Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blog Bookmarks - Green reads

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I started this blog as a record of life, my thoughts and life's little lessons. Since entering the blogosphere, I have now accumulated more words of wisdom, interesting snippets and 'must-reads' to keep track of. It is a mind-field! Blog Bookmarks is a place to highlight some of my favourite finds for the week.

In honour of the the Carbon Tax legislation being passed into the house of representatives yesterday, I thought I would gather together some of the great 'green' blog posts I have been reading lately. 

Tricia from Little Eco Footprints is an old school friend of mine. She lives as sustainably as possible from an urban backyard in Newcastle, NSW. I am impressed constantly with her creativity and commitment to all things green. Back in June she did this wonderful post that introduced me to the concept of an ecological handprint. Doing something positive? Now that is encouraging.

EcoMILF is a great green parenting blog. The woman behind the blog is a babywearing, cloth nappying, unschooling, vegetarian Mummy. Hard core. I especially like her posts on green cleaning, green beauty, and thrifting, upcycling and recycling. 

Julie from Go Greener Australia (who also writes the Challenge blog at G Online) writes about all the high-brow eco-topics like carbon tax, as well as solutions for living greener in the home. This post titled "Just wash the spoons, ok?" is a corker.

Maria from Eco-nest writes beautiful posts about living more sustainably. Given the whole Buy Nothing New thing this one called Consume less, smile more particularly resonates with me.

The Eco-Novice who is Going Green Gradually is a new-to-me blog. I discovered her because I have been searching for beds for the twins. She did this fabulous post on 'affordable natural beds' which made me really reflect on exactly what my children are currently spending 12 hours a day on (on a good night, oh okay, more like eight six hours but I am hopeful). Her 'start here' page is a wonderful resource if you are thinking of greening your life.

Rounding out the list is Brydie from CityHippyFarmGirl. Hers is a wonderful mix of a parenting, food, green living and whimsy. I confess that there are few of Brydie's posts that I don't love (she even manages to make sourdough recipe posts enthralling) but a couple of blog bookmarks of late include this one on reconnecting with nature city style and fairy sunrise (neither are particularly 'green' but both connected to nature).

So tell me, have you discovered any green blogs that I should be reading? Have you got a post that should be in this collection? Add the links in the comments.


cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

only just found you today through that pink fibro chick!!!!! :) so neat that 3 sisters are all blogging - and are all extremely good at it!!
up until this year - my children, husband and i have been horrible consumer pigs - seriously - living on two wages - and never worrying too much about anything!!
this year i went back to uni - and we all got the shock of a lifetime - no extra money flying around!!!
it's been a little tough lately. (especially when the kids can't get what they want as often as they once had - they're not 'spoilt' exactly - but they/we never had to wait too long for anything much)
anyway - i'm very interested in downsizing the consumerness in us (is that a word??) - thanks for all the links.
cheryl xox.

Anonymous said...

These look great and I am bookmarking them to read on the weekend. Thank you MM. x

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Great list. I have some wonderful weekend reading on my hands. We adore Tricia and have been avid followers of hers for sometime. Very inspiring indeed.

Will pop over and take a peek at the others.

Thanks for sharing...x

Mama Max said...

Thanks for sharing... loving the 'green' theme!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing. Little Eco Footprints was one of the first blogs I ever started reading. Enjoy Ecomilf & CityHippyFarm Girl too, will have to check out the others. Always love finding a new blog to inspire me

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

What do you mean, you didn't love them all??!! :-)
I haven't seen Going Green Gradually before, so I will have to check that one out.

katepickle said...

oh great list... thanks for sharing a few 'new to me' blogs! Off to check them out!

Tricia said...

Thanks for revealing Eco-novice. It's new to me too. Looks good. The others are among my fav blogs. And thanks for listing mine :-)

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