Saturday, 6 October 2012

Buying Nothing New - again

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October is Buy Nothing New month. There is a whole campaign and everything.

After our whole year dedicated to buying as little new as possible in 2011, you would think that we would want to run a mile from another month of it. Right? Well, actually, I was sucked right into it.

Why is it a good thing?

You already have enough. Seriously. You do. You can foresake a(nother) pair of pants/sunglasses/shoes for a meagre 30 days. Yes, you can.

You will have a taste of the simple life. Spend your money on food for your family, pay your bills and then save the rest. Spend time, not money. It will be a breath of fresh air for you.

You will think outside the square. Got a party coming up and need a gift? Create something, re-gift something, bake something. There are myriad ideas (with how-tos) in the blogsphere. Step outside your comfort zone. It is highly rewarding.

You will find solutions to problems using things you already have. Need a shelf? Some bricks and a bit of ply wood will do the trick. Need a storage solution? Try a shoe box.

 I know it is already the 6th, but it isn't too late to join in!

What do you think you would find hardest if you couldn't buy new things?

* Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have major computer access issues and a house full of sick children. I hope to return to regular programming sometime soon :-)


Anonymous said...

That is a great idea!

River said...

For me, almost every month is "buy nothing new" month. I rarely buy things for the house (flat) because I just don't need anything; I hate clothes shopping and don't go unless things are literally falling apart.
Even if I had a larger income, I don't think I'd shop unnecessarily. I don't seem to have that gene.

Kellie @ 1000 Homes of Happiness said...

I love this idea, we managed to do it for the school holidays. I think an entire month would be great. Might have to give it a go in November.

Hope you are all on the mend and life slows down a little xx

Mum on the Run said...

I admire you (and this initiative) so much.
But I'm pathetic.
I aspire to this.

Hope everyone is on the mend there.
:-) x

Kymmie said...

Good on you Coo! Seeing you were my inspiration to BNN this whole year, I can sure say that you can do it again.

I've only got a few more weeks to go before it's over, and I have to say that there are things I'm not going to miss when it comes to 'consuming' again. I've learnt so much, we've saved a little (turns out we weren't big consumers in the first place), but it's definitely got me wondering about all the things we accumulate in our homes that we certainly don't need! Good on you for promoting the cause! x

Erin said...

So could you buy from op-shops/garage sales? I must say you did make me think alot about this.

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