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Road trips with kids

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About this time last year, the Geege and I were having a holiday organisation stand off. We wanted to go somewhere, but no-one wanted to organise anything. In the end I caved in and booked our accommodation at the snow only to have it fall apart due to some heavy duty vomiting a la Dew Drop. We holidayed in our own city instead.

With the lessons learnt, we started a bit earlier with our mid-year break organisation this time. Like a whole week before we are due to leave. Quite impressive really. This year we are having a little road trip through western NSW. 

There is something about the humble road trip. Don't you think? They are kind of retro. Family bonding, repetitive sound tracks, random loo stops, and picnics by the side of the road. I have very fond memories from my own childhood. Very much the case of the journey is the destination.

I fear it may be a little ambitious for our family. They haven't experienced long car trips very often, but those we have had were punctuated with large amounts of whinging, requests for food and a whole lot of "are we there yet?"s.

I am preparing our artillery of car games - car cricket, I spy, Spotto, a scavenger hunt and the like - and some new DVDs for the trip. The kids have had input into the destinations and activities we will be undertaking. And of course, I have car snacks planned.

Have you got any other suggestions for this road-trip-with-kids-virgin?


@SexyMomGP said...

The most important thing I've learned from road trips (In South Africa) is to be willing to wing it when things don't go according to schedule. Don't worry about time so much but rather enjoy each activity (even if its letting the kids get a break at the playground of a petrol station). And it helps if the kids sleep for long intervals!

At Number 32 said...

Our experience has taught us to allow them a little (like a pillow slpi of the like) bag of self packed goodies each. Books, pencils/paper, teddy etc. They then get to play with their own stuff whenever they like and they then can swap if times get tough.
Another suggestion is to write a list of things (or pictures for the non readers) of things they need to 'Spot' along the way. Sort of like lotto...they then check it off as they spot it. Sort of like lotto really. Be warned though...can be a little competative!!
Safe driving xx

Maxabella said...

Have you not been supporting your biggish sister's new venture? We have a whole 'road trip' thing going on at VV... check it, sis! x

Erin said...

oh gee I keep meaning to finish my road trip post with tips, cause I have some good tips. Grab a plastic cereal container (the tall ones)and line it with a plastic bag. Makes a great rubbish container in the car, easier to pass round, lift the lid and pop rubbish in.
Oh and audio books are your friend!!
and we made up a heap of spot-o sheets and laminated them with markers. ie. kangaroos, cows etc. I'll email them to you later. have I got a couple of days?

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Ahhh, I love a road trip. We always pack notepads and pencils for the girls and something to nibble on. At the moment our twinnies love a good strip map that plots our destination. This lessens the 'are we there yet' as well.

It's the continual toilet stops that end up sending me a little batty.

Enjoy. The break sounds lovely. xox

ANB said...

Bring out old toys that haven't been played with for a little while (even if you put them away for a week or so before you leave) so that they have novelty value in the car. Your kids are a bit bigger than mine - maybe CDs of songs that you can all sing along to?

ClaireyHewitt said...

Mini magna doodle boards. Lots of paper and pencil cases full of colours. I am not a fan of road trips, I find them too stressful, but my father loved them when we were little, there were no DVDs and I hardly recall food and drinks being sent back, but the good thing was, if we didn't like the destination and accommodation, we knew we were off the next day to somewhere new.


Erin said...

oh and another tip, we packed scooters, every park we came to they came out first and they ran and played.

Petra said...

Audiobooks - lots of them, to share as a whole family (eg Spiderwick Chronicles) or they listen separately on their MP3 players. They are quiet but still take in the scenery and notice if anything exciting is happining outside the car window. Enjoy your road trip!

Rob Brummitt said...

Road trips are always regardless if you ride your own car or rent one. With kids playing games or just listening to music and enjoying the scenery as you pass them by, it is always a good way to bond with your family. I always organize a long drive across states when my kids have extended vacation from school. I will never get tired of it because I have loved driving for as long as I can remember.

Rob Brummitt

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