Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A post about a queue

Lego nerds with their creation
We spent much of Sunday queuing.

I hate queuing. I especially hate queuing with children. Is there no end to the pain?

But queued we did. Myself, Nugget and Doo Dah, along with Sister B and the tsunamis.

It all stems back to the Lego Club, and a little leaflet that Nugget received in his most recent pile of marketing material Membership paraphernalia. There was to be an exhibition of Lego creations at the Powerhouse Museum in early June.

"Can we go?" Nugget asked at the time.

"Of course we can go" I replied, immediately forgetting about it.

It came as a bit of shock to me that Nugget remembered about this Lego exhibition. But he did. When it ticked over to June, he reminded me that we had a date with the Lego creators. I had to take him. He insisted. So I dragged Sister B and her crew along too.

The queue stretched outside of the museum. It was a mile long. I swear. I sighed. I checked with Nugget that he really wanted to endure the world's longest queue. Nugget insisted we stay.

"Please can we?" he pleaded.

Do we have too?

It was a wet and cold day. What else can we do? Sister B and I brainstormed. Bowling? Darling Harbout? Movies? We almost tempted him with a trip to the movies, but there was nothing much on. He wanted to stay. And so we waited.

The other kids wanted to leave. Sister B and I spruiked about the importance of learning patience and commitment. We tried to make the best of a bad moment.

Finally we arrived at the coveted ticket counter, where we bought our passes. We skipped towards the exhibition, only getting lost once or twice.

I cannot begin to explain the level of disappointment we felt when we saw the exhibits. It is NOT that they weren't impressive, in their own way, it is just not what we were expecting. A bunch of Lego nerds* displaying their wares. We thought it would be fun. We thought it would be creative. We thought it would be hands on. Nope.

Nugget maintained his commitment. He said it was awesome. He said he loved it. We all know that he didn't. But we appreciate that he tried.

Have you ever waited a long time for something that wasn't worth it?

*Sister B insisted that I take photos of the nerds rather than the exhibits. She cracks herself up.


Photographer Mum said...

Queueing is loathsome business. I have been there and done that with my 3 smalls and I try to avoid it at all costs unless absolutely necessary. Or completely worth the wait.
Pity the Lego exhibition was not what you were expecting. Maybe you should take them to Legoland in Germany... That looks AWESOME!!!!

Kelly Exeter said...

Good on you guys for queuing! I would never have done it - much less with kids! This falls squarely in the category of 'things we do ' :)

Mrs Catch said...

Queuing is the pits. What a shame the exhibition wasn't interactive. That's the whole point of Lego, right?

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh geez, as much as I feel for all of you having to queue up like that, I loved reading this post. Lego nerds, haha, now I can imagine them. What a damn shame that it wasn't designed more with the kids in mind, I'm surprised at the museum actually.
Poor Nugget. I am impressed with his enthusiasm though, good on him for keeping up appearances.
I quite often find the queuing for rides at shows/theme parks a complete waste of time and effort... but maybe that's because I'm getting old.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

University enrolment was always awful without much to look forward to at the end. Not sure if I've had the patience to stand in many queues with the kids - they hate it and don't mind showing their discontent.

Mum on the Run said...

What a letdown.
I'm not a fan of queues of any kind - but I know I'm old as I absolutely refuse to queue out in the cold to enter a venue - and then pay their exorbitant prices for a bevvie.
:-) x

Maxabella said...

But you forgot to mention that their badges were made out of Lego!!!

As Maxi said, "the Lego show was even more boring than the queue." born critic that one! x

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