Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Getting ready for a garage sale

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I have been preoccupied this week. My friend Dancing in the Rain and I are hosting a combined garage sale this weekend, and there is just so much to do!

I started with the obvious; going through every single nook and cranny of the house to identify potential items for sale. I have completed the kids rooms, lounge room and some cupboards in the kitchen, but there are more cupboards to raid. The clutter is phenomenal at this point in time!

But there is a lot more to organising a garage sale, and, I might add, much more to it than the last garage sale we had circa 2001 where we did little more than bring our stuff into the driveway on the morning of the event and yet managed to sell everything we had for a tidy sum.

Once you have determined the date (ours changed once due to the weather forecast and life getting in the way), you need to find out how and when to place an ad in the local classifieds. From the websites I have read, there doesn't seem to be much point hosting a garage sale unless you advertise it (unless you live on a main road with ideal access?).

I managed to book the ad online and it was very simple (but surprisingly expensive!).

The next step was determining how much to sell things for. My friend and I did a bit of research. I asked a friend whose street had a garage sale recently how much people charged for general items such as books, clothes, DVDs and CDs. Dancing in the Rain frequented a garage sale at the weekend (checking prices and general layout) as well checking out the prices on EBay for selected things that she really wants to sell.

We discussed the results of our research and decided to have a list of general prices with a "unless otherwise marked" disclaimer so we can individually price anything a bit special.

We now need to consider how to display everything, arrange signage for pricing and the garage sale in general, and think about any little extras we might like to do on the day (e.g. a craft table for kids).

Dancing in the Rain and I are meeting on Friday to organise the last minute things and set up the 'stores'.

So tell me, how can we make our garage sale pop?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to have a float of change to give people.
I think you've covered everything. It is what it is. The worst part, I find, is getting rid of the stuff that doesn't sell.
We're doing our GS on 19th Nov. Hoping it teaches us to be more careful with the stuff we acquire.
Good luck with yours! :)

Diminishing Lucy said...

This sounds OTT, but it works very well for a friend of mine who does garage/lawn sales as a part of her job...(real estate - her USP...)

She gets her husband to do a suasage sizzle and also sells drinks out of an iced filled esky

She has a huge sign board and places it on the cross street.

They are ready to do business at 6am - BBQ and all!

She and hubby and the family that are holding the sale all have a bum belt purse thing each, with change in it.

They all wear aprons (to make them look official/recognisable?)

Mum on the Run said...

I'm a bit exhausted just reading that!
Is it cool if I send my no-longer-loved items over your way for sale?
I'll cut you in, promise!!

Kim H said...

Oh, all the very best. We've just been there and done that and I still have a heap of crap! Baragains, bargains, bargains are what people want at garage sales so if you really don't want it, put a really cheap price on it. Also, at the end of it, we got Vinnies to come and take the rest. There wasn't much they wouldn't take and it saved us having to pack it all up, load the car and take it down ourselves.

Lots of tea and cake is a must - that's what got us through.Have fun xx

Anonymous said...

I'll bring the cake! Kath xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh WOW, you sound super organised and you've done your research. What a great idea to check out ebay for a guide.
I hope your garage sale is a cracker and finger's crossed you get all sun shiny sparkly weather... nothing gets people out and about and SPENDING more than glorious weather :o) xo

Lisa said...

Do people still look in the classifieds of their local paper for Garage Sales?

I've not had much garage sale success myself, so don't have any tips, but I will say if you put signs on telegraph poles pls take them down afterwards. It shits me when I see ppl leaving signs up indefinately, to weather, fall apart and generally make a bloody mess. It screams lazy & stupid... Hello, the signs have your address on it so we know who you are! ;-)

Good luck, I hope you make a motza!

Megan Blandford said...

Good luck! I've never done a garage sale - I go the lazy option of selling on eBay instead! - but hope it all goes well for you guys.

Kymmie said...

I've never done a garage sale (we usually pass things onto friends/family/those more needy), but thinking you sure have done your research. I just learnt a lot by reading the comments as well!

All the best. It sounds like it's going to be the best GS ever!


MaidInAustralia said...

I like the idea of a sausage sizzle and iced drinks with aprons! But generally I don't like garage sales. They are so much work, and people always want the best stuff for nothing. We sell what we can and then we give the rest away to charity. Good luck!

Coal Valley View said...

How did you go?? I am having our garage sale this weekend!!! Any tips for me? Will you be posting about it before this weekend?
Mel xx

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