Sunday, 11 December 2011

The story of the Mini-figure

So Nugget has saved enough money to buy himself a Lego mini-figure*.

The Geege was asked to buy it for him yesterday, but came home with the wrong thing.

I promised we would get to the shops so he could buy one before we went to our Christmas picnic today. We were running a bit late, as is customary, but he insisted. So I told him to pick a shop to visit, one only and we would give it a quick try.

So we visited the selected store. Not a mini-figure to be seen. Nugget's face was one of despair, so despite being late and having said "Just one store", we all trudged to another store. On the other side of the shopping centre. And guess what? Not a mini-figure to be seen.

Nugget's face told the story. His eyes pleaded.

"One more" I conceded, and we made our way to another department store. All the way to the back. Three mini figures left. Nugget selected one. I had to bite my tongue I was so surprised to find myself in the situation I was in. One bloody hour to find a mini-figure. What was wrong with me???

He paid his $5 and off we went to the picnic.

We arrived at 11.07. At approximately 11.10, Doo Dah came to tell me that Nugget had buried his mini-figure in the sand and couldn't find it! Ahhhh! I seethed on the inside - that thing was coming home no matter what!

I helped him search the giant sandpit and we rescued it, but then it was lost again when it played 'goalie' during the soccer match. Nugget found it. Its arms were dislodged, but they were replaced and in the end, it made it safely home.

There was more energy and effort that went into that mini-figure than is truly normal.

You can imagine my face as I strolled into the local corner store and found this!

When have you gone above and beyond for your children?

* We figure if the kids are buying their own stuff it isn't breaking Buy Nothing New policy?


Toni said...

my son LOVES mini-figs!

Jess WhoaMamma said...

Oh, the irony! I'm a sucker to my minxes whims. I try to be the almighty Mamma-fort, invincible, impenetrable, but they get me in the end. Whether it's an icecream in winter, another sheet of useless stickers that I'll be scraping off their beds, or putting on the Scooby Doo dvd for the trillionth time, I always succumb :(

Bungalowgirl said...

Oh dear, now that you have let the wicked thing into the house, it gets worse. Try milling around the mini figure box for a good 20 minutes groping every single packet because the only one you really want is Lizard man. And yes if the one chosen turns out to be Cleopatra instead there will be tears. melx

Mum on the Run said...

Ha ha ha.
I'm sorry - but the Sun-Herald were just rubbing your face in it there!!
I understand that feeling of 'how did we become "those" parents today?'
Some days, it's worth it.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh this is brilliant! I love your perseverance on behalf of your little Nugget. Those blessed lego mini figurines, don't get me started on those ;o)
But, I had a similar situation last week with one of those coloured bouncy rubber balls, $2 in the old vending machine bubble thingo. I don't usually give in, but Felix has bitten Angus just prior to our trip to the shops and it was a bit of a sweetener for poor Angus. So, he got the ball... but the problem with those balls is when dropped they just... GO! I believe I went way too far in saving that ball over the course of the next half hour... only for Angus to drop it right outside our front door and it bounced off down our street. So yet again, I high-tailed it down our steep hill, Felix on my hip, to retrieve the ball from the gutter... 'just' as it was about to go into the stormwater drain. Above and beyond?? I think so ;o) xo

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

I can completely relate. Our mini figs are Disney fairies but the store treks are the same :)

tinsenpup said...

I do things just like that ALL THE TIME. It's like some kind of brain deficit or something. I once drove for eight hours (there and back) so that my daughter could see the Bananas in Pyjamas perform for 15 minutes.

Diminishing Lucy said...

One day, when I stop being really irritated by the tale (it is still in the "very annoying" pile in my head, rather than Ihe "how funny" pile, I shall blog about the little brown teddy and the Little Mermaid and the scooters....


Glad he got there in the end...


Anonymous said...

What a nightmare! We've done this too. I once drove all the way to Ikea (an hour away) to buy a new soft toy for No.2 after he lost his at the market. Only drama was I got there at closing time, and had to do an Indiana Jones through the exit, the registers, and then was caught running through the store by a staff member. I proceeded to cry and said I couldn't go home without a stuffed ratty or my son wouldn't sleep. I think he helped me out of pity, but by god he did help me! He went upstairs and brought down several rats and mice so I could identify the right one and buy one PLUS a spare. Bless Mr Ikea.

Emily said...

Oh no! I'm laughing, but in that 'I feel your pain' way.

That said, I recognise more of myself in Nugget's actions than in your own. Perhaps my husband will feel your pain more keenly.

Seana Smith said...

AArrgghh... just reading this is making me grind my teeth... I can't even remember a particular incident, it's just the full horror of it all... the hardest bit is having to drag other children along for the ride.

I need a Valium.

Anonymous said...

Frustratingly funny!!

Maxabella said...

I do this sort of shit all the time. That's why my kids are spoiled and annoying. x

Lizeylou said...

I would have done exactly the same as you.
I would have visited shop after shop as I have seen that look of disappointment in my kids eyes before and I don't have the heart to say enough / no more.
A about 18 months ago I bought a present for my son Joe. There was only 1 thing he wanted so I didn't hesitate in getting it for him.
The only thing was when I got home I realised that I had bought the wrong thing.
I couldn't wait till the next day to return it - oh no, the thought of him getting the wrong thing made me turn around late that night and go back and get the right thing straight away - Its that look of disappointment.

Not the I didn't get the right ice cream/lollipop/pair of socks look - but that devastated look - breaks my heart.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I am crying along with you and laughing my head off at the same time!

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