Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hot under the collar

I saw this little (see photo) snippet in the local paper today and it got my blood boiling. It is about the teacher situation in NSW. 1800 jobs will be axed by the current Liberal government. Mostly support staff that I could ascertain. Like that matters. You cut the infrastructure and everyone suffers.

The information doesn't surprise me in the slightest. The government has done the same thing in the health care system. NSW is going broke and the government is looking for cost saving measures. It is what they do. I don't like it, but I do think they have the best fiscal interests of the state in mind when they make these ludicrous decisions.

The thing that really got me in the article is the comment made by our local MP. He is a young upstart of Liberal persuasion who was quoted as saying that the job cuts are a result of deals done by the previous (Labour) government in 2010. Of course they are.

I am sick of the blame shifting. We didn't do it; it was them. It isn't my fault; it's his. I get enough of that at home with my children aged 7-3. They won't take responsibility either!

How hard is it to be honest? How hard is it to make a tough decision and cop the flack on the chin? I still wouldn't like the decision, but I would respect the politicians a whole lot more. Grow up kids. You are playing for real now.

The Geege says we wouldn't re-elect an honest politician. I disagree. I would always back a (wo)man with balls over one who has none.

How do you feel about the current NSW government?


Kelly Exeter said...

I tend to agree with your Geege. No one seems to want to hear the truth - yet we hate our politicians for lying and dissembling. Poor buggers - I wouldn't do their jobs for quids!

{PS I am one of those people who CAN handle the truth as I suspect you are C. Why are we in the minority?!!}

allison tait said...

Honestly, if we ran our households the way they run the state, we'd all be branded Bad Mothers. I'm with you. I'll take honesty.

joeh said...

I'm always a bit leary about any woman with balls.

spayskdet said...

I'm all for honesty too - except when it comes to the Easter Bunny, tooth fairy & Santa. Do you think we are teaching our youngsters it's ok to lie by perpetuating these "commercial creations"?

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