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Nipples aren't meant to be censored

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Nugget turned seven during the school holidays (during the internet vortex period). I have been secretly dreading this moment. I was warned by my Mum that there is 'nothing worse than a seven year old boy'. And now I have one.

I have had some stellar parenting moments with my kids to date* so I have been imagining the worst. But so far, so good. He still seems to be his lovely self; full of contradictions. But I do acknowledge that it is very early days.

He wanted to have a Harry Potter party to celebrate. Just like Cousin Maxi. Now if you know Sister B, you would not be going anywhere near a similar themed party. She does party-planning like no-one else I know. I'm not really all that with birthday celebrations (or any sort of celebrations if I am honest).

"How about a slumber party?" I innocently suggested. I was thinking a play at the park, take away dinner, a little Harry Potter movie, some pancakes for breakfast. Easy. No planning involved.

The idea was snapped up. A few phone calls were made and the slumber party had legs. The fact that each parent asked "Are you mad?" should have been deterred me. But it didn't. We awaited it with baited breath.

As the big day (Saturday) approached, I shopped for food, planned a couple of activities for the kids who were coming for the afternoon/evening** but not staying the night. Oh yes, my original "Just a couple of kids" grew to about 15. I was calm and ready.

Until the Geege informed me that he would be working.

Thank God for Sister B and the lovely K who stepped in and were a pair of Robins to my Batman.

So how did it go, you might ask? And what does this have to do with nipples? Well. It went to plan. It went swimmingly in fact. A busy afternoon and all asleep by 10:30ish. Only one boy woke during the night with a Harry-Potter-movie-inspired nightmare. There were no fights. My warning system*** seemed to work to keep the um, shall we say, boisterous boys in check.

But it was weird too. Generation Z en masse like that is a real eye opener. They speak differently than I remember we did as kids. They listen less to adults than I remember. They know what they want, and they aren't afraid to tell us what it is: "I only have honey on my pancakes".

It made me wonder what my kids are like with other adults.

It made me wonder if ,when asked to put a pajama top on because it is a cold night, my kids would respond with "Nipples aren't meant to be censored" or if they would just put their shirts on.

I like that this generation has (a small l) liberal world view. I think their generation will suffer far less prejudice than generations past. But really? Really? How does a person respond to that?

I highly recommend the slumber party. It is like watching a wild animal in its natural habitat. A real culture shock. But if you are going to go there, maybe avoid the seven year olds? I hear they can be revolting. They even scared the eggs out of our chickens****.

What is the most gob smacking thing a child has said to you?

* Smeared poo all over the cot coming to mind as a particularly painful memory.
** We did a treasure hunt and some team trivia. We didn't even make it to the park in the end. The cubby house, chickens and trampoline seemed to keep them occupied.
*** Ten warnings and then a call to the parents to come and pick you up. One boy got to nine, another to eight, but no-one went over.
**** We were greeted with three eggs this morning. Our first ever. Go you good things


Anonymous said...

I've missed you, and here you are in all your pink-undie glory!
1) I agree with your comments about gen Z (or gen i, as I like to call them). It all unravels when you give everyone a pass the parcel prize. We can't all be unique and special snow flakes.
2) I've not heard this about 7 year old boys. Should I panic now?
3) Go the girls!
4) We got chooks today too.
5) Sorry, this is turning into a blog post. x

Miss Pink said...

I was picking Bluey up from a play at his friends house last year when the friend ran out to me and said in front of his mother "Miss Pink, Bluey pee'ed on me" and when I called him out to scald him, he informed me as I told my kid off that "it's ok, we were pee'ing at the same time, and he didn't mean to."
I was mortified. Luckily the other mother just laughed and laughed.

At Number 32 said...

Oh crikey...15! You were brave!
We did the slumber thing here (same night i believe lol) only with 1!! (the other 2 were away!)
It was insanely civilised and with Stooge at HIS buddies for the night, we got a litle look into the world of an all girl family......happy birthday xx

Mum on the Run said...

Ha ha ha!!!
They seriously are a totally different generation!
:-) xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh you're a brave soul MM, but I bet Nugget was so pleased with himself having a sleepover party with his mates. I have never heard the seven year old boy theory... more so that boys in general, at any age, are hard work. Though I hear teenage girls give the 'difficult' title a good go too.
Angus told me the other day, a pain in his tummy was due to a baby being in there.
He was absolutely convinced of it. When I asked him how it got in there, he replied with "I don't know, but I wish it would get out!"
Fairly innocent and not really gobsmacking, but it made me smile xo

Maxabella said...

You got eggs! That's brilliant!

But not as brilliant as how well you handled that party, C. You did a wonderful job and those boys where as happy as Harry. x

Claireyhewitt said...

That is quite a comment. Recently my Miss 3 is desperate for us to have another baby...not going to happen, but she keeps telling everyone that Mummy is having a baby and it's a boy, the crèche teachers actually congratulated me she is so convincing. But no, just muffin top.

Sam-O said...

I have 2 girls sleeping over this week, should be interesting. My boys are all plans.

InkPaperPen said...

I am often shocked by what children say to me. I was SUCH a polite child, but kids are much more articulate and assertive now. Overall, I think it's good but every now and then I start with the old "in my day..." speech. The evolution of will be interesting to see how our kids will tackle parenting!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

A sleepover with 15 - thank goodness for sisters!!!!

Kim H said...

Hahaha!! What a funny thing for that kid to say? LOL And yes, are you mad having a slepp over like that? Give me a birthday party to deal with any time;) I was only just chatting with a friend last night about the age of 7. She was sharing how her son has 'changed' and is way more emotional and a little more agressive in his tone. I remember it with lewi too and then 8 is like a breath of fresh air. They suddenly mature and calm right down. 8 is also when Louise Porter says they get real self control. So true. enjoy your fun filled year of having a 7 year old. I'm sure you'll come out the other end relatively intact:) xx

Rhonda said...

7 was a really fun age with my son. Old enough that we could do some really fun stuff and young enough to still like me!

Melissa said...

15. You are out of your freaking mind, woman! Your husband..he is smart. So smart. Super smart. A freaking genius, in fact.

I have to say, 7 was our worst year with Alexander. Followed closely by 8. But 9 is lovely (though it came terrifyingly fast. I weep).

River said...

My kids at seven was such a long time ago, but I remember it was a breeze. The same kids at seventeen were quite different....

Marcy said...

15?! Holy cow. I thought I was brave having 5. They stayed up too late and got up too early, and my sons were wrecked the whole next day. They were pretty well-behaved though. The only weird thing that stood out was that one boy brought no toothbrush or clothes to sleep in but did bring two cans of Sprite.

Sarah said...

They scared the eggs out of your chickens?? Hillarious! Slumber parties dont get any better as they get older - be scared and remain scared, that's my best advice ;-)

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