Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The burrow - The perils of co-sleeping (Part 5)

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I like a bit of space when I sleep. Well, I used to. Before I became a Mum.

The cold winter nights have increased the regularity of the children's migration from their beds into ours.

Despite the three blankets on their beds, they claim that they are cold as they slink into our bed in the wee hours of the night. The Geege and I, drunk with sleep, too warm to consider venturing out to slot the kids back into their own beds, are our own worst enemies. And so they stay and we sleep. There were five in the bed, and the little one said*...

Nugget still takes up residence at the bottom of the bed. He is getting too tall now of course and his frozen feet burrow under our legs to defrost. But he is no trouble. Not really.

Dew Drop likes to sleep on the edge of the bed, while the Minx pops into the middle, between the Geege and I. And there they sleep.

There is pillow sharing.

And there is the burrow.

The kids 'follow the warmth', so when you turn over, they turn with you, burrowing into your back or front (in my case both, a twin sandwich of sorts). It is cute and cosy, right up until the bit where you need to change position and you are stuck. Wedged between two sleeping children; with nowhere to go, except to one of their unoccupied beds.

The burrow is a winter hazard and is in direct opposition to the star fish.

We need a bigger bed.

Have you experienced the burrow?

* Doo Dah still has nothing to do with any of this co-sleeping business. Thank God for Doo Dah :-)


Sarah said...

Im terrible...I ban the children from my bed. They have never visited. I am the only burrower in our bed...my husband would commiserate with you.

Photographer Mum said...

I don't know how you do it. Ours don't visit except on rare occasions and they usually get put back into their own beds. On saying that though, Mr 2 has recently taken to waking at 5am and comes in on my side (so I am stuck in the middle) and goes straight back to sleep for about an hour, or until the other two wake up. But it's nice and cosy and he stays quiet so I can go back to sleep too. I can cope with it for that short amount of time, but I'd be awake all night if they were there all the night long.

Lisa said...

Ours have never been visitors, except once we are already awake in the morning.

A friend bought her co-sleeping son a winter rated sleeping bag and he hasn't been back! Snuggly warm in his cocoon!!!!

Erin said...

Oh yeah, lots of mornings I wake up to three kids in the bed with us. Some mornings even four. I told my husband we should have bought a king size bed. Oh and jfyi our first two never slept with us, we were rather smug about that, I guess this is payback.

ANB said...

Our king size bed is a wonderful, luxurious investment, even without a co-sleeping child. That being said, I dread the day when we move E from a cot to a big girl bed!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

I wished I had thought about a king sized bed before purchasing the queen yonks ago. Would give me just a litttttle more elbow room.
(and your description of sleeping with your little people is hilarious :-)

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