Friday, 24 February 2012

Weekend Rewind - The Zen edition

Welcome Rewinders. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend off as much as I did last week? I spent much of the weekend chasing the new chickens* into their coop. Turns out I am not adept at picking up chooks. Turns out their flappiness freaks me out. Sigh.

Lucky for me, Nugget has taken the reigns as the chief chicken whisperer. We are reducing our 'return to coop' time daily!

I was thinking this weekend we could have a bit of Zen in our lives. I am getting organised for a week relaxing in Bali in a few weeks. Sans the kids**. The Geege and I are beside ourselves with excitement and fear. I am trying to focus on the fabulous, but anxious thoughts keep sweeping into my head too...

I need the calming influence of my blogosphere friends to get me ready.

So? How about it? Link up a post that is a little bit Zen. It could be a beautiful picture. A lovely snippet of prose. The story of something positive. Whatever your take is.

The rules of the meme are the same each week. Link up your post from your archives that suits the theme, share some comment love with your fellow linkers, slip me a 'follow' if we are not already connected and Bob's your uncle. We appreciate usage of social media to share lovable posts and to encourage others to join in the fun.

Here is my little bit of Zen... Living a contented life

Now show us yours...

* We got three - Shadow, Rainbow and Fluffy. And Quill and Ink Handmade, there is absolutely no 'petting' going on here! Eeek!
** I know. Squeeeee! I pinch myself daily.


Sarah Mac said...

I love chickens :)

Lisa H said...

I love chickens too, especially when they are roasted! ;-)

A trip to Bali without the kids. That's a great reason to 'squeee!' How exciting for you both. YAY!

Hmmm... "a little bit zen"... that's a tough one. I'll have to scrounge around my meagre archives to see what I can find.
Have a lover-ly weekend! x

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Am giggling and remembering doing the same thing when ours arrived too, MM - they're tricky little buggers when they don't want to be caught, huh?


Anonymous said...

:Nugget the chook whisperer" great book title!! Grew up with chooks love most animal really :)

supermac said...

I find this theme to be timely as my days/weeks so far have been rough. Zen is just what I need now.

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