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Digital Parents Blog Carnival - October 2011

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

Roll up, roll up, the carnival is in town, and I am your hosting 'Carnie', MultipleMum if we haven't met before.

I am very excited to be hosting the Digital Parents Carnival this month, you have to sleep with the boss, Brenda, or wait a really, really long time for the pleasure.

Digital Parents (formerly Aussie Mummy Bloggers) has done a lot for Australian blogging, such as putting on the inaugural Blogging Conference earlier this year. Tickets for the big conference event for 2012 are on sale now so do yourself a favour and get yourself one. It will be a hoot.

To join this monthly carnival, each blogger sends their favourite post from the month before. So you get to read the cream of the crop.

Here are the entries for this month's carnival (in the order that I received them). Grab a cuppa and a small snack and get reading and commenting on these awesome posts.

Crissy Delloiaco from Phenomenal Woman has a very personal story to share in her post The Hatred that Lingers Within. It comes about tonight, as it is my Mum's birthday. My beautiful, strong mother who I had never known until 2 years ago. Well, I had known her, but I had no memory of her as my father abducted me when I was 4, from Italy where I was born and lived with my Mother and Father.
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Georgia from Parental Parody shares another day in her life with her post Beware the Crazy Woman at the Park. A day of parenting fails, followed by inappropriate yelling in a public space.  Just another day in the life of me.
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Kristyn from MummyK is linking her post 10 Things you don't want to know about me. A look at the most embarrassing and disgusting things about MummyK. Brace yourself.
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Megan from Writing Out Loud shares with us How to Jump in The Deep End. Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith into our lives - when I became a mum I did just that.
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EmmaK from Cocktails at Naptime is Larding It Up"Pst, wanna buy some Edam?" Will the new fat tax usher in a black market in cheese?
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Melissa Jane from Bright Side Up shares her tale of Seeing Through Their EyesI'm always rushing around, and sometimes it takes a lovely little voice to get me to see the important things.
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Janelle from Me and Mia writes about What I Wish I had Known aka Things I have Learnt about Parenting. About three into becoming a new parent, I wondered "Why didn't anyone tell me this is what it's really like?!" These are the things they don't tell you. No sugar coating 
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Sarah from That Space in Between wonders Have they eaten you alive? Thinking about that urgent need to rejoin the world after your first baby...or second...or third. 
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Janice from Learning 4 kids teaches us How to Help Children Develop a Love for Reading? Books stimulate the senses, arouse the imagination, and inspire a love of reading that will last a lifetime.  These are the simple everyday things I do with my own kids to encourage this love for reading. 
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Alyce from  Blossom Heart shares her post Oh Really, Lola?! And Other Social CommentaryGetting on my soapbox to incredul-ate at a perfume ad, vaccinations, and child poverty.
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Mandy from A Little Space Like Home reflects on the 9/11 tragedy in her post 10 years on I remember. I still remember word for word what happened the day I woke to find the twin towers had been targeted.  My thoughts feelings then and now 10 years on.
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Lisa Natcharian from Brainstorming the Castle blogs about educating bright children. In my post "Which One Is The Gifted One: Harry, Ron or Hermione?"  try to challenge the popular notion that "gifted" children are easily recognizable.  In US schools, tailoring education to individual students is frowned upon, with the disastrous result that many bright children are ignored, never challenged, and become so bored they stop enjoying school and stop trying to learn (I hope things are less dire in Aussie schools!).  Gifts and talents come in as many variations as stars in the sky, and it's such a shame to see any wasted.  
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Kristin from Wanderlust reveals Blogging's Hottest Redheads"Bloggers + redheads = hotness squared. The post that finally made Lina swear online (twice)."
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TeacherMum from TeacherMum asks What Does Your Thinking Look Like? If you had to draw your thinking, what would it actually look like? How can we use this to pull our children out of mediocrity?
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Kristie Tatton from Hespera's Garden shares a heart wrenching letter in her post Dear Avery. A letter to my son, 2 months after he died. The pain and the anguish of him not being here.
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Kirsty from Mummy To Five helps answer the question that many blogger ask What To Do When You Have Writers BlockAt one time or another we will all experience writers block, here’s a way I combated it!
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Jolene from Jolene's Mumbo Jumbo tackles Underbelly Razor: Jolene's UNCUT Story. You can forget all about dodgy coppers, drug lords, pimps and prostitutes...because you haven't heard anything until you've read about the true and untold story of Jolene's 'Underbelly RAZOR!'
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Michelle from A Farmer's Wifey writes about My Country. What's not to like about the clean air and space of living in the country?
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Bronnie Marquardt from Maid In Australia links her post Styling Me. Maid In Australia gets an invitation she can't refuse ...
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Nathalie from EasyPeasyKids shares her post Parenting Styles: Here we go again! Parents, Just do what you feel is right!
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Toushka lee from reveals her Domestic Goddess Fail.  A recipe and a lesson in how not to make this delightful dish.
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Sarah from Mum's the Word proclaims that Magic Happens in Our Garden.
We have a very special place at our house, its the place where imaginations take over and the magic happens...
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Tahlia from The Parenting Files says I know we all need to take some time out. It seems easy doesn’t it. Take time out….Go get a massage, get a facial, have a spa treatment, or even go to the gym, a walk, or a coffee with friends. Yet we are constantly drawn back to the housework, preparing dinner, making those phone calls to schedule appointments, tidying up the house, or dare I say it, working and writing our blog posts.
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Sonia from LIFE LOVE AND HICCUPS shares her post about Begrudgingly I am letting go of my Grudges.This post is about my attempt to change one of my worst characteristics – holding grudges.
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Allison from Life In A Pink Fibro writes a blog about writing, being a work athome mum and… whimsy. The Joy of Text reminds us that libraries teach us all sorts of things. Did you know butterflies smell with their feet?
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And finally, my post:

MultipleMum from And then there were four writes about The Shared Pillow - The Perils of co-sleeping Part 2. I would give my life for my children but I loathe sharing my pillow with them.
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A special thanks to Kristen from Wanderlust for her assistance with this process.


Wanderlust said...

Don't believe it. She actually had to sleep with me to become hostess. Lucky girl.

Thanks for hosting, lovely. Can't wait to get reading!

Janice @ learning4kids said...

What a fabulous job you've done! xx
I look forward to checking out all these fabulous posts! Thanks :)

Janelle said...

Thank you, so excited to be a part of my first carnival and can't wait to read the rest!

Sarah said...

Giant cup of green tea brewed and ready to start reading...thanks for all your hard work x

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Hooray for you! Where does a girl get the button? Do I just drag it off or something? Your, Technical Genius.

MultipleMum said...

Email me for the button code: I don't know how to create one of those boxes under the image. Sorry!

EmmaK said...

Hi! What an awesome job you've done! Can't wait to settle down and read through these

Brenda said...

Thanks so much for hosting! And *ahem* I accept chocolate bribes.; )

Crissy said...

Wow, great job! I had a shocking migraine all day yesterday and was comatose last night but I can assure you I will be catching up today. Looking forward to it!

Sonia @ Life Love and Hiccups said...

Thanks so much for being a fabulous hostess. I am super excited to be a part of my first carnival :)I just want the day to hurry up now so I can go to bed with my ipad and read read read xx

Maxabella said...

Wouldya look at you all grown up and hosting a carnival. Go you!! x

E. said...

As if I didn't have enough blogs to read already. There are really great blogs here that I am adding to my reading list.

Thanks. Now Kristin's back do you think I could somehow persuade her to let me host sometime before 2013?

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

thanks so much for having me in the blog carnival :) lots of new and exciting blogs to read :) thanks again x

Megan Blandford said...

Thanks for hosting! The weather was so good over the weekend I didn't get to visit any of the others, but will get there!

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