Monday, 24 October 2011

Living the sweet life

I was lucky enough to have the whole weekend off from the family to myself.

A dear old friend married her sweetheart in a gorgeous ceremony in the Hunter Valley, and while the Geege and I were both invited to attend, work and family commitments meant that I went solo*.

I imagined that I would spend some time wine tasting and lazing and finishing my book, but apart from a quick tipple at Tempus Two while I sought directions to the venue after failing to bring the Tom Tom (*that* is what men are very good for!), there was little time for solitary activities. The wedding was a DIY event and many of us spent the afternoon assisting with the set-up (as well as cleaning up the next day).

Held in an architect-designed home in a rural hideaway, the service slipped seamlessly into the reception. It was styled by two exceptionally talented friends (with a strong sense of the bride's aesthetic). There were old pews, lanterns, everlasting flowers, butterfly garlands, birdcages and Japanese prints.

The bride wore a fabulous olive kimono-like dress with touches of burnt orange and a smile that lit up the room. True to form she had a wardrobe change and dazzled in a dusty green cocktail frock in the latter part of the evening.

We partied until the wee hours.

Laughter, musical memories, dancing and conversation. The night was a mixture of reunion and reminiscence and making new friends and connections.

Just what the doctor ordered for this bunny.

How was your weekend?

*A HUGE thanks to my Mum for spending the weekend at our place babysitting the kids while the Geege was at work and I was living the sweet life.


ClaireyHewitt said...

I love weddings, never ever been to a bad one - how can there be, great food, some wine, dancing and people.

Sarah Mac said...

The perfect kind of wedding where everyone gets involved.

I much prefer them to the ones that cost thousands and have very little of the essence of the couple getting married.

Anonymous said...

We move house in 6 weeks for the first time in 20 years, so our weekends are sucked up with packing. Your weekend sounds much funner!

InkPaperPen said...

What a lovely mum you have!

Now, isn't that funny. We were supposed to attend a wedding in the Hunter Valley on the weekend too. We had to cancel our trip, unfortunately, the timing was terrible for us, having just moved and started back at work again. I guess the Hunter has plenty of weekends each weekend but wouldn't it be strange if it was the same wedding!?

Glad to hear you had a lovely time. Would have been quite a treat!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh my, your weekend sounds blissful. I love how beautifully you describe your friends style and flair. I can picture it all so vividly as a result. You SO deserve a weekend like this and sounds like you've got a gem of a Mama there to help make it happen. Awesome :o) xo

Mum on the Run said...

Nice. Very, very nice.
And much deserved too.

E. said...

How lovely. I'm sure your friends enjoyed their day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. I always feel odd without a boy hanging off me (including the Mr), but this sounds like just the right amount of 'time off' for you. Love a wedding.

Mel said...

Sounds wonderful! We had a wedding as well and left the kids with the in-laws for the night, which was bliss! We noted to ourselves that we must let them have sleep-overs more often - just the refresh we need!

Miss Pink said...

Couldn't think of more of a perfect place to have some "time off"

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Sounds like a gorgeous weekend. What a beautiful sounding wedding.

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