Sunday, 22 July 2012

100kms is a bloody long way by foot

If I am not with the kids, at work or asleep at the moment, I am out pounding the pavement/trail. Well, certainly in my head that is the case, in reality there could be a bit of lounging on the couch* in there too.

A team of four women, myself included, signed up to do the Oxfam Trailwalker at the end of August. It is a fund raiser for Oxfam who helps some of the world's poorest people. A fantastic cause. A massive personal challenge. And company to boot.

We will be walking 100km on August 24-25.

Hard to believe huh? If you could see the state of my blistered feet, you wouldn't believe it at all. 100 kms is a bloody long way. Especially when you factor in all the hills and stairs and creek crossings and boulders and teensy-weensy spaces you need to squeeze through along the way.

The most we have walked in our training is 54km. 54km is a fair hike. For some, 50+kms would be an event all by itself. But for us it is only half as far as we have to go next month. My feet will be punished!

So this is a call out. A call out for tips on blister care and any ideas for how to get through this challenge. If you are keen to help out, you can sponsor our team here.

Anyone else doing the Trailwalker this year?

*After all it is July. And July is all about the bike.


Anonymous said...

Awesome MM! A friend from school did this earlier in the year, made her super fit and they raised a lot of money for a great cause. I'll hit you up with an email about sponsorship. Go you good thing x

Coal Valley View said...

Good on you MM! I'm so impressed. Glad you are focussing on the blister issue as once they set in, it is super painful to continue. My brother-in-law and wife did this exact walk last year. They are super fit but actually had to pull out just before the finish line because of blisters. Totally gutted. There are probably some fancy products around now but I've had blisters on longer hikes in the past and the only thing I've found that gets me through is the "second skin" type dressings. It's like a jelly bandaid that adheres to your skin without any friction. Good Luck! Mel x

Claireyhewitt said...

Well done. It is such a long way.i can not imagine the distance being covered by my lazy little feet. At school every year we had a 20km walkathon, I hated that so much!

Seana smith said...

Madness! But brave and good madness and you must let us know how to sponsor you. A friend of mine did this and walked for long, long ways with blisters, and vomited copiously at some stage and also ate truckloads of Mars Bars. It's the staying awake and doing it in a oner that sounds so tough.

Go you and the gang!!

Mum on the Run said...

That is just brilliant.
I can only imagine the state of your poor feet though!
Some runners in my group swear by vaseline rubbed on their feet before putting their socks and shoes on.
I invested in some excellent (but oh so expensive!) sports socks when marathon training.
They are just fabulous.
Wearing them honestly feels like a luxury - and no blisters.
Good luck - and good on you.
:-) xx

Diminishing Lucy said...

Go you. My best friend did it a number of years ago (way before I lost weight and got fitter) and we was part of her support crew.

I aspire!

Off to sponsor you now...

(PS Meths rubbed twice daily into the feet is supposed to harden the skin? Prevents blisters?)

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

The only advice I have: keep on walking.

Miss Mandy said...

Excuse my lateness.... Wow, that is fantastic, I can't wait to hear how you go. I'd love to do something like this, but feel I've probably got enough going on right now. Good luck

KC said...

We're doing the NZ walk early next year. My partner is keen to run it!!! I think walking it is plenty of a challenge for me. Running would just be silly, right?

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