Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Self service at the supermarket

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What do you think about the self-service check outs at the supermarkets?

Being an ex-check-out chick from way back*, I am quite partial to being able to scan my own items. I am faster than most operators. And I know how to pack a bag (reusable of course). On a good day, I can still remember the fresh produce codes. Tragic but true.

Doo Dah is quite partial too. When we visit the supermarket he insists that we use the self-service check outs. He has to scan the items. He is not faster than most operators. He is most definitely slower than the average check out chick but he loves it. This is how aspirations are born.

I have rules about using the self-service option. I am not dedicated enough to actually queue to scan my own items at the supermarket. But if I can slip straight onto a machine, I go for it. I reckon it saves me a lot of time.

I wish they wouldn't talk though.

I remember a time when someone used to fill up your car for you at the petrol station. I was only a back-seat passenger in those days, but it was nice. A 'drive through' service.

The check-out chick will become extinct, just as the petrol station attendant did. Are you ready?

Do you use the self-service checkouts? Or are you sticking with the professionals?

* I worked part-time at one of the major supermarkets for a few years while doing my Speech Pathology degree.


Sarah said...

I wrote a post a while back about what a disaster I am with these - they eat my money, flash and shout at me and once I took out 4 in one go with a fountain of cola! I still use them though, my local Sainsburys know me well and I have my own dedicated 'helper' who stand there patiently while I say (like a stubborn toddler) 'I can do it myself!' - I can't of course and they know it ;-)

joeh said...

I will not use these. As an old fart I do not trust them and can't use them without help which takes longer then the regular clerk.

New Jersey is one of two states in the US (Oregon) that does not allow self-service. I hate NJ but have to stay just for the service attendants at the gas stations.

Cranky Old Man

ANB said...

I also wrote a ranty post about them: http://suburbansonnet.blogspot.com.au/2011/12/oh-coles-how-i-hate-thee-and-thou-penny.html
Since E's behaviour in the supermarket has improved in the last 6 months (or maybe because I don't even attempt to make her sit in the trolley seat anymore) I am slightly more reconciled to using them.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh MM, I am in my element with those self serve checkouts. I ALWAYS wanted to be a check out chick... the closest I came was working at Target on the registers, not quite the same. Anyhow, yes, I use them almost all the time, now that they've infiltrated virtually every supermarket in our area.
I do kind of feel for the staff still working on the checkout, as they seem to give a look as if they know their days are numbered.
I saw a similar look on the faces of the workers in the old toll booths... and now they're all gone, replaced by etags and whatnot.
I agree, don't enjoy the computerised voice prompts, I found out the other day there is a button where you can actually turn that down... something for next time maybe. Good on Doo Dah for giving it a go... Angus likes to assist me also.

Diminishing Lucy said...

I love them. And the kids love me to use them too. They think its hilairious when I shout back at the shouty voice.

(We have self service in our local KMART. The voice inside that one is MOST demananding.)

River said...

I quite like them, my local Woolworths has them, but if you want to scan heavy objects you need to lift and scan them or call an assistant to log in their code, there doesn't seem to be a "heavy item look up button". I'm a check -out chook myself, so I can zip through these pretty quickly. "My" Coles that I work at doesn't have any self-serve and I don't think we're getting any either.

Photographer Mum said...

I can go either way. Self serve for a quick stop at the shops but I use the checkout chick for my big grocery shops

Anonymous said...

I don't like them, I want someone else to do it for me, so I'll be sad to see the check out operator go. My kids love to scan the items though! xT

georgi said...

I don't use them .. I refuse to. Because I think it's just one more way of avoiding contact with people, something that is so common in this internet day and age. You should have to have a polite conversation with the check out operator - a REAL person!

Emily said...

I use them if I have straightforward, easy to scan items and am paying with cash. Otherwise, nuh-huh no way. My card never works, I pick the wrong mandarins/mushrooms/lettuce, or I move things off the weight detector thing and have to constantly tell the machine that I'm not stealing. No really.

At Number 32 said...

I love the do-it-yourself check out, it allows me to get in and get outt as quick as possible!
Although the other day I had a fuller than normal trolley, so I went for the young boy service isle and he hit me with a "if you were to come back in your next life, do you think you'd be here"........what the? "Far too philosophical for this time of the day for me I'm affraid" was my response!

Miss Mandy said...

I prefer it, most check out operators are hopeless, the control freak in me would rather just do it myself.

tomi said...

I don't mind it if I have only 5 items or less. When you have more than 15 items though it becomes more complicated and takes too long - especially when the machine doesn't recognise your bags, or doesn't scan properly etc.

Anonymous said...

I hope my new life as a CC lasts for awhile Im really enjoying my new job...lots of customers dont like self service though and tell me often...I always say they dont get my smile on SS...myself though I love it for those few items if there is no waiting :)

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