Sunday, 5 February 2012

Just another rambling weekend

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The rain stopped for the weekend. I thought all my Christmas's had come at once. My brain was starting to get damp and that just makes me cranky.

I am not the only one. Our kids have become progressively more feral the more rain we suffered.

I noted on Friday that I was yelling like a banshee before school. I knew it wasn't going to be pretty by the afternoon. In the end we were saved by an invitation to play at one of Nugget's classmate's place (his Mum and I run together sometimes). It was a lovely way to fill the time between school and swimming lessons.

I thank swimming lessons for the 'early' night our children had (sadly we saw the return of 'the running man' legs). I went to bed early too, which meant that when Saturday rolled around, all blue skied and warm temperatured, we were all ready for a better start.

My day started with a bath with the twins while I swatted the end of one of my day overdue library books. I was happy I had.

We returned our library books and got ourselves some new ones. I am sure I saw the librarian cringe a little when we entered with me giving the usual 'you need to be quiet' pep talk.Afterwards, we visited the Geege at his store and had a bit of lunch. We then slipped to the park for a play and a scoot, where we met up with another of Nugget's classmates. Dew Drop found a giant puddle to play in and one thing lead to another. By the time we went home they were covered in mud from head to toe but they were full of stories and happiness and working so well as a team that I just couldn't be mad.

Our day didn't end there. We popped over to Sister B's for a play and a swim. Well, Doo Dah had a swim. Nugget wasn't into the cold water (apparently salt water feels 'different' to a connoisseur). And then it was home and another good night's sleep for all.

Today started with a bike ride and then a trip to a local grower's market. We got some stuff done around the house including, drumroll please, finishing the chicken coup and setting up the compost bin (which was given to us by the talented Mum who runs the eco-garden at the school). I baked for school lunches and played Scrabble with the boys. A bit of Young Talent Time, yet another nit shampoo (the Minx and Nugget have now been infested while patient A (Dew Drop) and myself seem to be in the clear) and the weekend is complete.

Except it isn't. They have all been put into bed. And they have all been back out. Going to the toilet. Complaining about being hot/cold. Needing a drink of water. Any excuse.

It is so draining, but all part of the picture of this little home.

And how was your weekend? What did you get up to?


Anna @ green tea n toast said...

Sounds like you were busy! Totally with you on the weather front and the sleep front. I feel so indignant when children eat in to MY evening time! We're slowly getting there though. Glad we had some sunshine so the kids could run ragged.
Enjoy your week.

Diminishing Lucy said...

It makes me feel safe and happy to realise that our weekends were so similar.

We pottered.


1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Sounds a lot like our weekend... and the sleep, or trying to get them to sleep is sending Spunk and I bonkers.

We had a rule tonight... striclty no coming out of your room and noooo calling out. Lasted all of five minutes.

Happy Weekend lovely.


Anonymous said...

We had sun too...not feelin so mouldy now!

Mama of 2 boys said...

I just love the way you describe a mood, a situation, a weekend! You're a marvel MM and how you fit that much into your days with 4 tiny tots running around is beyond me. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it all. It really was a weekend for getting back outdoors... my brain was long damp by Saturday, so I'm also thankful for the dry air xo

Lisa H said...

I spent much of my weekend working on a uni assignment... while it was sunny outside. Sometimes life just isn't fair! ;-)

Miss Pink said...

Sounds gorgeous!

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