Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Food Patrol 90 Day Challenge: Healthy Weight Range

Cubby house for YTT on Sunday. Just in case you are missing the not-so-famous four
When I started on the Food Patrol* program, the owner asked me what I would like to achieve.  He said: "Reach for the stars. Don't think about what you think might be possible. Tell me what you want."

I said I would like to lose 10kg (lose as in, never to be found again rather than misplace for a few months). "Totally achievable" was his response. At the time I didn't really believe him. But I wanted to. I knew I had more than 10kgs to lose but who would think it possible in 90 days?

It has been my goal for some time to reach my healthy weight range.

During one of my pregnancies I had a one-off high blood pressure reading. I was sent to the High-Risk clinic for a visit with the renal physician the next week. My blood pressure was completely normal during her tests (and for the rest of the pregnancy), but the renal doctor said "This is a warning for you".

With a family history of cardiac issues and high blood pressure, she told me that once I had finished having babies, I needed to get back into my healthy weight range and eat like I had a heart condition (low salt, low fat diet etc). Prevention.

I have never forgotten her words.

I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to (finally) reach this milestone.

My weigh in this week started with the number 74*. Top of my weight range. Back in my healthy weight range. I feel fantastic. Fitter. Thinner. My clothes fit better. Life is less tiring.

I am off on a trip with my husband (sans children) on Friday. I am hoping I can maintain my weight while I am gone, and come back to smash a few more kilos off before my 90 Day Challenge concludes (I also hope that I can resume my regular blogging again!).

I wish you all a wonderful week.

Tell me, are you in your healthy weight range? Do you think the BMI is a good scale?

* The Food Patrol is a sponsor of And then there were four.
** I have now lost 12.1 kg in 8 weeks.


Miss Mandy said...

Smashing those goals - GOOD ON YOU!

Have fun!

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

That is fantastic! Well done you! I am aiming to return to a healthier weight range. It's a slow process but I figure it's worth it to be making good habits for the rest of my life, rather that to put the weight back on again later.

Coal Valley View said...

That is such a huge achievement!! You must feel amazing :-) I have just joined the local gym - sucked in by their 6 weeks for $66 and no joining fee deal. I'm not sure if I'm in the healthy weight - maybe - but I've lost a lot of fitness so need to feel fit again and wouldn't mind losing 5kg in the process. What a great way to celebrate - heading of kiddie free on the weekend. Will there be a bikini involved????

MultipleMum said...

Oh Mel! I laughed out loud!!! My bikini days are well over. The twins cured me of that. Do you not suffer with the dreaded 'twin skin'???

Coal Valley View said...
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Maxabella said...

Fantastic news! Well done to you... it's done, it's done, it's done! x

Anonymous said...

Yay!! What a champ! So happy for you. x

Seana Smith said...

Hooray Multiple Mum, well done you. I think that being in the healthy weight range is a big achievement... I am hovering a few hundreds of grams above mine and am determined to get below it.

And then, THAT WILL DO!! In fact, that'll be amazing... and fantastic... and maintaining will be a life's work for me as I don't want to fall back to those long-standing overeating habits.


Mum on the Run said...

Great work - again!
You're rocking this program.
Enjoy your weekend away.
:-) x

Anonymous said...

I've just come back for a second look at that GORGEOUS photo. YTT cubby is the best thing I've seen all week. :)

Kim H said...

Yah for you! That's exactly what I need to lose. I'm getting my butt to the gym. You've motivated me, you and Melissa {Suger} who has just started at the gym. I want to be tuat and terrific with you guys:)

Lisa H said...

Wow! And you didn't believe losing 10 was possible! You've gone beyond that, with time up your sleeve. Go you! Have a great weekend away, it sounds like you deserve it.

Me? I've always been at the upper edge of my healthy weight range. Whilst I could do to lose 5kgs or so, I like to eat what I want when I want. That can be a problem. :-)

At Number 32 said...

have an awsome weekend you skinny lil thing!!

Photographer Mum said...

You are a star! I too suffer from twin skin (even though I don't have twins. Mr 2 was just a bit enormous). Tell me, does the twin skin look better or worse? I am seriously wishing mine to sort itself out!!
PS. Day 1 of the Food Patrol for me today. I am looking forward to a new me!!

Photographer Mum said...

You are a star! I too suffer from twin skin (even though I don't have twins. Mr 2 was just a bit enormous). Tell me, does the twin skin look better or worse? I am seriously wishing mine to sort itself out!!
PS. Day 1 of the Food Patrol for me today. I am looking forward to a new me!!

River said...

Congratulations on achieving your goal. I'm not yet in my healthy weight range, I'm losing much more slowly, I think it's a healthier option at my age.

Interesting about the one-off high blood pressure. I had one too with my last baby. My doctor said what was I doing just before coming in, I said yelling at this one here for peeing his pants...doc laughed and took the reading again at the end of the visit. Totally normal.

Emily said...

Congratulations, that's fantastic!

I've actually been underweight most of my life. Not through any wannabe-Hollywood-star diets, just because that's what my metabolism does. Or did. It's still very effective, but I'm now in the lower end of the healthy weight range for my height without having changed most of my eating habits.

Kymmie said...

I'm so impressed coo! Well done you! I'm in my healthy weight range. In fact I double checked after Xmas because a found a few kilos in January. Hopefully they're gone now and forever! Tell us, are you going to keep going? And are you going to give us a before and after? You know we want this!

Kymmie said...

Gosh, your kids are cute. Just thought I'd say it!

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