Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sending out an SOS

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Our kids' school has a trivia night each year. It is a social event, with a small fund-raising agenda.

I have been to the last two and they were lots of fun. This year, because our team stupidly won last year, I am involved in the organisation of the night.

We are having a 'music' theme: Splendor in the Heights. The organisation is coming along nicely. Now. But earlier? We tell ourselves we work best under pressure. It could be true.

To date I have managed to weasel out of most of the 'hard' jobs* . This seemed to go under the radar initially but my gift for delegation was discovered at our last planning meeting. My *actual* participation may be forced to improve henceforth**.

It is interesting working with friends on a project like this. We all have different backgrounds and the usual workplace cultural norms aren't there to facilitate the process. We don't have usual roles that we conform to; like at work or even in a family. It is different. But in a good way.

By Thursday, when we meet again, we have to decide on a costume and crank up the marketing. To date only one table of six has RSVPed. We have 12 days to pull a crowd!

My brief is to focus on the kindy families. The newbies to the school. I am starting with a personal invite via email and an offer to help them create a table of ten (figuring a barrier is that we don't really know each other).

But what else can I do?

What would you do to lure the kindy families to the event? And if you could chose anything musical to go as (idol, character, album name, anything!) what would you choose?

 * Like approaching local businesses for donations; I hate doing that sort of thing. And being emcee.
** Astute readers will realise I am still delegating. Only now to you.


Maxabella said...

I would go as Cindi Laper and shave one side of my hair.

As for luring in the kindy families, your offer to allocate a table is a good one. I'd also rope someone in to hand them a flyer at 'pick up' outside the classroom. The kindy fams are a good one to get because they lurk there enmasse every single day.

You could also offer them a 'buddy family' from another year?


Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

I think e mail and helping to organise tables is good.
If they have cumulative sports house scores there could be the opportunity to earn bonus points for their child's house during the night, that way the kids will be pushing their parents to go to ear points for them.
I always like a general retro theme, but that's my love of 80's fashion and music coming through.

Anonymous said...

I like Brons idea...handing out small flyer and personal invite at pickup/drop off time noice...I went last year for the first time to our school trivia night...quite funny...best auction prize of the night was the Principal and Vice P cooking dinner for the winner at the house...celebrity chef style, something different....no costs :)

Sarah said...

Ha ham, very clever ;).

Personally, after years on committees, PTA's ect I'd shackle them to the school railing and only set them free when the event was due to start (the addition of a big sign saying 'toilets this way' helps!).

I'd go as Alice Cooper and have a rock theme - so much scope for dressing up and piling on the slap.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Laughing that you are "still delegating"...HA!

And...thanks for getting The Police stuck in my head since I saw the title of your blog post early this morning! ;)

Sounds like a fun event!

Mama of 2 boys said...

Haha, love your delegating prowess MM.
This is a tough one, having not experienced the effect of school or school culture to this point.
It's always hard to bring strangers together like this... though the promise of alcohol always helps!?
Have I gone too far? Is a boozy trivia night out of the question?? Good luck! xo

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