Tuesday, 25 October 2011

All volunteered out

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Today I hang up my volunteering boots for awhile.

After many years of working as a member of committees run by volunteers I have decided that I am all volunteered out.

It has never sat well with me when a committee is under-subscribed. When I see an advertisement in a newsletter for an organisation that I belong to, I always felt so bad that others were working so hard and I was not contributing. So I always responded to the call for arms. Always put up my hand.

I have been a publicity officer, a government liaison officer, a newspaper editor, and a membership secretary. I have worked with others on industrial awards, event management, recruitment drives, and rebranding of clubs. I have chaired meetings, taken countless minutes and written proposals, action plans, submissions and position descriptions.

All in my own time. All for the benefit of the community. An excellent opportunity to role model for my children. And a source of many skills and friendships for me. It has been as much fun as it has been hard work and I have no regrets for sharing my time or knowledge with others.

But today I am calling it quits. I am handing over my current role with my local Multiple Births Association with no clear plan for a new one any time soon. It is liberating.

Are you a volunteer? What are the benefits for you?


Mum on the Run said...

Maybe it's the season for it.
I have left two committees in the last two weeks (with lashings of guilt).
Or maybe it's just time someone else stepped the heck up?!!
Nothing wrong with a bit of a volunteering break after a spot of volunteering burn out.
But as you mentioned - there are so many benefits to being involved.
Won't be long before the next compelling offer!!

Halina said...

I did volunteer at an asylum reception and I miss it a lot. We worked on finding activities for children and I loved it! I had to quit though, because of my studies getting heavier and my constant visits to my boyfriend in the states. But I'm sure that there is never to late to get back in the volunteering game, and that I will definitely go back to it some day!

Rhonda said...

I am a huge volunteer girl. I used to be so busy with work and stuff that my hours to volunteer were limited and usually I would do things for organizations that I support by answering emails from my office or putting together mailings from home. I always have a fundraiser going on my Scentsy site. And I volunteer currently as a tutor at a school for homeless kids.

Diminishing Lucy said...

I am feeling huge relief at no longer being copmmitted to committees at child care or kindy. Yet another silver lining to all three kids being at the same school - it has reduced my volunteering venues...

Enjoy the respite.


Anonymous said...

Volunteers do so much, it always annoys me when people are reluctant to support community organisations. But at the same time, when you have a young family time is also a limited resource. It's hard to find the
I've been on the kinder committee for two years as secretary. I don't regret doing it but I'm looking forward to a bit of time off next year before Boy 2 heads off to 4 year old kinder.

Photographer Mum said...

I have just volunteered to help out at a fundraiser that is going to be held in Feb next year. I can finally give some time to help now because the kids are just that bit older than last year. It'll be the first time I have volunteered in a few years - looking forward to getting back into it a bit more :)

Miss Pink said...

I used to volunteer a lot as a teenager (I know weird time huh?) but haven't since then.
I think if I found the right cause I would be all over it, but i've been fairly meh to most things, and my time management really has fallen to shit since having Greenie, and I am scared to commit to something and then fail at it.

I say congratulations to you! Sounds like you have been doing a wonderful and generous job.

Maxabella said...

Yep. I would love to hang up my boots but the guilt won't let me... yet! x

Penny said...

I get asked to volunteer a lot because of my background as an event manager. Unfortunately, I can't most of the time because I get paid a nice hourly rate to actually BE an event manager and putting food on the table at home takes precedence over putting honey joys on a stall table, I'm afraid. I am hoping those priorities change as our financial situation does in the future...here's hoping!

Romina Garcia said...

Yes I always seem to be volunteering for the very same reasons you listed. A whole new world of voluteering will be offered to me I'm sure, as my eldest starts primary school next year. I'm going to pretend I don't hear when asked me thinks.

Megan Blandford said...

I'm not much of a volunteer... and the fact I missed the preschool committee meeting, where I was going to volunteer, kind of shows how much enthusiasm I have for it!

Hubby has been a volunteer firefighter for years, and I often say that's my way of giving to the community... I volunteer him :)

Seana Smith said...

Ah Multiple Mum, I'm the Newsletter/Website person for my local Multiple Birth Assoc and this newsletter is three weeks overdue at least.

Actuallym it isn't my local MBA, but it was when the twines were born. We moved... have read your post on bursting out of the home... we did the full deep into the 'burbs move which was a major stress but good when all done and dusted.

I'll stop the MBA stuff next year as school for the twins will take over. But may try NOT to be class mum in first year as I have three in new schools next year and it'll be BIG.

It's good to volunteer, but harsh to be getting up often at 5am to get the stuff done. Hello, the Year 6 Yearbook which I'm also doing.

HOWEVER, the cake stall for our Multiples Monster Market clothes sale... now that is just a morning and will be a sweet pleasure!

E. said...

I'm a serial volunteer. I've done newsletters, secretary, president and vice president of the school P&C, been on the school board and spent lots of time helping out in classrooms (over 200 hours in one year alone). I have also run the school book club and volunteered in the canteen, on the Mothers and Fathers Day stalls.

This year I have stepped back and am only helping in class 4 hours a week. Wow, now that I have listed all that I feel guilty that I'm not helping more.

Anonymous said...

My youngest started high school this year and I declared myself to be on long service leave from volunteering - after 20 years of constantly being on committees etc.

By declaring it long service leave I have managed to bypass most of the guilt!

(Sorry comment is so late)

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