Tuesday, 29 November 2011

52in52: Update

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I have been somewhat remiss in updating my 52in52 list the last couple of months, although I have been working away at some of the tasks. There are a number that I *know* will not be achieved (like a hot-air ballooning flight, hmmmm...) but I figure you have got to put these things out there in order to have a chance of making them happen.

I have managed to achieve (or have been working towards) a number of the items on the list (there is a page if you want to take a look).

Before the garage sale, I cleaned out every cupboard in the house, including the toy cupboard (you wouldn't know now!). All the baby toys were offloaded via the garage sale or a donation to charity. No more baby toys. Note to friends: BYO!

I am busily making our advent calendar. It was inspired by this and this. I need to acquire some little pegs (everything else I already have) but am not sure if this is breaking the Buy Nothing New rules.

I am finalising reading my 24th book for the year (I know I am kind of surprised too). So my "Read two books a month challenge" has been completed a bit early. They have been a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. I will publish the list at some point (get ready with your recommendations for me for 2012. I love a book recommendation!). I have managed to knock over a few more of the BBC Top 100 list which I am pretty happy about.

The Geege and I have had a few dates throughout the year (although I am yet to get him on the dancefloor). I will have to check the calendar to see if we have managed 12 throughout the year... it is hard to get enough babysitting credits! This is what the Geege is getting for Christmas so next year will be much more organised on this front.

I sent my package to a friend three weeks ago. She had her second bub and I managed to get off my butt and forward along some clothes and gifts from my 'gift box'. It is always so nice to recieve something in the mail that isn't a bill don't you think? I will definitely try to do more corresponding, out school style, in 2012. And I am trying to set up a pen pal for Nugget. Anyone want to volunteer their child???

I have made good headway into finalising the baby books (my biggest baby is nearly seven so you would hope so right?) I am awaiting some photos from Dad (my fault because I keep forgetting to get them from him when we see each other) from the twins' first birthday and Christmas (same day, poor things). He was chief photographer on the day because we were 'between' cameras. Once they are in place, I can cross that little task off.

So you see, although I have been quiet about it, things are humming along. Oxfam is set to receive a big donation from me, but I am pretty happy with how things have gone. And there is always December. Right?

How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? Nearly time to start again...


Hayley said...

Just emailed you about the mini-pegs! :)

Kate Sins said...

Gosh, what an achievement.

I've been thinking about next year and resolutions. A friend suggested a theme. I think it's going to be contentment.

If you want to avoid buying little pegs I have quite a few...but they're pink. Happy to pass them on! Let me know and i'll email a pic, see if they'd be suitable. I'm all for buying nothing new and am going to do it next year.

Maxabella said...

Go you!

I would like to volunteer my child to be nugget's pen pal... x

Ms Kate said...

I have 2 6 year old, one boy and one girl, who would love to be penpals.

Kelsbells said...

I actually started getting a little down on myself for the fact that I have already failed some of my tasks, but your comment made me feel SO much better about it all!

I figure you have got to put these things out there in order to have a chance of making them happen.

How spot on is that! I don't feel so bad now, and I will focus on being proud of just how much I will have achieved come the end of the year.

Do you think you'll do it again next year? I've gotta really start planning and thinking of what's going to be on my list.

tinsenpup said...

I'm actually really impressed by what you have achieved, especially the book thing. I'd like to do this next year. I'll probably struggle to even get the list written though!

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