Monday, 6 August 2012

I can totally live without...

Canoe sprinting. Image from here
I have been making a list of things I can totally live without.

Walking from the edge of the Antarctica to the South pole and back a la Cas and Jonesy is high on the list. Assisted or not assisted, I don't need to deal with blizzards, freezing temperatures and endless white. Snow of any persuasion is not my idea of fun. Kudos to the boys who did it. I won't be challenging their record. Ever.

Their other adventure 'across the ditch', from Australia to New Zealand, isn't rating with me either. Although I love to paddle, the "sleeping" in a tiny boat, a victim of the ocean storms and navigating my way with no landmarks to assist, makes this an absolute never, ever for me.

Then there is cave diving. I would scuba dive, but I am not turned on by the thought of diving into a confined space that is dark and unknown. Call it claustrophobia, but tight spaces are not a selling point for me, especially when I need to suck on a pipe to breath. No sirree. Not for me.

The last thing recently added to this list is canoe sprinting. I just watched it on the Olympics and it looks unbearably uncomfortable. Hunched over a short oar, while kneeling in a narrow vessel spells trouble to me. Good luck to those who like the sport. I won't be joining the fraternity.

So tell me, what would make your list of things you can totally live without trying?


Sarah said...

Running a little stumpy legs know its beyond them.

Making a croquembouche...if it takes longer to cook than to eat then its not for me

ann said...

I justsaw that weirdcanoe thing and definately decided its not for me!! i get clustrophobic snorkelling so i could never scuba dive!!

Claireyhewitt said...

I see no reason to jump from a perfectly good airplane.


Kelly Exeter said...

I am with Clairey. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Jumping off a perfectly good bridge?

I can live without that for sure!!

allison tait said...

Swimming very long distances. There are boats for that.

Mum on the Run said...

Bungee jumping.
The idea does nothing for me.
Not my idea of a 'holiday'.
Science Fiction.
I just don't get the attraction.
And now that you mention it - that canoe sprinting too!!
:-) xx

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh yes, I am quite the 'non' daredevil. I could totally go without base jumping (how ridiculous) or canyoning or swimming the english channel (or any great stretch of ocean water) or deep sea diving or abseiling or rock climbing or... I think you get the picture. Ok, I like my creature comforts, what of it!?
Great post MM xo

Photographer Mum said...

Nick went to school with Cas & Jonesy - we saw them on Sunday at the Boat Show.
Hmmm, as for my list I agree with what others have already mentioned. Especially bungee jumping. And jumping out of a plane. Horror films would be another. So.Not.A.Fan!

Pat said...

I said the same thing to myself while watching those guys canoe sprinting. Crazy! The knees, ack!

Maxabella said...

All of the above, plus most of these 'extreme' sport shennanigans. Just ridiculously self-centred if you ask me. Sorry, but that's how I feel about these things.

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