Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Taking your sweet time

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I notice that other people around me are better at taking their time.

Maybe it is stopping long enough to remove your soccer boots and socks and donning thongs before you drive home to the family. So that you are comfortable and your feet can breathe. Even if your team mates are ready and waiting.

Maybe it is unloading your entire trolley of groceries, one item at a time, lining them up in categories so that your 'unpack at home' is easy, all the while, others wait in the queue behind you.

Maybe it is taking out your ticket at the railway gate when it is your turn to use the turnstile, rather than fumbling in your bag as you climb the stairs, crushed by the hoards; Ignoring the commuters panting down your neck, chomping at the bit to be released from the railway station and into the real world.

I call it 'taking your sweet time'.

I still don't know if it is sensible or selfish.

I notice it. Sometimes it annoys me. Other times, I find it admirable.

What do you think?


Marcy said...

I think it's rude to keep people waiting when you don't need to, but I wish I could take my time more with some things. I end up rushing through a book I like when I wish I could savor it.

Red Dalish said...

Oh my, sweet time...

I'm a typical Mum doing everything at once and as quickly as I can so I guess I don't often get sweet time, let alone take it. I miss having the choice though.

What I find equally interesting is the concept that some people think their time is more valuable than another's.

Like last week when after waiting in line for my turn at the Aldi check-out with my week's groceries and with a baby getting hungrier and hungrier, when a 60ish man tried to squeeze past me mumbling he was just going to duck in front of me as he only had two things to purchase.

I didn't let him, but I was annoyed he presumed his time was worth more than mine.

I've just discovered your blog and enjoyed my short browse. I'll be back!

Maxabella said...

Farking HATE them. That's all I have to say about that. x

Mum on the Run said...

I am amazed (and a tad jealous!) when I see people with absolutely no idea or regard for how sloooooow they are or how tediously they are holding others up.
I'm one of those who scramble when I see someone wants my parking spot, just about breaking my foot to get that trolley back quickly and clear the space.
I love efficiency.
Can't stand the opposite.
Tradies. Why do tradies do everything so inefficiently???
Order the part first mate if that's the longest part of the process.
And I swear the check out attendants deliberately take their sweet f-ing time when they can clearly see I'd like to get moving.

Um, do you think you've hit a nerve here??!!

Mama of 2 boys said...

As always, a fabulously thought provoking post, I love it! Being a rather quick natured person at heart, I find the taking their sweet time thing a little on the frustrating side actually. Although like yourself, I do find it can be more or less annoying, depending on the day of the week, the time of day, my mood... I sound a little crazy now.
Though I will say that anyone who intentionally takes their sweet time around me when they can clearly see I have two restless boys and a pram/trolley full of shopping, is treading a fine line with my tolerance ;o) xo

Diminishing Lucy said...

I flick flack.

If I have time and inclination AND IF IT IMPACTS NO ONE ELSE, I make a luxury of taking my own sweet time. Bliss. Unpacking groceries, alone, with music on, pottering - my own sweet time.

A shower when I am home alone, and then all the pampering and beautifying and accessorising to go out - very rare, but I love to take my own sweet time.

Standard modus operandi? Quick game's a good game. Get it all done in the fastest possible time. Be so organised that everything is quick and efficient.

Dawdling does my head in. Lackadaisical behaviour when it impacts others - shits me entirely.

I have a friend who is sans kids. She is a slow perfectionist. There is only so much time I can spend with her in her kitchen before I grab the knife and do it for her...

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I'm typically in a rush when other people are around, as though if I go fast enough my family and I will just be a gust of wind that slightly ruffles their trouser leg. But seriously? Lately, I've taken a more deliberate approach to make the world make room for me and my boys when out and about, and surprisingly most of the world are OK about it.

danneromero said...

oh, yeah, i love the easy attitude, BUT when it impedes on others.. it's selfish, bothersome..

Rhonda said...

as long as no one is waiting on me then I try to take my time, but if someone is behind me or waiting on me for something then i don't intentionally go slow to aggravate.

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