Friday, 4 May 2012

Boys and bikes - Mother's guilt relief

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During the school holidays we had a four-day camping trip. We went up to our friends' farm with two other families. It was the perfect camping trip, although not without its hiccoughs. Of course.

Our tent broke* on the Christmas camping trip, and while we do actually own a camping store, both the Geege and I sort of forgot about that little detail until the week before the trip. The Geege set about finding us a replacement tent**. He found something that met all the criteria, ordered it, but alas it was not available so we headed off on the trip with our broken tent, all the while hoping for clear weather.

It was quite a process to pitch the tent but we managed to squeeze us all in*** and, once she was up, we only had one moment of cussing the wholesaler who didn't have our 'new' tent in supply. That occurred at 3am during the only downpour we had when the tent confirmed it would be her last trip, by leaking. Not the shining moment of the trip.

One of the key goals of the weekend was for our boys to learn to ride their bikes without training wheels. This little issue had quickly crept up as a great source of Mother's guilt for me. I got fixated it. So much so that I had taken to pointing out every training-wheel-less child in the street, much to the joy of the Geege. Many of them were toddlers, I might add.

The farm proved the perfect place for learning to ride a bike. A long dirt driveway on a slight slope. Nugget was off in no time. Doo Dah was close behind. It was love at first ride. We had to peel them off the bikes to insist they eat their lunch on most days. They were up at 5am (when it was still dark) enjoying their bikes and the joy they brought them. Nugget even squeeed****.

It is amazing that all it took was opportunity. The kids were like a scene from BMX Bandits by the end of the weekend. A real gang. On bikes. No training wheels to be seen. 

And with our kids so happily occupied, we parents got on with the relaxing side of camping sans rain; sitting by the fire, reading our books, cooking in the camp oven, having some beers and skittles.

As I watched them zooming down the hill moments before we packed their bikes into the trailer to make our way back down the carpark freeway to home, a giant grin formed on my face. My shoulders were lighter. I felt pride and jubilation. My Mother's Guilt was gone. By Job I think they got it.

 Do you sometimes get fixated on things you think your kids *should* be doing?

* A key pole snapped during deconstruction
** We thought we had to replace the whole tent because we have seriously outgrown our current one by about two children
*** Only really because Nugget decided he was brave enough to share a two-man tent with his buddy so they slept separate to us
**** If you know Nugget that was a site to behold! He is not really one for generous outbursts of enthusiasm or excitement.


At Number 32 said...

Oh yeah, I rememeber before Bib started school she was having such trouble recognising any numbers after 5! It was soooo frustrating. We played fish, memory, said letter box numbers every walk, blah blah blah and they just never sunk in??
2 weeks into kindergarten and she got it! Some things are just meant to happen when they happen I think!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh yes, I do this often. At the moment, it's a fixation that Angus needs to be able to swim before he starts school next year and that Felix isn't talking yet and he'll be two in a couple of months.
Both of these occupy too much of my thinking space, but hey, that's mother guilt for you. Pointless, silly, mother guilt.
But I totally understand the joy, pride and relief once those milestones are reached. Well done to your boys, it sounded like a great trip all round xo

mamabook said...

There was my youngest who had no interest in toilet training until *cough* 4 - but then did it in a day and no turning back. And Mr7 who was still on training wheels at 6 until my daughter took it upon herself to teach him how which made me look pretty bad!
You make camping sound almost like something I should try!

Diminishing Lucy said...

Bike riding WAS one of mine. Now we are done, I can totally relate to the relief you felt.

Swimming is another. All can swim very well. But Lexie gets short-changed - a lot less lessons for her so her strokes are shit. Must get onto it...

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

total relief once both of mine were away. Yep, I get it! PS: sorry I missed that SQUEEEE!

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Seana Smith said...

Bike riding done and dusted. Tick!! Err.... I like leaving things late as then it's so much easier to knock things off. But MUST do some reading with the twins... really must must must......

helena said...

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•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

It s such a great feeling of pride for them when they are up on 2 wheels.

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