Monday, 21 May 2012

But it's my birthday...

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I didn't make it to work today.

I was too busy.

Too busy unpacking from the weekend.

Too busy taking The Geege to the Emergency Department to have his ankle checked out*. Fortunately it isn't broken. Unfortunately he is on crutches and 'non-weight baring'.

Too busy discovering that our chickens can now fly and had escaped from our back yard. But I was too busy to deal with that little issue (I did spot them over the back fence and knew they were safe) because I had to pick Doo Dah up from school and head back to the hospital to have his cast removed from his arm.

Too busy meeting up with my oldest friend for coffee and cake (Thank God for old friends) and then buying our new cook top.

Too busy taking care of the patient and whipping up Thai curry before picking up the kids from school and daycare and heading into the usual night-time routine. Unaided by the Geege who is a prisoner on the couch.

Too busy to celebrate my birthday.

I had the day off work on my birthday but it wasn't to have any fun. I was too busy for fun**.

* He informed me 65kms into the North Face 100 that he had a 'bit of a sore ankle'. He completed the race (in just under 22 hours) and, to be honest, after waiting up all night for him, I couldn't get into bed fast enough when we arrived back at our house in Blackheath that I didn't even think to put some ice on his foot. He awoke with a lovely bruise. And then this morning, he couldn't stand on it!

** With the exception of spending time with my family and seeing the gorgeous Trace.


Mum on the Run said...

No, no, no, no.
This just won't do.
This calls for a birthday re-schedule.
Pick a day, any day - for a do-over.
More fanfare, more celebration, more pampering, more YOU!!!
(Far less responsibility and duty, please.)
Happy, happy birthday - for whenever you decide that will be!!
:-) xxx

Tat @ Mum in search said...

Sounds like you've had quite a day. Happy Birthday and definitely take another day and celebrate it!

Kelly Exeter said...

Oh no I agree with Mum on the Run - birthday must be rescheduled!

But well done to the Geege and his amazing support crew :)

Janelle said...

I agree with Mum on the Run, choose a day coming up soon when it's likely to be a bit slower-paced and not so filled with drama! And adopt that as your 2012 birthday :) You deserve a good one!
Happy Birthday to you!

Miss Mandy said...

Happy Birthday To You.

Make sure you take a day in the NEAR future to relax and enjoy a break.

Is your husband freaking crazy?

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Yes, a birthday re-do is due to you, for sure!

I just saw on FB that today is your birthday, and I was headed over to wish you well.

Despite the craziness, Happy Birthday to You!

joeh said...

My wife claims she gets a "Birthday Week." Maybe you could try that. Must be some time in a week just for you.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh shitballs MM, that's all I can think to say to that lot.
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for yesterday) my friend.
You're an amazing wife and Mama, you so deserve to be spoilt and I'm hoping that some serious compensation is heading your way.
Bummer about the ankle too, poor Geege. A friend of ours rolled his ankle in the first 500 metres of the half marathon yesterday. Wasn't a good weekend for ankles, ouch!

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

On a day where you have the absolute right to do whatever you'd like to, eat lovely food, wallow in the goodness of love and well wishes, and to end the day with a smile, a birthday is a vital necessity - especially for a busy mama.

I vote for a rescheduling too :)

Happy, happy birthday - hoping that the year to come is filled with wonderful new opportunities, surprises, and sunny skies xx

Tricia said...

Yep - totally agree with comments above - you need to reschedule your birthday. Happy birthday! I hope the rest of the week has been kinder to you.

And well done to the Geege for making it. incredible!

Photographer Mum said...

Definitely reschedule! We should get the girls together for dinner again soon.

Emily said...

Happy birthday! Well, happy rescheduled birthday. I second, third and fourth everyone's suggestion to do it all again. Enjoy it when the (new) day arrives.

Sarah said...

Ok, well like Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland you deserve an 'un' Birthday with lots of 'un' Birthday presents - the really good thing about 'un' birthdays is that you can have them on any day that isn't your actual Birthday - Have a very Happy Un Birthday!

Diminishing Lucy said...

Are you a Taurean too?!

Happy birthday lovely girl.


Coal Valley View said...

Happy Birthday MM!! And a fellow Taurean no less, the similarities between us continue. You know Birthdays last a whole week (sometimes longer if the Husband forgets he he) so hope you get to reschedule the celebration during the week. You deserve it! Thank goodness for good friends :-) And poor Geege, hope he's back on his feet soon. Mel xx

E. said...

A belated Happy Birthday from me, too.
I'm glad you got to have a catch up with your friend. Glad Geege isn't too broken and and a cast was taken off.

I hope you have some relaxing time in the near future.

Partly Sunny said...

Yep, do-over. Do-over is required.

Lizeylou said...

Sorry I missed this - HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday.
And I must say I agree with Mum on the Run's comment - do that!!

Maxabella said...

Poor you. Sigh.


PS - Trace is not your oldest friend.

Kymmie said...

Oh poor you! This is definitely not how to spend your birthday! But so selfless you are. And so helpful you are. Can you reschedule your birthday for another day when you get to have an awesome day?

Hugs to you Coo (and hoping it wasn't a special birthday??). xx

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