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As you know we are trying to move the twins out of their cots. We haven't been successful yet, not necessarily because of their sleeping (although Dew Drop is still waking every.single.night. Enough already!). The current hold up is the bedroom relocation.
I have alluded before to our small predicament of having outgrown our house. We live in a small three bedroom place and, as you know, there are six of us. All of us share with someone. I grew up sharing a room so it sure doesn't bother me to have the kids sharing rooms, but it is logistically difficult.

Every time we move from one stage to the next, the rooms need to be shuffled around. The Geege and I gave up the main bedroom when four became six because with just one living space, the older boys needed somewhere to play. Away from the loungeroom. Out from under my feet. So they got the biggest bedroom in the house, and we took the smallest. It has worked out well.

When Nugget started school we had to make room for a desk in his room (not sure why exactly because he rarely uses it!). We managed to track one down for him (and a matching one for Doo Dah) that fit snugly in the available space in their room (with a quick repositioning of beds).

But now that the twins need to have bigger beds, we need to get a built-in wardrobe in their bedroom, which means that their current six drawer chests of drawers have nowhere to go. The new beds will swamp the room. I really don't want to lose that kind of storage (do you know how much stuff can fit into those tall boys?), so another bedroom shuffle may need to occur.

It is a constant battle just fitting into our place. All the decluttering in the world (and there has been much over the years) cannot make up for the simple fact that our house has been refusing to grow another bedroom or living space. No matter how many times I have wished it! The hide of it! That will be a trip to the naughty corner, right there.

The Geege and I have regular conversations about relocating versus extending. Currently the extension wins by a narrow margin, but in truth, neither is particularly appealing. Both spell lots of effort, time and money.

On the one hand, many hours discussing details like the virtues of off-white paint (or whatever the current hue is) and the best tile for the splash back. On the other, time spent scouring the internet, attending open houses, and negotiating mortages. Sounds like a lot of hard work when really, this place is our home. Right here. Just the way it is.

Do you have any great space saving tips?


Photographer Mum said...

You can always get an Ikea makeover... lol.
As you know, we are in a 2 bedroom place and still have far too much stuff and nowhere to put it, so I can totally relate to your predicament.
Are you getting beds that have storage space underneath? Or shelving? How about turning "wasted space" into storage somehow? I'll out my thinking cap on.

Maxabella said...

My only advice to you is 'up'. I believe most people only use half their houses because they don't look up to the tops of their walls (shelves up high are fabulous storers; hooks on the walls with baskets and bags full of this and that); and their attics. You just never know, although knowing your situation as well as I do I think we do know!!!

PS - I would definitely be getting / building the twins those raised beds with plays ace / storage underneath.


Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Bunk beds for the biggies? I always shared a room growing up and I loved it - well, most of the time :)

Bungalowgirl said...

One of my friends has bought a loft bed for her boys, they are lower though than a standard bunk and you could either use the underneath as a play area or put a mattress under there on the floor for a small child. I think Ikea do the same kind of loft that is a reversible bed too. Good luck, mel.

Erin said...

As you may, or may not realise, ten of us fit into our 'little house' 11metres by 7metres, for 3 years. I could write lots on space saving ideas for you. Tis late tonight but I'll try and collate some ideas for you soon. but for now, have you hears of Sarah Susanka? there is a whole small house movement out there. check your library for her books and the website.

keepcatebusy (Cate) said...

Wouldn't moving house kind of kill that buy nothing pledge you've got going there?!
But seriously, I'm with Maxabella. I remember Planning Queen used to live in a single fronted and I asked her one day where all her 'stuff' was. It was up! And there was plenty - it was just cannily stored up :-)
Hope you are well - I haven't been around for so long. Thank you for visiting me recently too.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh I'm hearing you MM! I live the predicament you describe here every day. We are quite tied in too, as we are in no position to relocate... nor would we actually want to, because we do love our place/area. But we're in a small 2 bedroom terrace and the sleeping situation is interesting to say the least. We have very little storage and virtually no floor space in the bedrooms, after beds, cots, tallboys have taken place.
I have just ordered two storage ottomans for our living area, simply to hold a bunch of toys that have nowhere to go. I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for storage solutions or making the most of what we have. I'll be sure to let you know if I come across anything really useful. Maybe check out the storage ottomans though, as they double as a seat.

Diminishing Lucy said...

I am going to go against the grain here and say move house.

These kids do not get any smaller.

(I am nomadic in house moves. Moving is famililar to me...)

The market at the moment is crap, BUT of course that means you can borrow very very cheaply and snap up a big house at an absolute bargain. It is the ideal time to move to a bigger abode.

(I know it is still horrifically expensive, but in four years time when they are all four years older and bigger with more stuff, it will be a whole lot more expensive to may kick yourself for not doing it now...)

YOU make the home, wherever YOU are.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Lucy. I think you need to move or do a reno. Those kids are just going to get bigger and bigger. Renos are a bit of a pain but if you get it done by a professional who understands and works with (rather than against) your young family then that's probably less painful than moving? Mind you, I'd do anything not to move. Moving is my idea of hell.
Good luck x

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

I'm thinking 'UP!' too - there are so many creative, wonderful ideas on the net for utilising small spaces!
I've even seen a few lately that combine tall bunk beds into a pirate ship/play centre of sorts:

Crazy, but imagine waking up to that!? They'd never leave their room!


Miss Pink said...

Bunk beds.
If not for the littlies, but for the older boys. They're fun, and space saving. Even those beds with the cupboards and stuff underneath them.
If you can I would suggest putting the kids all in the same room in 2 sets of bunk beds, sans toys. That is, if it would work for your family. Then you can have a toy room purely for toys.

Mel said...

My kids have drawers under their beds. Saves on space and still gives them the storage they need.

Our friends went down the bunk bed route with their boys and it worked well until the younger one got to the same age the older one was when he took up residence at the top and wanted to know when he got the top bunk - queue lots of tears and arguments. Wouldn't work for us either, and we also have ceiling fans, so having bunks where kids are up near those nasty blades is not an option.

IKEA do have some amazing storage ideas.

During our searches I even came across some beds which had drawers, trundle bed (for guests) and a pull out desk. They need stairs that go up to the bed level, so they're 'amost' bunk beds, and when the desk is pulled out, it makes a tunnel to the back of the bed so they have an instant cubby house.

There are also bunk-height beds that have wardrobes under them - would save on getting built ins?

MultipleMum said...

You are all full of brilliance! It is why I love you so. Up is good and I have been thinking much about that today. We have bunks in the boys room but the little ones are not ready for that yet! Thanks Erin for the referral to Sarah Susanka - right up my alley! Small is good for a host of reasons (environment being one). We just need to find ways to make it work (and get some more living space!) x

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

loft bed with steps as draws, built in robe and desk is great in our sons cupboard room

Erin said...

My comments ended up becoming a blog post for you
never got that carried away before.

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