Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Competitive edge

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I've been playing soccer with some friends on Tuesday nights for a while now. In all honesty we are pretty ordinary, but we have improved and we have a laugh and all in all it has been really enjoyable. They are a fantastic bunch of women.

Mostly we get flogged. We have been known to lose 7-0, for example. No-one in our team expects to set the world on fire with their soccer prowess but losing by that margin does take the shine off the game.To our credit, we turned up the week after that thrashing game, and just got on with it. In two seasons of Futsal, we won just one game.

We changed comps at the beginning of the summer season. We needed a change of scenery and hoped to find some teams who were as bad as we are, so we joined an outdoor five-a-side. The 'friendlies' didn't turn out too friendly (9-1 loss anyone?), but the first game of the season was tonight and I am pleased to announce that we drew! We were so excited you'd have thought we'd actually won the game.

Playing a team sport has many benefits. Exercise. Comradeship. Working with others on a common goal. A sense of belonging. A sense of achievement. You do not have to win to gain these things, but as we found out tonight, playing against another team of similar skill adds to the enjoyment of the game. It brings something we had been lacking for the last two seasons in our Futsal competition. It brings hope.

Do you play team sports? How do you perform? What keeps you going back for more?


Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I can imagine how excited you would have been to draw! I am that girl in school who loathed team sports. Unless it was softball. That one I liked. But soccer, touch footy, basketball - I'm just too uncoordinated and never felt like I was having a good time.
But you make it sound like something I'd want to get into!!

Diminishing Lucy said...

I had forgotten you played!

Well done on the draw!

Olivia is playing netball for the school team this year. It reminds me how much I loved it, and how much I love being in a team.

I had a crack at volleyball last year- it was tops.

joeh said...

I am in a weekly bowling league where our team....oh wait..you said sport....nevermind.

The Cranky Old Man

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh go you good things, that is fantastic to draw and I think hope is sometimes more important than winning or losing. All is lost when there is no hope.
I don't play team sports, but enjoy watching them! I can totally see the benefits for being part of a team though and if nothing else, it allows you all to have a blast :o) xo

Kelsbells said...

I'm a diehard netballer, despite the fact that it resulted in a knee reconstruction nearly 3 years ago now. I love playing team sports, not only for the competitive aspect, but because it means I get to catch up with friends on a regular basis (despite how good/bad we are). The sport is only secondary to spending time with my friends - that's what keeps me coming back every week.

Mum on the Run said...

Congratulations on the draw!!
I love the feeling of being on a team. A winning team, even moreso!!

No - the time out for Mummy, some socialising and the endorphins are already a win.


printed pens said...

After two days, we are going to celebrate my brother 's birthday and your shared photographs will be best drawing on card, He is one of the best football player.

DancingInTheRain said...

Hope is indeed a good thing.
Loving team sport for all the above mentioned reasons.

Partly Sunny said...

I haven't played team sports since college (not the college team just screw around stuff). But it's funny you should talk about this. I was just telling the kids that the better you are at something and the more evenly matched, the more fun it is. It's never much fun to get walloped or even do the walloping.

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