Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mother's Day catch up

Image not related to post but how could I resist?
We celebrated Mother's Day today with the Geege's Mum and the rest of his family. Every year we go to the same place (in fact, the restaurant is the same place we go for all the family affairs). It is set in a nursery, has delicious food and a playground for the kids. We all like it there. Lot's of time to chat and enjoy the menu.

We see the Geege's family pretty regularly and I would have thought that they were briefed on all the comings and goings in Casa Four. Today, as my m-i-l gasped when she saw Doo Dah's gappy gums, I realised that maybe I need to communicate more!

So here are the things that we all need to catch up on.

Doo Dah broke his wrist in the first week of the school holidays. It is the second broken bone we have had to deal with. It was the classic "Mrs L., your son Doo Dah fell off the monkey bars and hasn't been himself" apologetic phone call from the vacation care manager, followed by the loooong wait in the ED, topped only by the three hours for our appointment(!) in the Fracture Clinic the following week. He is rocking along just fine and we get the cast off on May 21.

The tooth faery had her third Tour of Duty at our place when Doo Dah lost his first one a couple of weeks ago. We now have the routine down pat and, thanks to a little gift from At Number 32, we have a gorgeous "tooth pouch" for safe keeping.

Since the slumber party, Fluffy, Shadow and Rainbow have each been laying an egg every day. We are loving the freshness of the eggs and the fun of hunting for them in the little garden nests they make for themselves (they free range).

The soccer season* is well underway and despite the fact that Doo Dah can't play (wrist), his Dad has been up at the crack of dawn each Saturday to attend to his coaching duties. Nugget's team wins one and loses one, but the kids are all improving each week and are having such fun! The more we ensconce ourselves in the local community, the more I am impressed with its friendliness and sense of connectedness. This is a lovely place to raise a family.

Splendor in the Heights went off with a bang last night. The thrifty decorations were effective and everyone's costumes were superb. The questions were challenging but good. Our reluctant emcee did a fantastic job as Freddie Mercury (with obligatory groin gropes and sleazy moustache). The air guitar competition which, let's face it could have been a total fizzer, was hilarious and a real crowd pleaser. And we raised over $1000 for the school (thanks largely to the generous sponsors and fines for Smart phone usage!). But the best bit? Our committee of ten became really good friends during the organising process.

But that is enough about us.

What do you and I need to catch up on?

* Note to self: Take some photos of your children at soccer!


At Number 32 said...

Haha, we too suprised a few relos today with a gappy smile! Good to see your 'tooth monster' is getting a work out!
Not too much happening here, although between solo parenting most weeks, drumming, swimming, girl guides, a whole lot of walking, theres really not time for more TO happen!
Would love to catch up around the 'fire pit' when/if your all free one week x

Mama of 2 boys said...

What a great post MM! A good thorough catch up never goes astray.
Pleased to hear the fundraising night went off so well.
The Minx is WAY too cute, gorgeous girl.
Happy Mother's Day too! xo

Diminishing Lucy said...

Ahhh. I love this. I didn't know about the wrist!

Glad the fundraiser went even.

You sound happy. I am glad.


Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Hooray! What a week you've had - and I love the pic. x

Kymmie said...

Oh how I LOVE a catch up! Wow, life has been busy for you, and I'm not sure if you've finished that run of bad luck at your place. (You know, I'm still thinking about THAT shopping trolley incident). Geege and his ankle, the broken wrist, etc. Glad the rundraser went awesome!

Our life is so behind on the blogosphere, I actually don't know how to catch up or where to start. Sad, but true *sigh*.

I might just start fresh, and see where it leads me.

Thanks for the whopping update. Life seems so mad when you put it all in a post like that!


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