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You can be a victim over anything

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I watched an episode of Insight a couple of weeks ago about male circumcision.

Just for the record, I don't have a particular persuassion about skivvies versus crew-necks; I can see both sides of the coin. So, when our boys were born, I left it up to the household member who I thought was best equipped (ahem) to make those sorts of decisions ie not me.

I don't really want to debate the pros and cons of circumcision - if you want to see that sort of information, I suggest you visit here - but what I do want to touch on is something that has stuck with me since the program aired.

An audience member who was circumcised as a baby is now growing his foreskin back (apparently it can be done using stretching techniques involving weights etc.). He says his foreskin was removed without his consent and he doesn't feel whole without it. He hasn't gotten over it.

I suspect he has no memory of life with his foreskin but he seems to think he would be a better man if he had one. Would he be? Who knows? But he is spending much time and effort trying to make it so.

You really can be a victim over anything.

We are masters of our own bodies, I get that. It is clearly not the choice the man would have made for himself, but we choose the path we tread in life. We choose how we react to life's adversities. I reckon there is value in acceptance.

Parents make all sorts of decisions for their children in what they see as their best interests. Sometimes they get it wrong, but they do what they can with the available information they have. You have to have the resilience to just get on with it.

Do you weigh into the circumcision debate? What do you think about foreskin regrowth?


Jess Myheartisyourhome said...


Get on with it is right!!

Anonymous said...

we got our boys done, like father like son... at the follow up app, the nurse shows how to pull back the puppy fat (they will eventually loose this and essentially grow into their penis) so that it doesn't push the shaft skin back over the tip of the penis to form a new foreskin... gross I know... but my friend didn't go to this app, and her son now has a half job... ekk...

but totally agree with our generation being a victim over anything and everything... what happened to finding the joy :)

Maxabella said...

Wha? Seriously. Some people are just looking for someone else to be the reason. x

joeh said...

Oh that poor man Wah Wah Wah!

You are right, anyone can be a victim if they choose to be.

Dumb choice though.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he needs to grow something in another area ... a thicker skin perhaps? I don't mean to judge, but I agree it's easy to become hung up on some things and blame our parents for our perceived shortcomings. Having weights on your penis sounds very uncomfortable.

Mama of 2 boys said...

Oh Lordy that does sound incredibly extreme, but then, each to their own I guess. I am caught between worlds on this one. Grew up in a family who were all for getting it done...married a man who came from a family quite anti getting it done. Seems there will always be debate over this topic. But you're right, parents (generally) make decisions they think are best for their children xo

Coal Valley View said...

Well you learn something everyday don't you! Had no idea you could grow it back! How fascinating :-)

Not a single GP performs this procedure in Tasmania so wasn't an issue for us. The current medical advice was that it was unnecessary unless there were specific medical reasons.... although our friend took her Son to Sydney to have the procedure done for religious purposes. Mel x

Miss Pink said...

What really strikes a chord with me is that female circumcision is barbaric yet male circumcision is desired?

I couldn't care less honestly, but I had a comment a few weeks ago from my sister and BFF that circumcision is the only way to go because "it stops you from getting AIDS and STDs."
I told them, very forcefully that they were idiots and if it was something they chose for their possible future sons that is fine but to please research it first because it most certainly doesn't stop either of those from occurring.

Then again I feel the same way about vaccinations and people who complain that their children get a disease they've been "immunised" against like vaccinating means they're never going to get it. *sigh*

I just want people to make important decisions on their children's behalf educated beyond "well such and such told me" or "such and such did it and is fine" because I hate listening to them complain when it doesn't turn out exactly as expected.

I also don't like the debate "like father like son" only because we teach our children their whole life to love themselves for their differences and for who they are but we have altered them immediately after birth. I feel like that makes you a hypocrite and it's not something that would fly with my children.

In the end it's a parenting choice just like the breast vs bottle, cloth vs disposable, cosleeping vs not etc. etc. Each family makes a decision they feel is right. I doubt there are parents out there thinking "Geez my kid is pissing me off, I know I'll cut their foreskin off!" You know? I just wish that more people educated and understood some of the choices they make. Not to change their mind, but so they felt more sure with it.

At Number 32 said...

Toughy.....parents will always be danmed if they do and danmed if they don't. Re. growing your foreskin back......hideous, let alone painful!

Kerry- The Simple Yar said...

I just found your blog while searching for "buy nothing new" and then got sucked in and spent the better part of an hour reading. Love the style.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I only have girls, so this wasn't something we had to consider. I've always heard that you most likely want your boys to look like their daddy...although I think my hubby would most likely have chosen a different path than his own, had we had a son.

Your title of this post, I think, is a perfect one, though. Whether it's this...or so many other things...we're all making the best decisions we can on behalf of our children. Let's hope we're also teaching them perseverance and perspective in the face of adversity.

Kymmie said...

Hold the fort. I watched this same episode and that man was also on ANOTHER SBS program and was putting weights on his doodah and it stuck with me too.

Ironically, there are men in their thousands - yes, grown men - in Papua New Guinea getting circumcised because the sex is better. Yes, apparently! Plus you don't carry/contract STI's in the same manner. Great if you're wanting NOT to become the next Africa with the AIDS epidemic.

Isn't it funny how we are often unsatisfied with what we have.

It's a funny thing... x

Seana Smith said...

I think that television shows can often exploit people and play up one side of a story in a big way. I didn't see this one so can't say about that but I do know that somewhat deranged people can be exploited. Mind you, some people also exploit TV shows. How so knowledgable? I was that exploiting producer. Anyway, if that's the biggest issue in the bloke's life, he's lucky!!

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