Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Food Patrol 90 Day Challenge: Exercise

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I have now completed six weeks of the Food Patrol* challenge. I lost another 1.5kgs this week, with a total weight loss to date of 10.4kg. So far I have focused on my food intake (and I think I have got that pretty much down pat), but there is a whole other side to this challenge that I need to engage with.

I have always been pretty motivated to exercise. My weight fluctuations have rarely been associated with lack of exercise. I think in a sick kind of way I enjoy exercise. My weight issues are definitely about my relationship with food, not movement.

On average, I exercise 2-3 times a week. I have been running for a couple of years now, play soccer when there is a comp on, will walk as often as I can and I don't mind a bit of cycling either. I am not really one for the gym (although with the unpredictable weather, it would come in handy!), but do a Yoga or Jillian Michels DVD from time to time.

Since doing the program I haven't done much differently in the exercise department. I have tried to train three times a week routinely, and I am more cognizant about looking for exercise opportunities (like walking to the train station instead of driving), but I haven't really stepped it up on the exercise front.

The Food Patrol encourages resistance training. Resistance training builds muscle, and muscle improves metabolism. It totally makes sense to me on a scientific level but I am terrible at resistance training! I can barely do a sit up to save my life. My post-baby tummy is not helpful in this matter. I also feel really silly doing push-ups, squats and lunges. I creak in the knees.

But I think to get the ultimate body transformation on this program I need to commit to doing some resistance training, on top of my usual cardio. The Food Patrol outlines a simple program to follow at home which includes sit ups, push ups and squats. I am committing to doing it this week, and next, just to see how I go.

Do you want to join me? Can you commit to doing six sets of sit ups, push-ups and squats (until you can't do another) everyday for the next 14 days?

* The Food Patrol is a sponsor of And then there were four.
** For those interested in the fine print, I now weight 76.2 kg.


Maxabella said...

Ah.. no. But I am so proud of you it's not funny. x

Kelly Exeter said...

Amazing work Sister C ... you must be so pleased!

Anonymous said...

Me, I'm a long way behind. BUT I am doing strength training six days a week because I'm seriously addicted. Even tonight after a run I couldn't help but toddle off to the bedroom and do lunges, squats, dips, push ups, triceps, biceps, abs. Toning is our best friend, it really is. xx

Mum on the Run said...

Love that image!!
Congratulations on your amazing work so far - what a great feeling.
;-) x

Diminishing Lucy said...

That image is tops!

I love love love resistance work. I shall squatting and planking and crunching and lunging with you...

Lisa H said...

10kgs! That's awesome, go you!

I love that pic. Too funny.

Sit ups, squats and push ups sound tempting... not really.

Lizeylou said...

10kgs - bet you look fab!
Maybe we could see a photo of the old you and the new you one of these days!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, you must be feelin amazing...I will give your challenge a go...been abit slack with the exercise again...I dont lov it at all.

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

MM, that's awesome!!
So proud of you!


Kymmie said...

10kgs? That's so great Coo. I'm cheering you on from Melbourne (can't you hear me?) You must be feeling FANTASTIC!

Exercise. Hmm, I do that better than eating. But unfortunately, because I don't get the eating quantities right, the exercise doesn't make a physical difference.

Actually, that isn't true. It DOES make a difference, because imagine if I didn't exercise and then ate what I currently eat. Hello size-of-a-house.

Although I'm on holidays (and technically not going to the gym for the next three weeks), I'm going to amp up the walking to running (and yes, that visual is me to a tee!)

Keep it going girl (How much weight are you wanting to lose?) Will we see some before and after action? (You know we want to see!)

Okay, no more excessive use of brackets now. Or questions. Promise.

Happy exercising!


Tricia said...

Your doing well!

Yep, i'll join you. I need to do some more strength training. Wildendurance is only 2 months away and i'm still realy struggling with hills. I think I have absolutely no muscles in my legs.

Just got back from doing my first set (my knees sound like they need to be oiled). Thanks for the motivation :-)

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