogs!

Kamika said...

PS: your friend gadget isnt appearing for me, but I did like you on Facebook!

EmmaK said...

I am getting to that age with my oldest (who is 10) where she is frightening mature and starting to parent me. "Oh for God's sake mum, calm down," she says when I've gotten my knickers in a twist about something. "We can sort the problem out." Bless her! I don't really have any parenting advice except for trying to say Sugar! instead of Shit!

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