Monday, 12 December 2011

Doo Dah's first graduation ceremony

We received an invite to Doo Dah's graduation a couple of weeks ago. I cringed a bit at the thought. I mean, why the fuss? Don't you just get to leave because you are old enough? There aren't any competencies you have to meet. No performance-based benchmarks. You are just five, so you get to move on.

I warmed to the idea because Doo Dah was excited about it, so when the big day rolled around last Thursday, we all traipsed along. I made and effort getting the kids to look presentable; Doo Dah looked handsome in his 'business' shirt. But I felt a bit bad when the room was filled with parents accompanied by grandparents. I didn't even *think* to ask the grandparents.

There was a couple of skits and a couple of songs, all performed by the graduating class with cute little props and double entendres. Doo Dah got to introduce one of the songs and he was so proud of himself that my cheeks hurt from smiling at him.

Doo Dah beamed. He sang louder than anyone else. He laughed at all the jokes during the skits and his eyes twinkled every time our eyes met.

I watched as all the parents viewed the entire thing through their iPhones (videoing it for posterity -why do people do that instead of enjoying it in the 'now'?), while my eyes remained fixed on my prize. My son. Strutting his stuff. Taking the leap from preschool to school. The end of an era.

I hope it is the first of many graduation ceremonies for Doo Dah as he navigates the education system. I hope he is always are happy with himself as he is right now. Everyone deserves to love themselves without apology the way a child does. I wasn't expecting to learn that at the graduation ceremony.

Does your preschool have a 'graduation' ceremony? Are you as cynical as I was about it?


Mama of 2 boys said...

This post gave me little goosebumps, just beautiful. And just look at your Doo Dah, what a proper little man, he is SO cute!
I must admit I share a similar sentiment to yours about preschool graduations... why bother?! Though I have not yet had a child graduate at one, so I have no doubt I will be totally swept up in it, when it is our turn. I think it's hard not to be captivated by our children being confident and proud of themselves... so long as it is in moderation and at the right times, it's a wonderful thing :o) xo

Mum on the Run said...

I just love your description here.
What a gorgeous little man - congratulations to you both.

I seem to take a similar path - cynical and realistic about things - until my Magoo (or even my students) is (are) involved.
Then I'm all sook.

pam said...

I used to complain after (only) 3 children under 5, that if I had to sit through another crap nativity or term assembly, I'd have to shoot myself. But, now that my first baby is old enough to have her first proper part time job, I think there wasn't enough of them! Enjoy.

Diminishing Lucy said...

Oh how I hear you. I was terrible and cynical at Olivia's. (I am ashamed to say that cannot even remember it. I think I was late.) I warmed to it for Charlie's. And In Lexie's case I entrenched myself in the whole business.

As a result, I feel guilty at being a bit slow on the uptake for Olivia. Subsequently I am more involved in their school life now - volunteering and such. So maybe it took me a whole to get it - it's all good now.

This is a GORGEOUS post. I am so glad he is so proud of himself. And that you are too.


Sam-O said...

Ours was an extravaganza with singing, Santa, paid entertainment (clowns). It was at the Town hall (seriously), the kids did their concert before hand and then changed into caps and gowns and paraded across the stage when it was time for their certificates. I posted a picture here:;postID=2829050411037690032

It seems so insane! The kids loved the whole experience though, so I guess that is what counts.

Sam-O said...

Oh and their was a professional photographer too...

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Oh bless. I love marking milestones in this way. I still remember my gal's graduation from pre-school - just as we're leading into her graduation from primary school {eeek!}. The sense of pride and closure really helps punctuate these special moments.

What a beautiful post for your beautiful boy - love that photo in his business shirt. Bless x

Photographer Mum said...

Miss 5's preschool doesn't have a graduation as such, but we will be celebrating this Friday with a Christmas party and a few songs. Doo Dah looks gorgeous all dressed up. What a cutie :)

Maxabella said...

Those eyes will be twinkling many times in the future, I know that boy! x

Yvette @ Delightfully Tacky said...

You must be very proud!! Such a wonderful age! I bet he is excited about going to big school!!

I totally get the whole video tape and view it later! I love technology but sometimes it really does get in the way of the here and now.

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

I have missed you my friend. Though I have been reading from afar amongst all of the busy. Beautifully written. Agree, it is hard not to get caught up in their excitement. The twinnies graduate on Thursday, with a concert and presentation. Spunk and I have been chuckling all week. " Graduating from painting, cutting and pasting". ;)

Agree... The end of an era, sigh.

ps. Gorgeous little man in his shirt!


Anonymous said...

I like the sentiment of the graduation, if the whole 'graduation' part is a little OTT.
Your boy is glowing. Just gorgeous. And now on to big school.
We have our kinder concert on Friday. It's top secret, although I know my boy is one of the three wise men, and knowing that just makes both of us beam with pride. I never could have pictured it at the start of the year.

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

I've got a kindergarten graduation today. Having already gone through a pre-school graduation last year, I can't wait. Cue beaming mama, and excited boy!

Petra said...

At least at your graduation day only the iPhones came out we had the iPads in the front row blocking the view for everybody in the rows behind! But we still had a great morning although at our preschool it is more themed as a Christmas get-together than a graduation, but they did get their graduation certificate.

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