Sunday, 22 April 2012

There's something about Delta

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Like the rest of Australia, I have been tuning in to The Voice. I haven't watched one of these music reality TV shows since the first series of Australian Idol, but there is something about the format that is compelling.

Seal is a total dude. He has a voice of silk and many runs of the board in the music industry. He doesn't turn his chair for just anyone. He is discerning. He is looking for something different. A unique sound.

Joel Madden is full of Americanisms and is far too huggy for my liking, but he is enthusiastic and confident and strangely likable. I like that he knows his limits. He leaves the big voices to other judges.

Keith Urban is smart and an excellent musician.  I like that he comments on the arrangements that the contestants put together, and their skills on the guitar. He has made a few too many references to the 'soul in your voice' but I forgive him for that. I rate him. Even if he is married to Nicole Kidman.

And then there's Delta. I know I should like Delta. She is musically gifted. Attractive. Friendly. Successful. But there's just something about her. I don't know what it is that makes her so unlikable. But I wouldn't pick her if I were a contestant. I just wouldn't.

I reckon if I had the choice, I'd go with Seal.

Who would you pick to be your voice coach if you were on The Voice?


Miss Mandy said...

I get it, Delta shits me, so does Seal, the others they're all right.

Coal Valley View said...

Love this show. How good was Mahalia tonight! I totally agree with you about Delta - strange why I can't warm to her. I'd go with Seal - I like him for the same reasons I liked Dicko - he knows his stuff. However, I would also happily go with Keith if I was a country singer and to have a nice D & M with him and I would love to hang out with Joel - I like him a lot too :-)

At Number 32 said...

Oh I'm with you...she bugs me to no end! I do love seals music and he would be a great mentor, but I think he'd be pretty tough? So I think I'd have to go with Keith.....always been a big fan (although have no tunes of his to record! lol) Good to see you back online btw!

Melissa Mitchell said...

I have noticed an overwhelming majority of people just hating Delta at the moment. I'm not sure what's going on.

I quite like her. I've never been terribly invested in her (have never bought an album, for example), but am not sure about the hate.

Much as I hate country music, I am quite liking Keith. He or Delta are probably who I'd pick.

I love Seal. Always have. But am surprised at how sweet Joel seems to be.

Like you, I've not watched a reality music show/competition since The first season of Idol (actually, I watched the season Damien Leith was in it too). But I'm' not watching this one live. I still can't stand the way they're edited. Too much "Before the break we saw....." "After the break we will see...." all with soap opera stares and ominous music. I get the videos online as they are put up (on the website). Just get the good stuff then. :)

Miss Pink said...

I'd go with either Delta or Joel. You know, if I could sing.

My reasons, Delta is a total kick karse singer. Have people forgotten what she went through at 19? That girl has balls.
Joel because he tends to share a similar genre interest with me. I was a total punk growing up, GC was a band I listened too, but I prefered their earlier stuff and I was more into other bands. But because he's in a genre I can relate to, I think it would probably suit my hypothetical singing ability.
i just can't sing for peanuts. Lol.

MultipleMum said...

I know what you mean @Miss Pink. It wouldn't really be a conundrum I would find myself in for real. My singing is best left for the shower x

Anonymous said...

I would rather scratch my own eyes out than listen to Dullta Boredrom .. That said none of the others would ever make my playlist either

Good call rejecting Shauna though because clearly that lot have nothing to offer to her.

Mum on the Run said...

He's charming me through the screen as we 'speak'.
:-) xx

ClaireyHewitt said...

I love Delta.

I think she is delightful, kind, talented and strong. Her voice is also amazing.

I can see how she often comes across a bit annoying, but she is a mighty fine chick.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I was a big Idol fan for a long time, and I even taped a couple of seasons to watch after the girls were born.

Sadly, Hubby has commandeered the TV post-bedtime recently, to watch soccer. I haven't watched the past couple of seasons.

I miss it a bit, and I have no idea what the FB references are...but not enough to stay up later to watch after Hubby goes to bed. ;)

Diminishing Lucy said...

Love Delta's voice, but on this show she comes across as girly adn vapid and a bit wishy washy. (Sensational looking though.)

Keith Urban is heaps better than I imagined - he has charm. And a nice arse.

But I would go Seal every. single. time.

The man can sing, the man can sell.

Caitlin said...

Love Delta. But not so much on The Voice. There is something about her that doesn't gel in this format! For me, she seems so indecisive and when she talks to the contestants she's vague and not so specific about the craft of singing. I'd go Keith coz he's so nice, although Seal. If Seal swung around, I don't know. He's a legend, I don't think I could get past that...

Maria harding said...

I've actually met delta in real life, a few years ago on a photo shoot, I had never heard of her before (I'm from the uk) and so had no preconceptions but I have to say I agree with you Chris, there is just something about the girl! She's a bit too nice or something, maybe didn't come across as being genuine. As for the Voice, I watched it online out of curiousity and I can see why people like it, it's nice to see contestants that can actually sing and judges that are nice.

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

You know I used to really love Delta, I think she's very talented, but on The Voice I just can't warm to her.
Seal is a dude so I'd probably pick him, but lets be honest I'm only dreaming, when I sing it sounds like a cat wailing.

Emily said...

Definitely Keith or Joel. Seal waxes lyrical about what he's looking for and what he hears but I just don't believe him (ironic, since he says he's also after someone he 'believes' in).

And I'm with you on Delta. So I'd have to go with one of the Nicole-husbands. They know their stuff.

Mel said...

Oh I'm with you too! I've always liked her but on this show, she comes across as fake and like she's trying too hard to be liked. I've seen her turn around when she doesn't look impressed but because others are turning around, and she then can't give constructive feedback to them. She's using emotion to try and win them to her team and smiles and flaunts her body rather than using her talent as a singer and coach to get them.

For me, if Seal turned around, I think I'd have to go with him. He's very picky, but always has really good feedback. Joel or Keith would be Ok too, probably Keith over Joel though - voice type preference for me there. :)

boomerang jane said...

Teach him to share the tv or get another one I say, lol. ;-)

boomerang jane said...

Get another Tv I meant...not husband. Sorry Mandy :-)

Mama of 2 boys said...

I have only seen snippets of The Voice, what I have seen, I kind of like. Though some of the format does make me cringe a little. And I can't quite put my finger on what it is either.
But Delta, poor sweet Delta. I actually feel really sorry for her, because she is being crucified in the media for her lack of 'attraction' as it were.
I do get where you're coming from though. I have watched her morph from this gorgeous teen into a gorgeous adult and she's driven and successful... but sadly, a little hard to love.
In saying that, I think she'd be a great voice coach... though I'd probably still go with Keith, he's got true star style, talent to burn and sex appeal! haha xo

Anonymous said...

I'd go for Seal - we could share nail polish too, bonus! xx

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