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Books for seven year old boys

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Nugget is a good little reader but if there are too many words on a page, he just can't be bothered with it.

Most Thursdays, the twins and I go to the local library. I pick up some house porn mags (we are planning the extension) and a new book, they grab some picture books, we select some stories for Doo Dah and some books for Nugget.

I have had a few wins lately with some of the series I have introduced Nugget to, so I thought I would share.

Boy vs Beast by Mac Park :  Kai Masters,12 years old, is a Border Guard charged with protecting earth from the unruly beasts of Beastium who try to crash through the border wall. With the help of his robotic dog, BC, Kai learns to battle the beasts and keep Earth safe. It is a little bit like a video game in print and Nugget loves them for their stories and the ease of reading. I love them because he likes reading them and they are on the Premier's Reading Challenge list!

Mission Fox by Justin DÁthHarry and Jordan are identical twins who are into gadgets and animals. Their billy cart is really a FoxMobile, their mobile is a FoxPhone and, along with their giant dog, Myrtle, they’re the secret agents of Mission Fox: Animal Rescue. These are another nice easy read, reminiscent of the Zac Power books, with an adventure and a mission all rolled into one.

Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney: These books have been around for awhile now, but they are new to us. A new one will be out in November, so Nugget is trying to read the six available ones in time! These cartoon books tell the story of Greg who is in 'middle school' and in the throws of growing up; you know girls, anxiety and trying to fit in.Nugget finds them easy to read because of the first person narrative and ample use of pictures. 

Crime Team series by 2Steves: This is a fairly new çhoose your own adventure type book series where the reader is the head of the Crime Team unit, a section of the International Police Federation at the United Nations. You have to tackle the toughest cases and solve mysteries using a highly skilled team to help you. Nugget really liked that his choices impacted on the outcome of the story. Because we are working on his decision making skills, I have found these books really helpful for getting him to commit to a course of action.

So there you have it, Nugget's recommendations for your boys for Christmas.

Is your child reading any of these? Have you got other selections to suggest?


Kymmie said...

Hi Coo! Look at me trawling your blog like a starved person! I'm doing some catching up, and loving it. Today my husband took my children and left me to my own devices for four hours! You can imagine what I got up to.

Lots of reading, and blogging.

It was pure bliss!

Thank you for this reading list. I'm ready to start buying books for my six and a half year old, because he's like a big sponge and thinks reading is akin to having a superpower. I think he's not half wrong either ;)

I'm thinking I might start on some Enid Blyton soon. Because the Famous Five and Secret Seven can't be beat. But a choose your own adventure sounds pretty awesome! He's going to love them! xx

Mrs B said...

We love Geronimo Stilton - he has lots of adventures but there are pics, and they play with the words (literally - if they are talking about wind, the words have been blown on the page).

rhon said...

My son who is 12 loved The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Another great series is the Percy Jackson set, or the 39 Clues books. They are both shorter and seem to have a high interest for boys!

At Number 32 said...

Has he tired "the famous 5" yet?? We are finding these very cool??

5Bent Needles said...

we love in our house --
Horrid Henry - by Francesca Simon - tales of a misadventourous boy - laugh out loud stories, also loved the animated series on youtube

and - the Tashi series of books-- by Anna Fienberg, many stories of a daring boy looking for adventure

we are moving onto Enid Blyton and the 5 and 7 crew!
all good wholesome fun!

Erin said...

The Battle Boy Books are come first to mind and then Zac Power.
funny moment, went to find a book post I wrote about 'Boys and Books'
and found YOU had left a comment suggesting Zac Power:)lol

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Have you tried anything by Andy Griffiths? He's written some really fun stuff. Or 'The Bugalugs Bum Thief' by Tim Winton?

They've already been said, but I'd double recommend the Tashi books and the Geronimo Stilton books too.

Love that you are instilling a love of reading in your kids by regular trips to the library!

Seana Smith said...

Ah good, some new ones. But please, no more Wimpy Kid, I have been reading it to the twinnies for MONTHS and MONTHS and am so over it. My wee lass read me a story last weekend and I was all overwhelmed with joy and pride and excitement for her... the world of books is opening!

Do you have a date for your tummy op yet? I'm having my secret girly parts nipped and tucked this weekend and am NOT looking forward to it.

River said...

I remember my grandson liking the Captain Underpants books when he was eight.

Anonymous said...

My son is a little youher than 7, but he enjoys books. He is always attempting to read a little beyond his years, but right now I have him engrossed and a book we picked up at It's called A Mango in the Hand by Antonio Sacre who has written it in proverbs, which really tends to start very good conversations in our house! I love reading some of the suggestions here, as soon as he get's a little further along there are a few here that we will be sure to pick up!

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